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04/02/2019, 03:00 PM
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4 Feb 2019
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  • Tom Soderstrom
    Chief Technology & Innovation Officer / NASA-JPL
  • Chris Mattmann
    Associate CTO & Board of directors / NASA-JPL, Apache
  • Nicolai Oster
    Head of ICO Department / Bitcoin Suisse
  • Christopher Tucci
    Chair in Corp. Strategy & Innovation / EPFL
  • Carmen Pastor
    Director of BAES Blockchain Lab / Uni. Alicante
  • Natalie Meyers
    E-Research & Digital Librarian / Uni. Notre Dame
  • Bernd lapp
    Former Board of the Ethereum Fnd / Old School
  • Davide Gallo
    Manager of the partner ecosystem / AWS
  • Franco Amalfi
    Director of innovation / Oracle
  • Marek Herm
    Partner / Attorney-at-Law


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  • Manuel Martin
    Project Leader & Blockchain Expert / CERN
    Manuel's career has been focused on supporting large collaborations through technological innovation. He has led critical data-management, big data and machine-learning initiatives for the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built (CERN LHC). In addition, he has collaborated with NASA-JPL, Fermilab (U.S. Dept. of Energy) and GSI, among others. He has contributed, as a guest lecturer, to the Executive Program at ESADE Business School, and has advised international companies such as Oracle, BMW, Caixa, Gassco, Eni, UPS.
  • Antonio Romero
    Technology Solution Architect / CERN, Volkswagen Data-Lab
    Antonio has led several big-data and machine-learning projects for the R&D partnership between CERN and multiple ICT market-leaders. His work - accelerating cutting-edge predictive-maintenance and machine-learning solutions - has fuelled ground-breaking operations and optimizations at the CERN accelerator complex. He has collaborated with other institutions such as Fermilab, GSI and EMBL-EBI.
  • Roberto Rabasco
    Application and Cloud Technology Expert / Deutsche Telekom, Just Eat & Asos
    Over ten years’ experience working in the private sector for international companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Just Eat or Asos Ltd. Leading, designing and developing high-availability software solutions. Roberto enjoys being part of, as well as leading, successful and productive teams. Decentralized technologies advocate and passionate about developing innovative and creative solutions. He built his own software house in 2016.
  • Mar Juarez
    Head of Finance & Open Access Expert
  • Ruben Garcia
    Head of Institutional & Investor Relations
  • Hector Valverde
    DevOps & Blockchain Engineer
  • Jose Cordero
    Software Engineer & Big Data
  • Jose Clavero
    Frontend Developer & Biological Scientist
  • Javi Garcia
    Software Developer & Big Data


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  • 1
    - Idea conception and development. - Assemble team. - White paper creation. - Incorporate company and legal framework definition. - Establish collaboration frameworks for partners. - Functional prototype (Web interface, API, smart contracts). - Marketing campaign. - Development of Token Generation Event smart contracts.
  • 2
    Red Giant
    - Token Generation Event: Public audit of Token Generation Event smart contracts. Launch. End of sale report publications. Independent audit of fund disbursement. - Talent finding and recruitment. - MVP release.
  • 3
    - Platform: - Orvium Supernova Release and Deployment in Mainnet: User identification. Paper Submission. Peer review. Manuscript management. Blockchain Integration. - Bug bounty program. - Support for Science and Technology: Develop research institution collaboration program. Develop grant R&D program.
  • 4
    White Dwarf
    - Platform: - Orvium White Dwarf Release and deployment in Mainnet: Improved life-cycle traceability. Decentralized Autonomous Journals management. Licenses and Copyrights management. - Support for Science and Technology: Establish agreements with universities and research organizations to incentivize the Orvium publication model. Launch grant R&D program.
  • 5
    Neutron Star
    - Platform: - Orvium Neutron Star Release and Deployment in Mainnet: Patronage. Funding campaigns. - Support for Science and Technology. - Patronage of research lines in collaboration with institutions.
  • 6
    - Platform: - Orvium Pulsar and Deployment in Mainnet: Integrate big data analytics. Fine tune the operational efficiency. Adiabatic and continuous integration of the R&D results to the Orvium platform. - Market capture and expansion of the business model. - Support for Science and Technology: Enhance collaboration programmes and frameworks


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Open and Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain. Orvium is the first open source and decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ life cycles and the associated data.



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