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Payment services
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22/05/2018, 08:00 PM
25 000 ETH
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25 000 ETH
1 ETH = 16 000 RTE
1 000 000 000 RTE
Start date
16 Apr 2018
Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP)
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  • Chandler Guo
    Angel Investor, OCN Adviser
    Bitcoin God Founder
  • Yinglan Tan
    Founding Managing Partner, Insignia Ventures
    ex-Sequoia China Venture Partner Young Global Leader at WEF, Kauffman Fellow.
  • Koh Waikit
    Investment, Pavilion Capital
    ex -Director, Temasek Holdings.
  • Quek Siu Rui
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Jefrey Joe
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    Alpha JWC Ventures | Harvard Business School Executive Education.
  • Samuel Chan
    Vice President, Trader, Asian FX & Interest Rates
    ING | University of Michigan.
  • Kevin Li
    Co-Founder & CEO
    ex-Principal Researcher, AT&T | Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, 36 Patents Holder.
  • Will Ongkowidjaja
    Co-founder & Managing Partner, Alpha JWC
    Forbes | Harvard Business School.
  • Khoo Lay Seng
    Director, Investments at Khazanah Nasional
    Khazanah Nasional | Imperial College London.
  • Li Jianwei
    Managing Partner at Zhencheng Investment
    Vice President of Sequoia Capital | Beijing University.
  • Chandra Tjan
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    Alpha JWC Ventures | East Ventures.
  • Aaron Tan
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Carro | Carniege Mellon University.
  • David Su
    Managing Partner
    Matrix Partners China
  • Reynold Wijaya
    Modalku and Funding Societies | Harvard Business School.
  • Kenneth Oh
    Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk


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  • Jake Goh
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Bachelors Degree in Economics & Technopreneurship, NYU & NUS.
  • Lim Jing Rong
    Co-Founder & CTO
    BsC. Computer Science, Stanford & NUS.
  • Davis Gay
    Co-Founder & CTO
    BsC. Computer Science, Stanford & NUS.
  • Waihon Chee
    Senior Blockchain Engineer
    BsC, Business Analytics, NUS.
  • Albert Ho
    Country Lead
    BBA. Business Administration, NYU & NUS.
  • Wu Di
    Full Stack Developer
    BsC. Computer Science, NUS.
  • Andre Khong
    Software Developer
    B.E. Information & Communications Technology, SIT.
  • Adarrel Ho
    Web Developer
    B.A. Industrial Design, NUS.
  • Daniel Olivan
    Marketing Manager
    AB. Communications, Literature, Ateneo de Manila University.
  • Eunice Er
    UIUX Designer
    BA. Industrial Design, NUS.


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    - Private TestNet. - Early TestNet API. - PoC integration with early prototypes of Rate3 interface platform for CSP and CPP: - Payment gateway platform. - Credit score platform. - Universal Wallet (fiat and crypto-assets) for consumers as an easier means of payment compared to payment forms. - Gather feedback from PoC integrations with strategic partners and community. - Release TestNet to public.
  • 2
    Proof-of-Concept: - Rate3 Dual Protocol on Stellar and Ethereum. - Implement atomic swaps with multiple chains. - Interfaces for Rate3 Dual Protocol inclusive of Merchant dashboard and SDK, Universal Wallet interface to facilitate Stellar/Ethereum token swap, Credit Scoring Platform.
  • 3
    Testnet Public Release.
  • 4
    Mainnet Public Release: - Cross-Border Payment Protocol. - RTE tokens atomic swaps between Stellar and Ethereum. - Interfaces for Merchant dashboard and SDK and Universal Wallet.
  • 5
    Mainnet Public Release: - Cross-Border Payment Protocol. - Interfaces. - Platform for borrowers and lenders. - Borrowers to submit Proof-of-Identity and other documents to protocol and share with lenders. - Allow lenders to pay RTE to receive borrower’s Proof-of-Transaction, Proof-of-Identity and other documents.
  • 6
    Mobile and Face to Face payments: - Cross-Border Payment Protocol. - Universal Wallet on mobile and merchant Point-of-Sale payments processing software. - Build on Brahma OS and other mobile platforms.
  • 7
    Increasing Payments Channels: - Universal Wallet on mobile and merchant Point-of-Sale payments processing software. - More cryptocurrencies support along with support for more blockchains. - Stablecoin for E-commerce.
  • 8
    Mobile and Face to Face payments: - Cross-Border Payment Protocol. - Capital Loan. - Decentralized Credit Card. - Advertising (DATx).


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Rate3 is a new payment token built on top of the Stellar blockchain to inspire a world of payment without borders. Rate3 will be the native cryptocurrency used in a new global e-commerce ecosystem to help consumers, merchants, suppliers and other intermediaries transact efficiently, cheaply, securely and quickly. We have existing products and revenue, users, a proper business model and very reputable advisors. The founder is also the chief advisor of several foundations (Odyssey, DATx) The team is made up of top software engineers from NUS, Stanford and NYU.



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