DxChain (DX)

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06/08/2018, 10:00 PM
7 393.29 ETH
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21 500 000 USD
1 DX = 0.0014 USD
100 000 000 000 DX
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4 Aug 2018
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  • Yan Gong
    Dr. Gong Yan is Professor of Entrepreneurial Management Practice at CEIBS. He received a Ph.D. in strategic management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Kevin Hsu
    Founder of BlockVC. Previously served as senior engineer of AlphaGO. Invested over 40 blockchain projects around the world.
  • Leo Wang
    Founding partner of PreAngel. Active angel investor for frontier tech startups, especially in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
  • Fan Zhang
    Partner of Vancoin. Previously served as a Founding Partner of Sequoia Capital China.

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  • Wei Wang
    Co-founder & Chief Scientist
    Graduated from Columbia University, Wei was the Principal Scientist at AT&T research on blockchain technology and the Principal Scientist at Hortonworks research on big data and artificial intelligence.
  • James Li
    Experienced in blockchain system design and architecture. Tripwire principal security architect. 10+ years experience of network security.
  • Daniel Dai
    Blockchain Researcher
    Ph.D in computer science at University of Central Florida. 10+ years experience in distributed systems, security and big data. Apache Pig/Hive PMC(Project Management Committee) member. Member of Apache Software Foundation.
  • Tony Wu
    VP of Finance and IR
    Managing Partner of Sparkland Capital. 10+ years experience of Investment Bank Global Markets Sales&Trading.
  • Taosheng Shi
    Senior Blockchain Engineer
    Former principal system architect and innovation manager at NOKIA, with 10+ years experience of distributed system research and development.
  • Eric Wang
    Full Stack Engineer
    Former Software Engineer at Google. Experienced with full stack web app development and AI domain knowledge.
  • Li Lu
    Blockchain Researcher
    Ph.D in distributed systems at University of Rochester. 10+ years experience in distributed systems and big data. Hadoop PMC(Project Management Committee) member.
  • Maizie Feng
    Product & Community Manager
    Former senior product manager at Tencent and Xunlei, with combined background and experience in product design, operation and community growth.
  • Helen Li
    Public Relations
    Influential writer with 9 years experience in tech reporting and PR. Former chief writer of CBN Weekly and Bloomberg Businessweek China, and senior journalist of Jiemian in silicon valley office.
  • Sunny He
    Investor Relation & BD
    Partner of CKCIC; Global account manager of China Telecom Americas; Columbia University MIA.
  • Claire Yu
    Digital Marketing Manager
    MFA in advertising at Academy of Art University, help build up and manage DxChain community with a fresh perspective and dedicated attitude.
  • Nicole Fan
    Digital Marketing
    Graduated from University of Minnesota, conduct market research and help create, organize and distribute marketing material through different channels.
  • Allan Zhang
    Expert in blockchain and network security. Founder of Trustlook and a serial entrepreneur.


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  • 1
    - Identified key techniques and components. - Researched on big data storage and computation. - Consensus techniques for blockchain.
  • 2
    - Released white paper. - Finished the design and prototype of key technologies.
  • 3
    Minimum Viable Product network launch.
  • 4
    Master/DSC test network beta launch.
  • 5
    - Master/DSC test network launch. - API/SDK/library beta launch.
  • 6
    - Master/Data main network launch. - API/SDK/library publish.
  • 7
    - Data model for DSC launch. - DVM preview launch.
  • 8
    - DVM beta. - CSC preview launch.
  • 9
    Master/CSC/DSC main network launch.


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The DxChain project is a multi-changer system for storing and processing large amounts of information, as well as machine learning. DxChain helps to store and work with large amounts of data, relying on a distributed network. That is, data storage servers are not the computer centers of the company behind the start-up, but directly the network members. As a reward for providing computing power, simple PC users receive coins.



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