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1 Jun 2019
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  • Andreas Koumenides
    Legal Advisor, Partner
    Holding a Law Degree from UPenn, Andreas M Koumenides presently serves as the owner of both the TerraServe Group and Koumenides Stylianou law firm in Cyprus. This Ivy League graduate and legal expert has parlayed his impressive business acumen with exceptional interpersonal skills to form meaningful and lasting professional relationships around the globe.
  • Robert Golladay
    Business Advisor & Partner
    Former head of IBM’s digital business automation business in Europe. Robert Golladay has served in executive roles at several venture funded software start ups, one of which was acquired by IBM. Passionate about the application of AI and machine intelligence in practical and real ways, he currently serves as Managing Director, EMEA for CognitiveScale.
  • Maja Rodic
    Accounting Advisor
    Dr Maja Rodic is a Senior Insight Analyst in Data Science for an Intelligence company based in London, UK. Maja has a PhD in Psychology and Behavioural Genetics from the University of London and has authored numerous scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and research reports.
  • Dr Lukas Loehlein
    Accounting AdvisorAccounting Advisor
    Assistent Professor at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. London School of Economics.
  • Mihailo Konatarevic
    UX Advisor
    With 8 years of digital experience as a UX Designer under his belt, Mihailo loves creating clean, smart and effective communication design solutions. He is passionate about the user experience, specializing in the interface design of products, while always paying special attention to the end-user’s experience, the consumer is always on his mind
  • Mladen Dulanovic
    Product Management Advisor
    As a Head of Product Management at Nordeus, Belgrade, Mladen is fueled by a passion for building innovative, fun and bold products. Mladen is experienced in all phases of game development from initial concept to live ops. His experience includes leading teams, product management, individual coaching, managing outsourcers and remote teams, coding, and testing.
  • Ivan Goloskokovic
    Machine Learning Advisor
    Ivan has been working with Artificial Neural Networks since 2005, did his MsC in AI (ANN). He is involved in different projects incorporating Deep Learning with standard business pipelines from image Recognition to Reinforcement Learning. He is the CEO of Machine Learning outsourcing company Propeller AI.
  • Lazar Travica
    Blockchain Engineer
    Being a man in charge of keeping large scale production systems up and running, Lazar had been growing a passion for systems and operational transparency only to find the blockchain ecosystem as a perfect outlet for his system architecturing skills. Lazar is always looking for new ways to apply blockchain to problems in dire need of a solution.
  • Ivan Bjelajac
    Token Economy Advisor
    A seasoned former Director at GoDaddy, Bjelajac has been a member of the tech industry for nearly two decades, having served as engineer, executive and entrepreneur, growing four startups. In addition to three of those companies totalling $23M in exits, he has consulted or delivered R&D on blockchain projects with approximately $600M in their total market cap. As CEO of MVP Workshop, Bjelajac consults on ICO's and other cutting-edge blockchain solutions.
  • Malisa Pusonja
    Blockchain Architecture Advisor
    A research and development engineer armed with Masters degrees in both Genetic Algorithms and Philosophy, Pusonja is a dynamic professional with nearly a decade of experience. In his current role as CTO at MVP Workshop, his goal is to help startups reach product-market fit in the shortest amount of time, without burning through their budgets.


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  • Reinhard Fellmann
    Co-Founder, CEO
    Reinhard joins Review.Network as a former investment banker and academic. He worked with the Special Situation Group at Morgan Stanley, specialised in distressed debt and corporate restructuring
  • Jan Klein
    CFO, Partner
    Corporate Development Manager at Janus Henderson Investors, EMEA Founder and Director of ARK Capital Partners, S.A.P.I, de C.V.
  • Christian Friborg
    Online Marketing, Partner
    Sherman Capital, MD Serial Entrepreneur Several multi-million user Startups in online marketing
  • Christoph Irmer
    Market Research
    Stileffekt, Norstat Group CMO Norstat Germany, Owner, MP Chairman of the German Association for Online Research
  • Petar Slovic
    COO and Co-Founder
    Hungry for code, hungry for ideas. Petar is passionate for everything web and technology. Always looking to push the technological envelope, Petar is a software engineer and technical coordinator who specializes in building web products and communities to improve our lives
  • Ivan Ciric
    CTO and Co-Founder
    Ivan is a technology maven. As a lead software engineer and technical coordinator for Quantox Technology, Ivan is in charge of the architecture of complex web applications as well as mentoring and training his teammates
  • Alan Alickovic
    Full-Stack Software Engineer
    A full-stack engineer who uses a variety of technologies to make websites and web applications. Currently Alan specializes in using React, React Native and Node JS. He’s a true pro who speaks JavaScript fluently, but often utilizes other technologies as well, whatever it takes to get the job done, at the end of the day, all technologies are a means of solving a problem!
  • Dusan Perisic
    Full-Stack Software Engineer
    From MVP to complex applications, Dusan can travel into the heart of a business and implement any vision. Dusan is a software engineer, full stack developer, linux server administrator and blockchain enthusiast
  • Nemanja Joksic
    UX / UI Designer
    Over the course of 4 years, Nemanja quickly progressed from UI to UX designer. This comes as no surprise to any who knows him, as he makes it a personal mission to excel at any task in front of him. He works best under pressure and welcomes tight deadlines with open arms
  • Bratislav Lazovic
    Graphic Designer
    A great sense for creativity and design have helped Bratislav thrive in his field. An audio-visual professional by trade and observant by nature, it is this trait that helped guide him to a career in the design world. Throughout his education, he would take notice of flawed designs and imagine how to improve them and that is how he came to fall in love with design
  • Alexandra Matreata
    Data Scientist, AI & ML
    PhD Researcher, UPC Lectures in Machine Learning, University of Groningen (NL). MSc, Computer Software Engineering.
  • Gregory Adam
    Digital Manager (SEO, SEM, Affiliation)
    Traffic Acquisition Director, Digital Marketing Director. Talis Business School, Paris. ACFA Multimedia.


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    - Development of Business Idea. - Development of Prototype.
  • 2
    - Whitepaper: first public version. - Road Shows to UAE and Ireland. - Development of REW token Ethereum Smart Contract (ERC20). - Development and Release of User MVP on Google Play Store: dApp on Ethereum Network and IPFS.
  • 3
    - Private Sale. - Road Shows to France, USA, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Korea. - Development and Release of Company MVP for Market Research.
  • 4
    - Development of Company and User Beta of Market Research. - Demographic Targeting and Market Research Tools.
  • 5
    - Business and Strategy Development. - Development of User Beta for Online Reviews using Loom Testnet. - Production Version Tech Planning.
  • 6
    - Private Release of Company and User Beta. - Development of AI/Deep Learning for Online Reviews. - Architecture for P2P Data Exchange Protocol. - Partnerships for Market Research.
  • 7
    - Public Release and Test Launch of Company and User Beta. - Implementation of AI/Deep Learning for Online Reviews.
  • 8
    - Funding Round (private or IEO). - Token Generating Event and Listing. - Production Version Tech Development. - Business Launch and Growth.


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Review.Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform based on blockchain and AI technologies. Review.Network provides direct communication between companies and customers, that helps carry on efficient top-tier market research feedback without any mediator. Our model also directly rewards participants for their valuable feedback.


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