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15/12/2018, 03:00 AM
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20 000 000 USD
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5 Dec 2018
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  • Jaron Lukasiewicz
    Founder & CEO of Coinsetter, CEO of Cavirtex, Leading Blockchain Executive
    Jaron Lukasiewicz is a leading blockchain executive and one of the most demanded advisors to companies in the industry. He was previously Founder and CEO of Coinsetter, a New York City-based bitcoin exchange, and Cavirtex, a leading bitcoin exchange in Canada – both acquired by Kraken in 2016. Prior to creating Coinsetter in 2012, Jaron held roles in private equity at The CapStreet Group, investment banking at J.P. Morgan, and more.
  • Prabhakar Reddy
    Investor at Accel Partners, Seria Entrepreneur of digital media platforms, Expert on blockchain and enterprise SaaS investments
    Prabhakar Reddy is an investor at Accel Partners, one of the biggest venture capital firms in the blockchain industry, currently managing over $11 Billion of committed capital. He is a serial entrepreneur, with over 9 years of experience running successful digital media and online platforms. He sold his first start up in 2008 while still undergrad and scaled his second start-up to the Top 100 websites in the world.
  • Joseph Weinberg
    Chairman of Shyft, CEO of Paycase, Early Bitoin Investor and Broker, Special Advisor OECD, Director at Coinsetter
    An early investor in Bitcoin and a director at Coinsetter until its acquisition by Kraken FX in 2016, Joseph Weinberg knows his way around the digital currency world. Currently, Mr. Weinberg is the co-founder and CEO of Paycase, a universal platform company that enables individuals, businesses, and financial institutions to connect to the Internet of Value for the purpose of cross-border settlement and remittance.
  • Bruce Silcoff
    CEO of Shyft International, Chairman at Fairlane Group, Advisory board member at McKesson Canada
    As CEO Bruce Silcoff leads the Shyft team in its ambitious vision to establish a new paradigm for digital identity and KYC/AML processes.With over 30 years of experience in Fintech, CPG Marketing, and Customer Loyalty, Bruce has an eye for reshaping traditional industries by introducing disruptive technologies to solve business challenges and provide clients with competitive advantages.
  • Josh Harrington
    Consultant in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Deloitte Canada
    Josh Harrington works as a consultant in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Deloitte Canada while running his cyber security company. He is a software engineer and has worked for the University of Ontario and IBM among others.
  • Dimitar Dinev
    Currently at GJ Exchange. Former BTCC International Business and Operations Manager. VC Investments at Chainfunder
    From fine art to private banking to managing operations for one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Dimitar is a seasoned entrepreneur, finance professional and crypto evangelist focused on helping retail investors, startup projects and established institutions to better understand the breadth of opportunity in the emerging world of blockchain.


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  • Leonardo Gammar
    Leonardo is a financial engineer, a pilot and a programmer. He received his first award at the age of 8 by President Chirac and patented his first invention at the age of 20, a CO2 emissions reducer for cars now widely used in West Africa. Afterwards, Leonardo built, ran and sold two profitable trading algorithms to one of the world’s top 15 largest hedge funds.
  • Boris Kaplounovski
    Boris started his career in JavaCard team at Sun Microsystems, working on the implementation of an app store for J2ME applications. Afterwards he joined Intel to create open source implementation of Java, which was later integrated in Apache Harmony.
  • Igor Novogran
    Head of Back-End Team
    Igor is a research engineer, a cryptographer and a programmer. He developed high practical skills in cryptography during the 5 years he spent working at the Committee for State Security of Belarus.
  • Elodie Blomet
    Head of Communications & Marketing
    Elodie studied social sciences and communication at the University of Geneva. She was previously in charge of the community management for one of the most renowned ballet competition in the world, the Prix de Lausanne, before joining Agora in 2017. Prior to that she worked in the communication team of the University of Geneva.
  • Jared Polites
    Public Relations
    Jared is a blockchain marketing specialist and advisor. He has worked with over 45 ICOs, raising over $300M. Some notable projects include Elastos and Patron. Previously, he led marketing/PR for Ardent Capital, a leading VC firm in Southeast Asia and incubator of aCommerce ($100M raised).
  • Yasmin Moghaddam
    Investor Relations
    Yasmin has a background in arts education and community driven nonprofits. She became involved in the blockchain ecosystem in 2016 whilst managing client relations in the Big Data & Analytics, Cyber Security, Cyber Architecture and Engineering Sectors.
  • Khadija Masri
    CSO, Head of Business Development North Africa
    Her Excellency Miss Khadija Masri has been a career diplomat for more than 30 years. She is a former ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Sweden, former ambassador of the African Union at the United Nations in Geneva and former Head of Partnership department at the African Union, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Kyle Kemper
    Head of Business Development North America
    Kyle is the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association of Canada, which is dedicated to raising awareness of Blockchain Technology among Canadian consumers, merchants, businesses, regulators, and policy makers; to promoting Blockchain technology adoption in Canada; to further Canadian and international study and research in blockchain technology; and other efforts to promote, study, research, and discuss blockchain technology.
  • Chid Liberty
    Head of Business Development Western Africa
    Chid co-founded Liberty & Justice, Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified™ apparel manufacturer in Liberia, where he was born and returned after 28 years abroad.
  • Annica Lofling
    Head of Business Development Scandinavia
  • H.E Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
    Ambassador, Sixth President of Mauritius from 2015 to 2018
    Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was the 6th President and First Female President of the Republic of Mauritius, serving in that capacity until March 2018. She was nominated in the Forbes List of the 100 Most Powerful women in the world in 2016 and 1st among the Top 100 Women in Africa Forbes List 2017.
  • Kateryna Yushchenko
    Ambassador, Former First Lady of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010. Associate Professor at the Banking University of Ukraine
    Kateryna Yushchenko, wife of the Third President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and former first lady of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010, teaches Corporate Social Responsibility at the Banking University of Ukraine.
  • Georgie Badiel
    Ambassador, Founder of the Georgie Badiel Foundation. Activist & Author.
    Georgie Badiel is an author and activist who has taken on the issue of the lack of potable drinking water in West Africa.
  • Joshua Youngil Kim
    Head of Business Development Korea
    Joshua has been working in the IT industry as a Sales and Marketing professional for more than 20 years. He was previously Sales Director at Oracle, where he worked with Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and POSCO among others. Prior to that he worked for 15 years in Marketing and Sales at HP for the Healthcare and Governmental markets. His latest projects, Cloudant and SolidFire, were respectively acquired by IBM and Netapp.
  • Yuen Wong
    Head of Business Development China
    Yuen Wong is the Co-Founder & Chairman of Galaxy eSolutions. His company successfully completed the first ICO in HK in the area of sharing and circular economies. He is also a blockchain advisor whose expertise lies in entrepreneurship, business development and e-commerce specialist areas. Yuen holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Louisville.


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    Research new types of consensus mechanisms and reliable voting products.
  • 2
    Use Cases
    First use cases of permission blockchain. Moving from prototypes to working product. Improving the permission infrastructure from alpha to beta.
  • 3
    Permission Blockchain
    Ready to use permission blockchain. Penetration tests succeded.
  • 4
    Presidential Use Case
    First presidential use case in Sierra Leone. A sample of votes is recorded on Agora’s blockchain.
  • 5
    Business Development
    Business development in South East Asia and North America. Penetration tests succeeded on the voting system.
  • 6
    First paperless votes. 20'000 users on the permission infrastructure.
  • 7
    Business Development
    Business development in West, East and South Africa. Improving large scale paperless use case.
  • 8
    Expanding the production, expatriate voting, targeting the voting machines market and correspondence voting. Launching permissionless infrastructure.
  • 9
    New app for government officials: tracking of elections supply chain.

Full description

Agora is a blockchain-based voting ecosystem allowing anyone anywhere to vote online from a digital device in a fully secure, easy and certain way. Disrupting slow, costly and malleable current electoral procedures, we developed a blockchain solution to succeed where traditional methods have struggled. Our end-to-end verifiable voting technology eradicates fraud and corruption by creating a complete, auditable, undisputable, open and transparent record of the election on a custom blockchain.


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