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10/08/2018, 05:00 PM
38 000 ETH
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24 000 000 USD
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1 000 000 000 FOAM
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31 Jul 2018
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  • Alyssa Wright
    OpenStreetMap Consultant and Advisor
    Geospatial technologist, strategist & entrepreneur focused on the intersection of open innovation, community, and collaboration. Started at beginning of OpenStreetMap, OpenGeo, Open Transport Partnership and Mapzen.
  • Matt Liston
    Special Advisor
    Founding member and ambassador of Gnosis, Augur cofounder.


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  • Ryan John King
    Co-founder, CEO
    Entrepreneur with a background in urban economic development, architecture and blockchain technology.
  • Kristoffer Josefsson
    Co-founder, CTO
    Senior full-stack blockchain and smart contract developer. Early member of Consensys. Founding Member of BlockApps.
  • Katya Zavyalova
    Co-founder, CCO
    Award winning architect and a leading industry voice recognized by the American Institute of Architects.
  • Martin Allen
    Senior Blockchain Engineer
    Functional programming specialist, author of purescript-web3. Formerly a senior engineer at BlockApps. Background in algebraic geometry.
  • Arthur Röing Baer
    Creative Marketing Director
    Designer and researcher. Previously worked on blockchain-enabled infrastructure decentralization in logistics and mobility.
  • Ilya Ostrovskiy
    Protocol Engineer
    Polyglot programmer and DevOps plumber. Former VM lead at BlockApps.
  • Brandon Goblirsch
    Community Manager
    Brandon is a geographer with a passion for blockchain and decentralization.
  • Édouard Urcades
    Product Designer
    Édouard is a designer interested in infrastructure.
  • Irakli Safareli
    Front-end Engineer
    Purely Functional Engineer specialized in front-end web development. Previously worked at SlamData on the biggest PureScript codebase and contributed to a large number of open source libraries.
  • Jens Krause
    Senior Software Developer
    Functional Programmer w/ ♥. 18 yrs experiences in the industry. Ex Cardano SL developer.


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    Introducing the foam protocol
    First release of our vision for a spatial protocol and consensus driven map.
  • 2
    Crypto-spatial coordinates
    Release of Crypto-Spatial Coordinates, an open and interoperable standard for location in Ethereum smart contracts.
  • 3
    Introduction to proof of location
    We started off 2018 by formally announcing the work being done at FOAM on Proof of Location and its fundamental importance.
  • 4
    Spatial index private beta
    Launched a private beta on the Rinkeby test network for The Spatial Index, a general purpose visual blockchain explorer.
  • 5
    Launched developer portal
    As part of our developer community efforts, we released access to tools for building decentralized spatial applications, API access, sample tutorials and walkthroughs.
  • 6
    Spatial index public beta
    Opened the Spatial Index Beta to the public with over 2,500 users stress testing the architecture.
  • 7
    Whitepaper release
    After months of fine-tuning and legal review, we were extremely excited and proud to publish our product whitepaper.
  • 8
    Main net launch
    Tokens are distributed to all purchasers on the Ethereum MainNet
  • 9
    Transfer restriction period
    Following the launch of the FOAM protocol tokens will not be transferable outside of the platform for 45 days. In this time users can familiarize themselves with the interface and fulfill their ‘Proof of Use’ requirements.


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The FOAM Proof of Location protocol empowers a permissionless and autonomous network of radio beacons that can offer secure location services independent of external centralized sources such as GPS through time synchronization. The FOAM protocol is currently under development by a decentralized team of blockchain developers, designers, architects and urban planners.


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