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20 Nov 2018
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  • Dr. Christian Jaag
    Founded the Centre for Cryptoeconomics and is responsible for the economics for this project.
  • Christopher Keshian
    Christopher Keshian is CEO of APEX Token Funds. A group who invest in crypto funds such as Pantera and Multicoin Capital.
  • Andy Long
    Blockchain and Data Centre Expert
    20 years experience in telecoms and finance in strategy, business development and management. Director Strategic Development, Black Green Capital, responsible for leading the commercial launch and build of Hydro66 as startup CEO and continues to advise on strategy in the datacenter and Blockchain space.
  • Simon Wajcenberg
    Advisor, Investor
    Experienced Investor and Entrepreneur. Founder of North Block Capital.
  • Jon Hook
    Advertising Technology Expert
    Advertising executive and entrepreneur experienced in building, launching and running mobile technology and media businesses.
  • Sangjin Hong
    Co-founder and CEO of Chain Cabinet (a blockchain startup platform). Partner at Kstartup (a startup accelerator based in Korea). Former product manager at Microsoft.
  • Merv Leslie
    Social Video Expert
    Experienced social video specialist & consultant who has held senior positions with multi-platform networks and video technology companies such as ZEFR, Brave Bison and Little Dot Studios.
  • Nakhoon Choi
    Lawyer, Entrepreneur
    Advisor of Korea BlockChain Association. Former CSO of Noom (Healthcare App based in New York City). Former Case Handler in DG Competition, European Union, Brussels. Experienced in Blockchain and ICO Government Regulation in many countries.
  • Joel Kovshoff
    A seasoned multinational business educator who has transitioned to the world of digital assets and cryptocurrency.
  • Mark Ramberg
    GM Media and Entertainment, Amazon. VP Business Development, Akamai. Bisiness Development, Microsoft
  • David Rowe
    Founder Hydro66, CEO Black Green Capital, Founder Easynet Group that was sold to BSkyB, Former Managing Board Member, Sky
  • David Orman
    Spent last 10+ years investing, advising and working in video technology businesses. Previously VP at Joost, Eurosport Sales Director. Co-Founder of Hatch-House Venture Consultancy.
  • Scott Brown
    VP Product Management, Akamai. CEO, Octoshape. CEO, Octoshape. Media Systems Development, AOL.
  • Matthew Desouza
    Advisor, Investor
    Matthew has spent 12+ years working within Financial services and Private Wealth management. He is the CEO & Co-Founder of oneAlpha - a technology company that focuses on advanced solutions for the blockchain and digital asset markets. He is also the CSO for BCW, an innovative blockchain management consultancy who predominantly work institutional clients who wish to enter the blockchain space.


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  • Chris Gale
    Executive Management
    Worked for the last 8 years within online video, including globally for eSports publishers.
  • Adam Simmons
    Executive Management
    High-load C/C++ developer with 11 years of experience. Strong background working with online video platforms with high traffic volumes.
  • John Rankin
    Executive Management
    20 years experience in telecoms and finance in strategy, business development and management.
  • Kyrylo Bybyk
    Lead Engineer, Blockchain Developer
    Ex. CTO Video Ad Platform, Creator of VRSynapse, Founder of Beacon Heaven, Blockchain Expert
  • Chris Morof
    Senior Engineer
    Experience working with online video platforms with high traffic volumes. Blockchain developer.
  • Ievgen Iegorochkin
    Blockchain Developer
    High-load back-end C/C++ developer. Security/operations engineer with 10 years of experience.
  • Dmytro Medianik
    High-load back-end developer and security Engineer
    Full-stack developer and Blockchain enthusiast
  • Mykolai Chapny
    Blockchain and back-end developer
    Full-stack, JavaScript developer. Nova Poshta development manager
  • Anton Lukashenko
    Full-stack developer
    Audience Development expert: 10 year's experience in media, digital marketing, communications, social media, and community building ex.
  • Danielle Francis
    Senior Partner, Pitmans, London. Over 30 years experience in trust law, Not for Profit entities, Dispute Resolution, and Compliance.
  • David Archer
    Legal Counsel
    Advertising executive and entrepreneur experienced in building, launching and running mobile technology and media businesses.
  • Jin Young Choi
    Executive Management
    Mr Choi is the CEO of Bitbank, CEO, Woorim Holdings, CEO, East Nine Co. Ltd, CEO, Vision Group Co. Ltd and Permanent CEO, D!conomy LAB. Mr Choi was the Mayor of Namon City for two terms and is the Executive Commissioner of World Franchise Council plus also lectures at numerous universities.


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  • 1
    - Integrate TCP fallback into the player for seamless use on non UDP-enabled browsers - Founders identified opportunity for blockchain-based video platform
  • 2
    - Test UDP video player with Akamai at 30m+ unique users per month - Assemble core team and advisors - Investigation into blockchain technology - Write and validate White Paper
  • 3
    - Release proof of concept for VeraPlayer - Creation of Foundation structure - Announcement of project, publishing of White Paper & Economic Paper - Launch Public Sale website
  • 4
    - Design and architecture for Verasity blockchain - In-player earning VERA while watching - In-player user management - In-player earning 3rd party crypto tokens while watching - Release proof of concept for VERA minting apps for desktop & mobile - Release proof of concept for VeraWallet - Fundraise through Private Sale - Conduct Public Sale - Secure VERA listing on a crypto exchange
  • 5
    - Release proof of concept for Verasity video sharing website ( - Release and test Verasity blockchain with other Verasity platform components. - Release MVP of blockchain-enabled VeraPlayer. - Release MVP of blockchain-enabled Verafier apps for desktop OS. - Release MVP of blockchain-enabled VeraWallet. - Release CMS and analytics for - Add monetization through advertising to - List VERA on leandig crypto exchanges. - Convert VERA tokens onto Verasity blockchain. - Expand team of engineers. - Fundraise through Private Sale - Conduct Public Sale
  • 6
    - Release beta of VeraPay. - Release full version of Verasity blockchain. - Release beta of blockchain-enabled VeraPlayer. - Release beta of blockchain-enabled Verafier apps for desktop OS. - Release beta of blockchain-enabled VeraWallet. - Release MVP of blockchain-enabled video sharing apps for iOS, Android. - Release MVP of to select group of video creators. - Release beta of to general public. - Release proof of concept for video channel marketplace.
  • 7
    - Launch full version of VeraPay. - Launch full version of Verafier apps. - Launch full version of VeraWallet. - Launch full version of - Release MVP of blockchain-enabled video channel marketplace. - Release beta of video channel marketplace.
  • 8
    - Scale platform usage to 15m holders of VeraWallet. - Launch full version of video channel marketplace.


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Verasity is a disruptive video sharing platform designed to pivot the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent relationship between viewers, content creators and advertisers. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience spanning across the Media and Technology sectors, with previous leadership roles at companies including Eurosport, Sky, Joost, AOL, Turner and Guardian.


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