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11/09/2018, 12:00 AM
37 000 000 USD
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70 000 000 USD
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12 000 000 000 GEN
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1 Jun 2018
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  • Roel Wolfert
    More than 20 years of international experience on business and technology in retail and transactional banking, payments and bank cards, retailing, management consulting, IT and venture capital. Holds MSc in Economics from Maastricht University and an executive degree in innovation from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.
  • Malcolm Tan
    Malcolm Tan is an established Singaporean lawyer-entrepreneur with extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT, and financial industries. Trained as a lawyer, Malcolm is also skilled in litigation, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Anti Danilevski
    As a founder of KICKICO platform, he leads the biggest Russian crowdfunding community as well as other online communities. Anti has been involved in the blockchain community since 2014 and brings his 11 years of experience in crowdfunding, online community-building and ICO matters into our project.
  • Richard O'Rourke
    Richard is the developer of the Collaborative eR&D platform eNovator, a cofounder of KineMatik, and its CEO during its crucial first five years, a company providing IT solutions to the life sciences and biotech sector. Since successfully exiting, he has redirected his career back into the energy sector, where he has worked all along the value chain from project development to fund management, where he now focuses his efforts.
  • Manuel Rimarachin
    Manuel is the regional representative of several ICO projects in Latin America. He began his career in exporting of medical equipment at Equipos Medicos S.A. In recent years, he has become an active member in the crypto community and currently acts as an advisor on the implementation of blocking technology into the public sector of Peru's economy.
  • Oliver Bussmann
    Oliver is a globally recognised technology thought leader and driver of large-scale transformation at multinational organizations. The Founder and CEO of Bussmann Advisory AG, he advises enterprises and start-ups looking to stay ahead of the digital disruption curve.


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  • Katrina Arden
    A founder of Blockchain Law Group, she is a licensed attorney in the USA and in the Russian Federation.
  • Aleksei Zheliaskov
    Founder, CEO
    President of JFSC Atlant and a founder of Genexi with over 12 years of professional experience in investment management. Alexey is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful companies in financial and real estate sector.
  • Roman Gilvanov
    Managing Director
    Prior to joining Genexi, Roman acted as CEO of IronFX Russia – one of the largest European FX brokerages with more than 80 branch offices around the world. Throughout his career, Roman held project manager positions in various IT start-ups, managing 15 local teams on three continents.
  • Sergey Tiurin
    Head of Medical Research
    Having more than 35 years of medical experience, he is an author of multiple research papers on topics including bioorganic and protein chemistry. His career started in 1982 at State Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms of the National Research Centre, where he studied the chemical structure of the bendotoxin protein.
  • Alexey Nosikov
    Head of Operations
    Alexey is Head of Operations of Genexi’s Moscow Office. He was previously Head of Strategy at Connectius, where he was in charge of implementing and scaling social side of the business.
  • Andrew Marcus
    Head of Strategy
    Prior to joining Genexi, Andrew worked at the top NY law firms as a corporate lawyer and then made a successful career as an investment banker within leading PE funds in London, Moscow and Delhi. He specialised in M&A, capital markets, business structuring and strategy.
  • Bogdan Stepanov
    Head of Business Development
    Before joining Genexi, Bogdan was with Union Bancaire Privée – Swiss private bank specialised in alternative investments, institutional asset management, and private wealth management. Bogdan has also been involved in the hedge fund industry since 2014, when he joined.
  • Anton Sklovets
    Head of Research
    15 years of professional experience in trading biotech equities in global capital markets. His daily focus is research and managing the Genexi quantitative team. Prior to joining the team, he worked for the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies where he was responsible for the investment side of business.
  • Daria Goriychuk
    Head of HR
    Daria is an experienced HR professional. She implements modern HR strategies and manages internal operations, supporting top management with the provision of personal advices and evaluations, playing a key role in talent acquisition and team building.
  • Alexander Novoselov
    Biotech Analyst
    Alexander is a Director of the Moscow Society of Dermatologists. He joined Genexi in 2016, following five years with Russian Dermatology Academic Research Centre and over a decade working for global health, development and public sector organisations. Holds a Masters degree in Medicine.
  • Maxim Khotimchenko
    Biotech Expert
    More than 20 years experinece in experimental pharmacology, drug discovery and development. Author of multiple research papers devoted to development of the novel pharmaceutical purposed for treatment of neuodegenrative diseases, malignant tumors, environmental dieorders as well as creation of effective targeted drug dellivery systems. Author of 12 patents for production and use of the new phamacologically actve compounds.
  • Anton Nizhenkov
    Investment Analyst
    Anton became part of Genexi in October 2016 and oversees evidence generation, appraisal and evaluations of grants and programme investments. His professional expertise encompasses portfolio level evaluation, assessing the impact of policy and advocacy investments, transparency and accountability.
  • Dennis Sarkar
    Ecosystem Developer
    Prior to his role at Genexi, Dennis was the Senior Account Manager at KICKICO managing key strategic projects and supporting ICO research department with ad-hoc duties. Due to his corporate finance background, his main focus within Genexi is geared towards the project structuring and development of its value drivers.
  • Jacques Miabouna
    Strategy Consultant
    Experienced professional in marketing and sales, worked for several international companies including the UK’s leading charity – The Prince’s Trust. Jacques has been engaged in implementing company wide and departmental transformation activities as well as improving internal process effectiveness.
  • Vladimir Stark
    Head of Marketing
    Vladimir has more than 12 years of experience in strategy and digital marketing. As a founder of Digital V&R Group, he is leveraging next gen marketing technologies to solve key issues and deliver more relevant content.
  • Anastasia Verbitskaya
    Experienced professional in digital marketing and social networks strategy with the focus on ICO projects. Anastasia is responsible for social media accounts growth and web planning & development projects.
  • Denis Baldakov
    Community Manager
    Being a first-class specialist in digital marketing, Dennis applies his knowledge in marketing and ICO focused on Spanish-speaking countries and communities in Latin America. Graduated from US3M (Madrid), Faculty of Business Management.
  • Artem Targosh
    Community Manager
    Artem is responsible for content creation, social media marketing, communications and marketing strategy within the team. Holds a BSc in Industrial Economics from Moscow State University of Technology, Design, and Art.
  • Stepan Razenkov
    Business Analyst
    Stepan focused on structuring of the business domain within the project. His core responsibilities include engagement with developers on production support and projects tasks, as well as requirement gathering and execution of IT projects related to manufacturing. Went to read Economics and Finance at the University of York.
  • Anna Fursova
    PR Manager
    More than 5 years of professional experience in communication agencies. Anna coordinates public relations activities, together with developing a holistic media promotion strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media.
  • Margarita Ilina
    PR Manager
    Margarita coordinates public relation activities and oversees our media promotion strategy. Prior to joining GENEXI, she spent 3 years with PR agencies in China and the UAE.
  • Egor Stepanov
    Head of IT
    Egor previously worked at the Skolkovo Innovation Center, commonly known as the Russian Silicon Valley, as a full-stack developer.
  • Alexander Abarevich
    Technical Support Lead
    Alexander is an Apple certified professional. He is a highly qualified specialist with more than 7 years of professional experience in IT industry. Alexander seeks ways to automate internal processes in order to improve efficiency.
  • Aleksei Khokhlov
    Alexey has more than 15 years experience in the implementation of IT projects of different focus: CRM systems; in-house systems for insurance companies, retailers and autodealers; web sites, mobile applications, Blockchain projects, and others. Alexey focused on research in the Blockchain technologies, modeling of business processes and data analysis.


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    Primary Scientific and Medical Research.
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    GENEXI Establishment.
  • 3
    Ecosystem and Platform Development.
  • 4
    Low Level Design Launch.
  • 5
    Foundation Establishment.
  • 6
    - Fundraising. - Ecosystem Alpha Version Testing.
  • 7
    - Smart-Contract Development and Testing. - Grant Application Program Launch.
  • 8
    Ecosystem Complete Version Launch.
  • 9
    Official Public GENEXI Accelerator Report.
  • 10
    Further Ecosystem Development and Scaling.


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GENEXI is a biotech accelerator that operates as a Platform and a Foundation focusing on Hi-Tech Bio&Med research and drug development. GENEXI combines the expertise of renowned specialists in the biotech industry to create a thriving ecosystem for pharmaceutical companies of different levels of operation from around the world.


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