nOS (nOS)

End date:
08/11/2018, 09:00 PM
101,054 NEO & 3669 ETH
Brief information
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10 000 000 USD
1 nOS = 0.1 USD
375 000 000 nOS
Start date
29 Oct 2018
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  • Roger Lim
    NEO Global Capital Founding Partner
    Advisor to Bluzelle, QLink, Tomocoin, 0Chain, Open Platform.
  • Nick Nikijuluw
    Enterprise Solutions Advisor
    Managing Director at Data Access Europe


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Team: 6

  • Dean van Dugteren
    Founder & CEO
    Developer at City of Zion Founder VDT.Network Founder Click.DJ
  • Matt Huggins
    Lead Developer
    Developer at City of Zion Maintainer of Neon Wallet
  • Jeroen Peeters
    Developer & Project Management
    Front-end Consultant at Evance Contributor at City of Zion Creator of Neoblog
  • Maurice Dalderup
    Full-stack Developer
    Blockchain Consultant at Trase Contributor at City of Zion Creator of Neoblog
  • Fabricio Rosa Marques
    Contributor (Design)
    Sr. Product Design at Sr. Product Design at UI Design at fournova
  • Nikolaj Kuntner
    Research Contributor
    Developer at City of Zion Laboratory Technician at Institute of Science and Technology Austria Software Engineer at DAQRI


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    Q3/Q4 2018
    • Release of nOS Client v0.3 • nOS Token Generation Event (TGE). • Establishing of initial technical and strategic partnerships with both blockchainbased and traditional projects and companies. • Cooperative application development with project partners and third parties
  • 2
    Q4 2018
    • nOS Ecosystem Adoption Fund: nOS will launch its Ecosystem Adoption Fund, a fund aimed towards improving adoption and development of Decentralized Applications on the nOS Platform. • Decentralized Filesystem Research: nOS will initiate Research & Development on Peer-to-Peer Data File Sharing Initiatives, with the goal of building a completely decentralized Open Internet. • Initial Development of nOS Mobile Client. • Initial Research & Development for supporting Ethereum dApps and other platforms based on their respective popularity and adoptability.
  • 3
    • nOS 1.0: nOS plans to release its 1.0 Client, officially launching the nOS Open Internet 1.0.

Full description

The NOS Universal Smart Contract (USC) is generally applicable and offers dApp back-end functions such as CRUD and Authentication. Users can stake nOS tokens to gain voting power on the nOS platform. High quality applications get rewarded and become more discoverable, while users are protected from low reputation applications. Developers who are contributing to nOS, or are building apps on nOS will receive priorities in the whitelisting process.


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