Bidooh (DOOH)

Trade and advertising
End date:
27/01/2019, 12:00 AM
24 770 ETH
Brief information
Get money
25 000 000 USD
1 USD = 1 000 DOOH
126 000 000 000 DOOH
Start date
30 Oct 2018
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  • Michelle Cowan
    Sales Strategist
    20+ years between Apple and Cisco as Account Manager and Client Director. Michelle is heading the global growth strategy for Bidooh.
  • Omar Rahim
    Omar has spent the last 12 years in the energy trading space throughout Europe for some of the largest energy companies in the world including Engie and Vattenfall before co-founding Energi Mine in the UK and taking that forward to a successful ICO.
  • Marcus Hadfield
    Marcus was a Managing Partner at McCann Worldgroup. He has eighteen years experience in advertising and marketing agencies, with clients including Expedia, Costa Coffee, American Airlines, Aldi, World Vision and Argos.
  • John Townsend
    John brings 30 years of financial experience to the team. With a background in Corporate Strategy gained from large “Big 4” firms such as Deloitte, he is responsible for the financial planning of the company.
  • Leona Son
    COO at Synco and ChainB Crypto Exchange. Leona has been involved in leading more than 10 ICO investments including ICON and MedicalChain.
  • Tyler Sanford
    7 years of experience working with successful Tech-Startups in marketing and sales roles has allowed me to use those experiences and apply them to blockchain technology and ICOs.


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  • Michael Edelson
    A long term (35 years) non-executive director of Manchester United F.C. He is an angel investor, venture capitalist, businessman and philanthropist who has been instrumental in floating numerous companies on both AIM and PLUS.
  • Abdul Alim
    Co-founder - CEO
    Ex local government and Internet security consultant worked as a Technical Consultant at Capita Plc which is one of the UK’s biggest government contractors.
  • Shaz Mughal
    Co-founder - CPO
    Blockchain developer, ex consultant and full-stack software dev at BBC, NHS & JD Williams. Built hyper-scalable enterprise and mobile platforms. Built the MVP from the ground up.
  • Garry Partington
    Chief Technology Officer
    A seasoned business leader and entrepreneur, working across Media, Media Research, Crypto and Technology businesses, and advertising. Delivering successful world leading products to market across all sectors.
  • Paul Althasen
    Non-Executive Director, Investor
    Served as Executive Vice President of Euronet Worldwide Inc. until 2012. Also served as Executive Vice President and Joint Managing Director of E-pay Ltd subsequent to Euronet's acquisition. Currently serves on the board of Euronet Worldwide as Non-Executive Director.
  • Howard Simms
    Non-Executive Director, Investor
    Educated at Leeds and Oxford University, Howard is the CEO of Apadmi Ventures with more than 15 years’ experience in the tech industry.
  • Hannah Eames
    Chief Financial Officer
    A chartered accountant with 15+ years experience in industry, Hannah has worked in marketing and advertising all of her career.
  • Graeme Hughes
    Commercial Director
    An experienced OOH director and sales leader. Ex JCDecaux and ClearChannel which are the largest digital screen owners in the UK. Previously Commercial Director at Titan, Regional Director at Primesight for 10 years, responsible for Sales, Operations and Development.
  • Vicki Simms
    Token Community Manager
    Previously Head of Customer Sales, Service and Multimedia at Avios, and Head of Operations at AirMiles. Perfectly placed to help manage our token community.
  • Torgeir Hoff
    Group Treasurer
    A Senior finance & treasury professional, that is always taking continuing professional development seriously.
  • Simon Murphy
    Chief Compliance Officer
    Simon brings 15 years+ experience in regulated UK consumer banking & provides International finance solutions for HNWIs / Companies & Trusts worldwide.
  • Darko Ban
    Business Development Director
    Technology enthusiast and Bidooh believer who has spent his entire professional career within IT industry.
  • Adam Rowland
    Advertising Manager
    Adam heads up Client side advertising throughout the UK. Previous experience with Shopping Mall Media and Yell, focusing on our advertising customer acquisition.
  • Bren Adams
    Digital Marketing Manager
    With 20 years experience in the IT & digital transformation industries, Bren has learnt his trade-craft at organisations such as British Telecom and Block.
  • Muhammad Monsur Ali
    Web Development
    With experience in branding, web design and development, he has previously worked with digital start-ups and helped develop e-commerce businesses.
  • Lamaan Ball
    Web Development
    Over 15 years in professional software development.
  • Lesley Jones
    Obtained my diploma in Accounting in 1989 and graduated from Bolton University in 1999. Work experience included DTE Bury, Bunzl Plastics and Crowe Clerk Whitehill. For the past 18 years I have been working directly with Michael Edelson.
  • Janet Hodcroft
    Office Manager
    Janet runs the busy Bidooh office, keeping the day to day operations as stress free as possible.
  • Roy Haycock
    Roy has worked alongside Michael Edelson for the past 20+ years . He also assists the technical team in support matters and 1st line troubleshooting.


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  • 1
    • Deploy MVP of Bidooh Web Platform v1.0. • Write ERC20 smart contract code. • Audit smart contract code.
  • 2
    • Deploy MVP of Bidooh Web Platform v1.1. • Build network capability for global scalability with languages and currency support. • Video support with 10 second intervals. • Build alpha advertiser Bidooh iOS app v1.0.
  • 3
    • Deploy Bidooh Web Platform v1.2. • Location specific stats, age and gender breakdown. • Screen utilization stats. • Personalized targeting to age & gender. • Deploy ERC20 Smart Contract.
  • 4
    • Deploy Bidooh Web Platform v1.3. • Media Agency support with tiered account. • Advanced ad scheduling for future bookings. • Build beta advertiser Bidooh iOS app v1.1.
  • 5
    • Deploy Bidooh Web Platform v1.4. • Prototyping blockchain integration – advert impression displays and views stored to the blockchain. • Release Bidooh Web Platform v1.5. Blockchain Enabled version. • Release advertiser Bidooh iOS app v1.2. • Release advertiser Bidooh Android app v1.0. • Release consumer Android and iOS v1.0 apps for earning tokens on the go.
  • 6
    • Freelancer community integration iOS & Android SDKs for billboard proximity detection to target adverts based on public social media feed posts. • Clothing brand recognition targeting. • Align all app version features. • Live video broadcast. • QR Codes to purchase products at screen.
  • 7
    Vehicle recognition-based targeting for large format outdoor screens.
  • 8
    Real-time machine-learning based automated bidding, surge pricing, dynamic campaign delivery.


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Bidooh is the world’s first facial recognition billboard on the blockchain. Bidooh delivers targeted advertising based on who they are and what they wear. Bidooh displays the right message to the right person at the right time, all controlled from an app in real-time.


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