Identity and reputation
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06/08/2018, 04:00 PM
19 800 000 USD
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19 800 000 USD
1 ETH=60 622 DREP
10 000 000 000 DREP
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1 Aug 2018
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  • Lien Siaou Sze
    Core Business Advisor
    Vice President at HP Asia Pacific. Ph.D of University of Cambridge. For three consecutive years, she ranks the Top 10 of the Fortune’s Top 50 Women in business outside the U.S.
  • Qi Zhou
    CEO and Founder of QuarkChain
    CEO and Founder of QuarkChain, Software engineer & expert in high-performance systems; Former Googler and 15+years development experience; PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Nicola Bettio
    Core MENA Advisor
    Managing Director at Naseba Capital. Former Director of KAUST Fund. MBA of INSEAD. Early stage investor in fast-growing technology-driven companies worldwide.
  • Adrian Lam
    Founder of Workzpace.com. Blockchain expert consultant. Independent council member of Gerson Lehman Group, director of TradeHero in Shanghai.
  • Joel Ng
    Blockchain Venture Partner, Yozma Group. Expert of private equity in Fintech and SME growth. Specializing in developing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies communities in Asia.
  • Genlin Shen
    President of STK Group. Chairman of Nanyang Technological University Shanghai Alumni Association. Author of distinguished individual monographs.


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  • Matt Bennie
    Software Engineer at Google X. Expert Technologist with an extensive experience of more than 10 years in leading multinational technology companies such as Google+, YouTube and Accenture.
  • Stephen Xu
    Former lead developer at QTUM, with extensive experience in Blockchain technology. Previous software development at Microsoft and Tencent.
  • Momo Chang
    Co-founder of DREP Foundation, Expert of FinTech. Previous securities analyst in Orient Securities. M.S. Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.
  • Eric Chao
    Core Developer
    Senior Engineer at iQiyi and Ele.me. Winner of ACM-ICPC, MCM and many other influential programming contest awards. Core developer on many well-known open source projects in GitHub.
  • Xuan Zhang
    Lead UX/Ui Designer
    Co-founder of Doisk. Creative UI/UX designer with great design and computer science background. M.S. of Human-Computer Interaction at University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Akmaral Orazaly
    Data Analyst
    Data Integration Specialist, Professional consultancy experience in Smart Dubai, Tengizchevroil, and HSBC in field of data management, data integration for business intelligence solutions.
  • Belinda Zhou
    Lead BizDev
    Consultant for Emirates and Dubai Tourism. Extensive engagement in MENA ecnomic landscape. Accredited interpreter and travel consultant. Work experience at Global Times, MTU, and Godolphin.
  • Jingsi Wu
    Community Manager
    Former PR for Shanghai Media Group. Expert of PR with 8-year experience of branding, marketing and media relations operation. Previous PR director for a start-up.
  • Yue Wang
    Core Developer
    Co-founder of Fengche Tech. Master of Carnegie Mellon University. Former employee of Tencent and LeetCode. Wang Yue is especially skilled at software development.


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  • 1
    - Initiate DREP project, design project framework. - Draft the whitepaper.
  • 2
    Project framework design including four economic incentive models and reputation-based smart contract.
  • 3
    - Register DREP Entity in Singapore. - Private sale at a discounted pricecontract.
  • 4
    - Case sponsor for Shanghai-Singapore Business Forum x Hackathon 2018. - Co-establishment of Sino-Singapore Innovation Alliance (SSIA).
  • 5
    - Cooperation with Nanyang Center for Public Administration to establish a joint blockchain lab and training center - Further enrichment on Reputation Quantifying Algorithm Library - Development of plugins on application layer. - Launching of first internally incubated DRApp.
  • 6
    - Deployment of third party KYC interface. - Deployment of third party IP Protection for content platforms. - Beta test of reputation infrastructure network.
  • 7
    - Main net launch. - DREP Wallet/Explorer. - Introduction of third party reputation algorithm library.
  • 8
    - Development of more plugins and derived applications. - Cross-chain interoperability.
  • 9
    - AI + Semantic Analysis to do text mining for more accurate quantified reputation. - User profiling and filtering mechanism in reputation connector.


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DREP Foundation is committed to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure, supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide a highly scalable blockchain architecture, DREP Chain, for deployment of a reputation protocol that anyone can use.



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