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15/11/2018, 03:00 AM
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40 000 000 USD
1 BOTC = 2.50 USD
40 000 000 BOTC
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1 Nov 2018
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  • Michael Malone
    CEO, Vestchain
  • Michael Morton
    Founder & CEO, GNEISS
  • Victor Santos
    CEO & Co-founder, Airfox
  • Dr. Roman Yampolskiy
    Associate Professor, University of Louisville
  • Catharina Lavers Mallet
  • Will Murphy


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  • Rob May
    Chief Executive Officer
    Rob is a repeat venture-backed entrepreneur and angel investor in 45+ AI and blockchain companies. Previously he was the CEO & Co-Founder of Backupify (Acquired by Datto). He is the author of Inside AI.
  • Byron Galbraith
    Chief Data Scientist
    Byron has a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University and an MS in Bioinformatics from Marquette University.
  • Jon Klein
    Chief Architect
    Jon has run engineering teams from early stage to large scale. Most recently, he was Director of Engineering at Drync, and lead the Ad Products Team at Tapjoy. He has a M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems from Chalmers University.
  • Anthony Habayeb
    Head of Partnerships
    Most recently, Anthony lead strategy and development for Propel Marketing, now Thrivehive, during its growth from $6 to $50M. He previously held partnership and revenue leadership roles at Monster and Yahoo! after starting his career as a strategy consultant with Accenture.
  • Henry Wagner
    Blockchain Engineer
    Henry most recently served as a Sr Software Engineer at Akamai Technologies, where he configured management systems and development of enterprise on-ramp technologies.
  • Brooke Torres
    Director of Marketing
    Brooke joined Talla Inc in 2015 after advising early stage companies on customer acquisition and go-to-market strategy in the London consumer products market.


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    Test Network Launch
    - Laying the foundation to build a decentralized and distributed system. - Botchain Core - dApp launched in Ethereum Kovan test Network. - Bot Services - Bot Query, Bot Identity.
  • 2
    Live/Main Network Launch
    - Network Launch and Ecosystem building. - Botchain Core - dApp launched in Ethereum Mainnet. - Bot Services - Service discovery, Refined Search, Audit Service (beta).
  • 3
    Identity & Audit Services
    - Network scaling with the launch of two key applications - Identity & Audit Services. - Botchain Core - dApp upgrades to support new functionality. - Bot Services - Identity Service, Audit Service.
  • 4
    - Ecosystem scaling with the launch of Skills marketplace for bots and autonomous agents. - Botchain Core - dApp upgrades to support new functionality. - Bot Services - Skills Marketplace (beta), Marketplace Payments, Audit Payment channels.
  • 5
    Bot2Bot Communication Protocol
    - Ecosystem protocol launch that lays the foundation for building a Bot2Bot communication ecosystem. - Botchain Core - dApp upgrades to support new functionality. - Bot Services - Bot2Bot Communication Protocol - Payment, Negotiation, Scripting.


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BotChain is a platform to enable trust and audit of autonomous software by offering standardized registry, identity validation and an immutable event ledger for AI products, including bots and RPA tools. The platform was established by the team at Talla Inc, whose expertise lies in AI-powered knowledge and information management for enterprises. Based in Boston, MA, Talla is lead by an executive team with decades of entrepreneurial experience building large-scale business applications. To date, Talla has raised more than $12 million in venture capital. BotChain is joined in partnership by leading bot and AI companies including Gupshup, a platform for developers, and B2B enterprise bots Polly, CareerLark, Botkit, Disco (formerly Growbot),, and botkeeper. Together, BotChain's early partners interact with nearly 400 million end-users globally. BotChain is in development on a private chain and will launch shortly, utilizing the public Ethereum blockchain.


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