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30/11/2018, 02:59 AM
1 500 000 USD
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9 800 000 USD
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460 000 000 ORCA
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29 Oct 2018
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  • Long Vuong
    Blockchain Advisor
    CEO of TomoChain and TomoChain Project Lead, co-founder and the former project lead of very successful NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement). PhD candidate in economics, Massachusetts, U.S
  • Sishir Varghese
    Strategy Advisor
    Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Alphachain Capital.
  • Sten Laureyssens
    Strategy Advisor
    Chairman & Co-founder Adara.io / Advisor Storm, Current.us, Apex / Active crypto-investor and trading expert.
  • Steen Trondhjem Nielsen
    Banking Services Advisor
    General Manager at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Former General Manager at Nordea Bank, Head of Business Development at DnB NORD Bank.
  • Brian Kang
    Investment Advisor
    VP of Business Development and a Founding Member at Hybrid Block Official. Active ICO investor, participated in 40+ projects.
  • Vytautas Kubilius
    Mentor for Marketing
    Country Manager at Google, a co-founder at Startup Wise Guys Riga, supervisory board member at Modus Group, board member at Vilnius Tech Park.
  • Mažvydas Mackevičius, PhD
    Ethereum/Solidity Advisor
    PhD in Informatics, Lead Developer, System Architect, Passionate Agile Practitioner, Blockchain & AI Technology Explorer, Ethereum Guru.
  • Martin Samami
    Tech Advisor
    CTO at Upgraded (Y Combinator S16). Serial entreprenur specialized in Fintech. Known for building efficient development teams and award-winning digital products.
  • Rytis Bieliauskas
    Blockchain Advisor
    Award-winning hackathon genius, involved in Blockchain development since early 2012. Rytis is dedicated to cryptography and is also mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius.
  • Jaro Satkevic
    Blockchain Advisor
    Visionary at blockchain company Blockvis and former software engineer at Uber. Experienced in IT projects, building products and applying blockchain technologies.
  • Steven Sprague
    Cybersecurity Advisor
    CEO of Rivetz Corp, Director at Wave Systems, Board member of Factom. Strong technical foundation in principles and capabilities of cybersecurity-oriented trusted computing.
  • Aistė Veberaitė
    PR Advisor
    Super PR Chick killing tasks left and right. Don't mess with her or she'll take you down.


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  • Natan Avidan
    CEO / Founder
    Natan Avidan is a visionary entrepreneur and founder of ORCA Alliance, the first personal finance management tool that bridges crypto and traditional, government-backed currencies.
  • Vachtangas Babunasvili
    CBDO / Investments / Co-Founder
    Decisive result-oriented business strategist and crypto investor with extensive experience in fundraising, investment banking and asset management.
  • Gabriele Mankauskaite-Jukneviciene
    Financial expert executing decisions, hand picking out the awry activities, so that ORCA can move in the right direction. Gabriele ensures full transparency over the financial performance of the company.
  • Darius Lengvinas
    Legal Compliance Specialist
    Darius is our legal professional specialized in banking and finance law and accountable for providing high quality support in discrete legal issues.
  • Robertas Skiauteris
    Communication Strategist
    Agile advertising strategist ex Publicis and Leo Burnett. Over 20 years of experience promoting financial and mobile services for LHV, Luminor, Omnitel, Beeline, Samsung and others.
  • Gytis Trilikauskis
    Marketing Strategist
    Gytis is a bridge-builder in blockchain community and finance/business analyst. Also, unique karma-based entrepreneur.
  • Kotryna Žukauskaitė
    Head of Inner Communication
    Kotryna is a devoted crypto community-builder and miraculous media specialist, with enviable experience in project management.
  • Adomas Pivoriūnas
    Data Coordinator
    Adomas is an ambitious go-getter in crypto partnerships, fintech startup booster and investor outreach facilitator.
  • Mindaugas Kelpša
    Concept Developer
    Blockchain visionary and techno-anthropologist with interdisciplinary academic experience. Mindaugas is a guru in crypto culture and an expert in decentralized cooperation.
  • Lukas Litvinas
    Project Manager
    Lukas is an experienced digital project manager and sharp problem solver with extensive insight into decentralized platforms.
  • Daniel Hiterer
    Junior Investor Relations Manager (Intern)
    Daniel is polishing his arsenal of sales techniques and facilitates investor relations for ORCA. This chap is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work.
  • Indrė Miciulevičiūtė
    Project Assistant
    Indrė is a quick-witted team assistant, always on duty and ready for action. Helps to coordinate internal communication.
  • Dmitrij Radin
    CTO / Co-Founder
    Dmitrij never rests. He is a true blockchain believer, crypto enthusiast and an energetic community activist with a diverse background in tokenization, IT, strategic planning and creative problem-solving.
  • Linas Būtėnas
    AI / Data Mining Expert
    Linas is one of the top math and IT minds in the best university of Lithuania. He is a keen believer in blockchain technology since the very birth of cryptocurrencies.
  • Sigitas Saulevicius
    Platform Architect
    Sigitas is the long-standing developer star who built the world's largest app store - GetJar. Now he's using the accumulated experience to lead our tech team in developing the next-gen Open Banking platform.
  • Gediminas Ivanauskas
    Lead Developer
    Captain of the development team. He is the big boss, the big cheese, the head honcho. Monitoring the whole picture, covering each and every developer personally and creating marvelous things with his team.
  • Evaldas Alčauskis
    Full Stack Developer
    Evaldas started as a true brainiac defeating brightest minds in RedBull MindGamers and integrating edge-cutting technologies in Lithuanian Parliament. Today we bow, as he is a unique full stack developer automating crypto investment procedures.
  • Vilius Jasinskas
    Full Stack Developer
    Mighty back-end wizard with a great breadth and depth of knowledge in PHP. He is breeding crypto trading bots in his spare time.
  • Tadas Bešlovas
    DevOps Engineer
    Tadas is a tech-savvy system and a software development veteran with 7+ year experience. He is providing revolutionary solutions for automated machines software, embedded systems, infrastructure and hardware integrations.
  • Paulius Alaunė
    Front End Developer
    See that clear yet funky interface of Orca Alliance web? It's all done by Paulius. He is a true front-end developer who always makes sure that every element has its purpose on the display.
  • Mark Kaverkin
    Art Director
    The artistic spirit and the visual axis of the project. Mark is a skilled designer, insightful creative director, and a universal inspiration.
  • Daumantė Sinkevičiūtė
    Graphic Designer
    Daumantė is a dedicated achiever in graphic design, with a strong background in web project development.
  • Simonas Liutika
    Animation / Graphic Designer
    Animator at heart, multimedia developer in spirit and a true over-achiever in action.
  • Gabrielė Šadzevičiūtė
    Gabriele embodies our story in letters, capturing every day of the project in a delightful way.
  • Dominykas Stelmokas
    Spiritual Guru
    Dominykas is always there to listen. He rarely speaks - but when he does, it’s pure wisdom. Helps out in regards of content creation and creative media.


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  • 1
    Proof of concept
    - Mockup version of backend. Release of Github repositories. - Partnership settlements Rivetz, Essentia, Trust wallet, STK, Debitum & other.
  • 2
    - API connections to EU bank sandboxes. - API connections to Crypto exchanges and wallets.
  • 3
    - Onboarding developer squadron.
  • 4
    Pygmy Version
    - Data Aggregator. Users will be able to access exchange balances and wallets through unified dashboard. - Market Analysis Tools. Asset price comparison based on different exchanges. - Alerts and Notifications - Reports
  • 5
    BlackFish version
    - Asset management dashboard. Users are able to set and manage orders and transactions. - Portfolio analysis and financial modeling. Development of efficient frontier, cross - correlation, maximum drawdown and stress testing. - Updated UI/UX - Instant Withdrawal and conversion features. Transaction services - EMI connectivity
  • 6
    ORCA payment card release
  • 7
    Moby Doll version
    - Cross-border fiat transactions - Full access to EU bank accounts - 3rd party apps and features
  • 8
    Albino version
    - Asset management assistant (AI) - Budget planning. Statistic, Analysis and etc - App, Data & Prediction Markets
  • 9
    Final ORCA version
    P2P decentralized payment network


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ORCA platform is at the top of the FinTech food chain. ORCA bridges banking and crypto services, providing the most comprehensive and easy-to-use financial management tool. Banking made easy through APIs, Blockchain and AI.



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