Yumerium (YUM)

Computer Games & VR
End date:
17/10/2018, 03:00 PM
3 000 000 USD
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20 000 000 USD
1 YUM = 0.1 USD
633 813 700 YUM
Start date
26 Sep 2018
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  • Mitch Liu
    Chief Executive Officer at Theta Labs, Inc.
    Mitch Liu co-founded Tapjoy, Inc. (formerly Offerpal Media, Inc.) in 2007 and served as its Vice President. Mitch Liu helped drive the success of multiple consumer and online advertising startups through technology and marketing.
  • Noriyuki Hirosue
    Chief Executive Officer at BitBank, Inc.
    Noriyuki Hirosue is serial entrepreneur and currently vice president of Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association. After graduating Waseda University, he started his career at Nomura Securities, and then became a general manager at the Japanese IT giant company GMO, and CEO of Gala, Inc.
  • Suyong Park
    Managing Partner at Block Crafters Capital Pte. Ltd.
    Suyoung has 15 years experiences in investment, venture capital, venture, and consulting. He is running Block Crafters Capital, one of the first cryptoinvesting firms and has diverse portfolios. He has been at several venture capital companies including Cognitive Investment and M-Ventures.
  • Matthew Lee
    Chief Executive Officer at Unblock
    Matthew loves authentic entrepreneurs and he always wants to meet those people. Also, he likes to record his investment activities & relationships between VC and Entrepreneurs.
  • Koji Sakamoto
    Board Director at TBM Co., Ltd.
    After graduating from Waseda University, he was the producer at ITOCHU, the biggest trading company in Japan. He later became managing director at Excite Japan. Soon after, he became corporate officer at Yahoo!
  • Andy Le Tong
    Chief Strategy Officer at SyncFab
    Andy Tong is serial entrepreneur well known for his success in the video game industry as CEO and Founder of top online game portal MMOABC which at its peak garnered millions of monthly MMO gaming visitors from North America with zero spent on advertising before the proliferation of social media.
  • Sungwoo Lee
    Chief Operation Officer at Payletter, Inc.
    Sungwoo has been COO of Payletter for almost 17 years. Payletter is the biggest payment gateway and billing company, providing services to most of PC gaming companies, including League of Legends.
  • Kohei Ogawa
    Chief Executive Officer at Valu.is
    Kohei graduated Keio University and had been working at the Japanese mobile gaming company GREE in both Japan and its U.S. office. Upon his return to Japan, he started AccumBit to develop a Bitcoin Wallet system.


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Team: 16

  • Jikhan Jung
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Francisco Martin
    Chief Technology Officer
    - CTO of Subdream Studios. - Game Director at Virtual World Arcade. - BS Graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Jaehyun Lee
    Chief Security Officer
    - CEO of Hurbit. - CEO of Super Bee. - CEO of Zen Software.
  • Un Sung Yoo
    Software Engineer
  • Sean Yoon
    President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Won Sang Choi
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Khoi Le
    Game Programmer
  • Hyunho Lee
    Visual Designer
  • Brenna Von Kleist
    Sound Designer
  • EunYong Choi
    Director of PR
  • Kyuri Kim
    Social Media Specialist
  • Shreyas Vaidya
    Software Development Intern
  • Eduardo Carrillo
    Marketing Intern
  • Joyce Zhao
    Marketing Intern
  • Helen Chang
    Marketing Intern
  • Jayne Kim
    Director of Business Development


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    YUMERIUM Private Token Sale Starts
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    YUMERIUM Public Token Sale Starts
  • 3
    Launch for all Subdream Games & Native Token launch
  • 4
    Launch CryptoMine with YUMERIUM support
  • 5
    Launch partner games & start 3rd party support
  • 6
    Broad adoption with 3rd party games


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Yumerium is a platform to publish and promote games utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across all platforms including PC, mobile, and VR. The goal of Yumerium is to create an ecosystem that revolves around game developers which incentivizing gamers to play, win, and have fun. YUM is the Yumerium Token and it will be used on the platform's gaming system to help players get access. It can also be earned by playing, sharing and reviewing games and spent in any gaming network or system that supports Yumerium. Game developers can use YUM to attract and engage with users by using marketing tools such as referral bonus or airdrop/bounty campaign.



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