Send (SDT) Pre-sale

Blockchain infrastructure
End date:
25/02/2019, 03:00 AM
Brief information
Get money
3 725 723 USD
1 SDT = 0.14 USD
700 000 000 SDT
Start date
15 Feb 2019
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  • David García
    Cryptocurrency Advisor
  • Andres Ricaurte
    Business Development Advisor
  • Klaus Hott
    Blockchain Advisor
  • Fabian Vega
    Strategy Advisor
  • Jose Eduardo Bazoberry
    Remittances Advisor
  • Alex Torrenegra
    Strategy Advisor
  • Nasrat Khalid
    International Projects Advisor
  • John Vasikaran
    African Markets Advisor
  • Patricio Molina
    Latin American Markets Advisor


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Team: 11

  • Camilo Jimenez
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Camilo is a serial entrepreneur who has been active in the blockchain space since 2013. Founder of EcoPuntos, InstaTeller, and InstaKiosks; now dedicated full-time to the Send Protocol.
  • Francisco Córdoba
    Co-Founder / COO & Chief Visionary
    Francisco holds an MA from University College London with a deep understanding of the blockchain economy. He brings strategic and operational expertise to the Send Protocol.
  • Marcio Abreu
    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • Sarah Kate Hartt
    Communications Director
    Sarah Kate is a former educator with experience in marketing, communications and as a team and project lead in diverse professional settings.
  • María Helena Barros Burchardt
    UX Lead
    María Helena is an experienced UI/UX designer and front-end developer dedicated to delivering flawless user experiences for all Send products.
  • Nikolay Rusinko
    QA Engineer
    Nikolay brings over 8 years of automation software testing experience to his role as lead quality assurance engineer at Send.
  • Felipe Linares
    UI Designer
    Felipe is a digital products designer and UX/UI enthusiast who transforms complex concepts into clean designs and intuitive user flows.
  • Daniela Escobar
    Community Dev. Coordinator
    'Daniela brings marketing and business development expertise to the Send Protocol from past roles driving growth and sales at Unilever and Microsoft.
  • Eugenio Mendoza
    Full-Stack Engineer
    Eugenio is a blockchain enthusiast, full-stack engineer and software developer experienced in frontend, backend and Ethereum development.
  • Martin Ocando
    Full-Stack Engineer
    Martin is a fullstack engineer and expert in web applications using React.js. He develops frontend side web application logic for Send's applications.
  • Jairo Bernal
    Full-Stack Engineer
    Jairo is a fullstack engineer with a background in chemical engineering. He develops custom software for Send.


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    - Initial investment round. - Token development.
  • 2
    Token launch.
  • 3
    - Consensus Network Milestone 1.
  • 4
    - Send API. - Consensus Network launch. - Initial price formation. - Send Wallet.
  • 5
    - Consensus Network Milestone 2.
  • 6
    - Send Protocol (Blockchain). - Send Wallet 2.0. - Coin migration.

Full description

Send (SDT) - an ethereum-based asset tied to its Consensus Network – a network of people, organizations, developers and applications willing to use Send as an exchange instrument for goods and services accepting the consensus price as a minimum possible price in their systems. The SDT algorithm analyzes network liquidity to discover new temporary stable prices for limited periods of time.


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