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01/08/2018, 02:59 AM
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22 d. 22:40:03
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14 850 000 USD
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180 000 000 QEY
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18 Jun 2018
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  • Lorne Lantz
    Crypto Advisor
    Lorne Lantz is a passionate blockchain entrepreneur and educator who has built multiple financial startups that have won awards with PayPal and Swift. He has been programming for over 20 years, with domain knowledge in banking, payments and bitcoin.
  • Franklin Holz
    Advisor / Board Member
    Franklin Holz - Partner at Accenture and SGV and prolific early stage angel investor, Frank has been one of the pioneers of the Philippine BPO industry. He has also worked as Senior Project Manager for the World Bank and USAID and as former president at the Philippine American Guardian Association. MBA - Columbia University in New York.
  • Carlo Cojuangco
    Crypto Advisor
    Carlo is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology. He gives talks about the use-cases and future potential of blockchain for decentralization on his spare time.
  • Rafael Padilla
    Legal Advisor
    Rafael Padilla is a commercial attorney who focuses on financial technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Rafael is also a professor of law at San Beda Alabang School of Law where he teaches Legal Interpretation, Constitutional Law, Tax and Transport Law.


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  • Ray Refundo
    Chief Executive Officer
    California State University, San Jose – Finance/Economics, Cum Laude. Founder Moneytran in 2005, one of the first online money-transfer service in the market. Has years of experience working with banks and well versed with local and international regulations in the payments/money-transfer industry. Worked in corporate finance for five years.
  • Joey Budka
    Head of Enterprise Sales / Real Estate
    Joey Budka is a seasoned real estate specialist with nearly 200M USD of commercial and residential property sold over the least 5 years. Recently he has been focusing on cross-border real estate transactions and has been leading Qwikwire's real estate enterprise sales initiative. He graduated from California State University - San Jose in 2010 with a degree in Business.
  • Alex Budka
    Enterprise Sales / Real Estate
    Alex Budka has been working with his brother, Joey Budka, in expanding Qwikwire's international sales expansion to list more property developers for the AQwire platform. Alex also has many years specializing in commercial real estate and has domain expertise in international property sales regulations. He graduated from California State University - San Jose, with a degree in Biology.
  • Artie Lopez
    Co-Founder, Brainsparks
    #StartupCoachArtie - Startup Coach and Co-Founder of Brainsparks, the first and only founder-focused incubator in the Philippines that turns dreamers into founders. Vice-President - First Asia Venture Capital, Co-Director - Founder Institute Manila, Seedstars Ambassador for Manila, Philippines.
  • Scott Yu
    Blockchain Developer
    California State University, San Jose – Corporate Finance/ Sbona Honors. Scott spent his early career in Corporate Finance working as an auditor for Deloitte. A self-taught programmer, previously worked at CoinDash, a crypto assets portfolio management and social trading platform. He has been in the FinTech space for more than five years.
  • Paolo Samontanez
    Chief Technology Officer
    University of the Philippines, Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude. While an ECE by degree and profession, Paolo is a self-learned programmer and was nominated one of the best programmers in the Philippines by Rice Bowl Awards.
  • John Bailon
    CEO, Satoshi Citadel Industries
    John Bailon - Founder and CEO of Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), one of the largest and most successful blockchain company in SE Asia. SCI also runs the most popular crypto-currency exchange and remittance platform in the Philippines, Rebit. John Graduated from De Lasalle University with a degree in Computer Science.
  • Earvin Ang
    Chief Financial Officer
    University of Santo Thomas - Legal Management. Self-starter and entrepreneur since school days. Earvin manages all projects and initiatives of the company. He also manages bank relationships, operational finances, and HR duties like payroll.
  • Jacquiline Romorosa
    Sr. Business Analyst
    Jacqui was a part of a remittance and microlending blockchain company in Thailand, Everex, handling the investors support for their recent ICO. She's responsible in leading AQwire's token sale working with the marketing team, business development and IT.
  • Inno Maog
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Angeles University Foundation - BS Nursing. Has six (6) years of experience working with PayPal BPO and well versed in anti-fraud and chargeback resolution process. He manages enterprise client engagement and spear heads marketing and sales strategies.


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    Billing and Invoicing Platform Launched
    Qwikwire integrates with first two real estate developer clients, Century Properties and Active Group Inc. and begins to generate revenue for the company.
  • 2
    ACH/Echeck and SWIFT facilities Activated
    These added facilities increased sales by 300%. New clients signed in and revenue from existing clients also increased two-fold.
  • 3
    Qwikwire Achieves Profitability, Qwikwire wins IGNITE Competition
    - With new clients and an increase in sales volume with existing clients, Qwikwire rapidly achieves profitability in less than 18 months after the launch of its core invoicing product. A feat rarely achieved by tech startups. - Qwikwire wins best startup of the year at IGNITE business pitch competition against 300 other promising startups. This opened up new doors to access venture capital and angel investors.
  • 4
    QWIKWIRE wins Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards
    In its first international competition, Qwikwire wins against some of the best tech startups in South East Asia. This event brought in more equity funding and clients into the platform.
  • 5
    AQWIRE Token Sale, MVP (minimum viable product) Beta Version Launch
    - While public pre-sale is already scheduled for May 15, the main token generation event will happen sometime in June. Exact date will be announce two weeks before the event. - While most token buyers would need to wait months before they can utilize the token, the AQWIRE token, QEY (pronounced as “key”), will be live and active on the platform immediately after distribution.
  • 6
    AQWIRE Post MVP Product Goes Live
    Blockchain and Smart Contract powered real estate listing platform activates as MVP is upgraded. More property developers and brokers can now sign-up.
  • 7
    AQWIRE Expands to Thailand
    AQWIRE is already in talks with several developers and broker associations in Bangkok, Thailand, to onboard their inventories onto the platform. Qwikwire will also activate its billing/invoicing system in Thailand at the same time with regional and local banking partners in the country.


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AQwire is a real estate transaction platform that is powered by blockchain. AQwire doesn’t only speed up the acquiring process but also reduces the processing cost by a significant amount. It is designed to drastically reduce major barriers when buying properties from one country to another, such as the multiple levels of intermediaries, the need to talk to numerous brokers and the cost associated with it.


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