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03/09/2018, 09:30 AM
8 000 000 USD
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20 000 000 USD
1 ENLTE = 0.08 USD
10 000 000 000 ENLTE
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3 Aug 2018
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  • Vladimir Nikitin
    Chief Advisor
    Top level proffessional in legal consulting, ICOBENCH EXPERT, Cryptocurrency specialist. Chief Advisor and perfect deal breaker with years of experience in marketing and strategical growth.
  • Nikolay Shkilev
    Technical Advisor
    Entrepreneur, CEO, ICO Advisor, Crypto enthusiast, Blockchain expert, Public speaker, Mentor. Founder and CEO of the "Private Business Club". Owner and co-owner of dozens of successful business projects.
  • Nicolas Cheun
    Legal & Strategy Advisor
    Extensive experience as a Legal counsel/Investment banker/finance, tax & IP specialist in major corporations. Further, crypto investor & enthusiast with solid knowledge of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
  • Amarpreet Singh
    Strategy & Relationship Advisor
    A Technology/Digital enthusiast and a seasoned professional with years of experience in operations, consulting and innovation of the Tech industry. Amar is one of the leading advocates and contributing member of Global Blockchain community.
  • Uiun Jeong
    User Community Manager
    Extensive crypto enthusiast, extensive knowledge about enlte and other crypto's Tester, User and Enlte Lover.
  • Frank Bardenheuer
    Electronic engineer for industrial engineering, 13 years of experience in the chemical industry, foreman, shift supervisor and trainer at a German chemical company.
  • Erickvand Tampilang
    Community Advisor
    Years of experience in managing and leading project campaigns, community management, bounty management along with mentoring and advising many startups and blockchain systems for community growth in Indonesia and South Asia.

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  • Anupam Sharma
    Serial Entrepreneur, programmer, with background in Cyber Investigation, Information Removal and Forensic science. With 7+ years of experience in programming Artificial Intelligent cyber security and data mining softwares.
  • Abhinav Sharma
    Chief Operations Officer
    5+ years of progressive experience in sustainable development and information technology with 2 years of experience in Reputation Management.
  • Rakesh Kumar
    Chief Technical Officer
    7+ years of experience in Android, Node Js, Java and Socket programming. 5 years of experience in developing centralised payment softwares and blockchain system.
  • Abhishek Rana
    Search Scientist
    5+ Years of experience in semantic search algorithms. In-dept extensive knowledge of Google Search Algorithms and Live Data Search Algorithm with spam protection.
  • Krishan Kumar
    Marketing and Promotions
    Over a decade of experience in Advertisement and Promotions. Top level executive in google search marketing and Mass Advertisement and Brand Awareness.
  • Kartik Gambhir
    Campaign and Promotions
    Over 3 years of extensive experience in community management. With indept knowledge of blockchain technology and social media analystics
  • Sushant Sharma
    User Experience Tester
    Years of experience in web designing and digital marketing,testing, Cryptocurrency specialist With indept knowledge of block chain
  • Chandan Piperseniya
    Sr. IOS Developer
    Specializes in in software design and iOS application development, having experience working with C, Objective-C, Swift, watchOS, PHP, Socket programming.
  • Pradeep Parjapat
    Sr. Web & Graphic Designer
    Сreative Web & Graphic Designer. With 7+ years in Web Design, App Design, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver Bootstrap, illustrator, Wordpress, Jquery etc.
  • Anoop Gupta
    Graphic Designer
    3+ years of progressive experience in graphic design with multiple software.


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A decentralized blockchain based system to solve any kind of issues and problems without going through a centralized government or an organization by rewarding users to spread awareness and help each other. It aims to empower individuals by giving them the power to rate any experience using their original identities or rating anonymously and then broadcasting it to their nearby network by sending real-time updates and geo-stamping it along with geofencing the experience.



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