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30/06/2018, 05:00 PM
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1 ETH = 4 000 DTX
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26 Apr 2018
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  • Matthew van Niekerk
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Founded and exited two companies in Japan, then got his MBA in Belgium, after which he joined a large financial institution, performing a variety of roles ranging from COO of the consumer finance business line to head of platform innovation for the brokerage and crowdfunding platform. In 2016, he left the bank and co-founded SettleMint.
  • Roderik van der Veer
    Co-Founder & CTO
    After Roderik built one of the largest ecommerce computer store sites in Belgium in 1999, he worked in the IT development sector and as CTO grew a traditional marcom agency into a digital powerhouse. He exited this business to focus on blockchain technologies when he co-founded SettleMint in 2016.
  • Frank Van Geertruyden
    MarCom Director
    As a marketing and communication professional with almost 20 years experience in advertising, publishing, sales, automotive and ICT, Frank worked on both agency and advertising site before getting on-board at SettleMint.
  • Els Meyvaert
    Project Manager
    Els worked as account manager in various financial institutions until she moved back to her first love, communication. As account director, she handled communication for the largest FMCG group in Belgium before joining SettleMint.
  • Cassandre Vandeputte
    Solution Analyst
    Cassandre has earned her stripes in the blockchain innovation labs at Accenture before joining SettleMint this year.
  • Tom De Block
    Blockchain Architect
    A serial entrepreneur with active companies in Belgium, Spain and eastern Europe and a strong background in quality assurance in large financial institutions across Europe.
  • Silke Van den Broeck
    Blockchain Developer
    After working with cutting edge web and mobile technologies in multiple Belgian startups, Silke decided to use her experience as a full-stack developer to help lift the SettleMint tech to a higher level.
  • Veronica Murguia
    Investment Advisor
    Experienced Venture Development Consultant with a demonstrated history and track record of working in the early stage investment services and entrepreneurship industry. Veronica is an active connector, skilled business developer, known for strong people skills, resilience, energy, drive to pursue growth opportunities for blockchain and positively contribute to the MENA entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Astrid Janssens
    Management Assistant
    Always seeking to find the best administrative solution and on a mission to get things organised. Passionate problem solver and always willing to lend a hand or give support.
  • Charles de Bergeyck
    Finance professional with a 20 years demonstrated experience and track record of working in small companies to large corporations in the US and Sweden, along with with entrepreneurial start-up experience.
  • Peter-Jan Brone
    Blockchain Developer
    Passionate coder, with an emphasis on queueing, caching and performance of distributed systems.
  • Bart Bettens
    After several years in the media, working for a newspaper and various magazines, Bart decided in 2016 that it was time to start working for himself. Now he’s part-time copywriter, part-time translator and part-time editor, but 100% dedicated to his job at DataBroker DAO.
  • Sebastian Wijkhuizen
    Blockchain Developer
    Sebastian started his career as equities and derivatives trader, became passionate about technology and ventured into the world of software development. Over the years, he has acquired experience in the development of trading algorithms, web and mobile applications, AI-powered chatbots, before joining the SettleMint developer team.
  • Frank Segers
    Head Of Sales, EUROPE and APAC
    Seasoned sales leader with 25+ years experience in boosting sales of disruptive technologies on the global markets. Worked in senior management positions for American and European based technology companies such as Transmode Systems, TE Connectivity (CommScope) and Spike Broadband Systems. Energetic and sales oriented entrepreneur, strong networker, polyglot, MSc in Electro-mechanical engineering Mechatronics from University of Leuven and MBA from University of Louvain-la-Neuve.


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    The presale phase of this token sale event starts on March 5th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 50% token bonus applies (6000 DTX/ETH) and the minimum purchase amount during this period is 10 ETH.
  • 2
    Token sale
    The main sale will start April 26th, 2018 at 4PM CET. The sale will run for 4 week. The first day a 10% bonus will be awarded.
  • 3
    Trading opens
    The tokens will not be tradeable until 1 week after the sale ends (May 30th, 2018). At this point in time we have a commitment to list the DTX token on at that time and are identifying one or two more exchanges to list it on, by that time.
  • 4
    Mainnet release
    With the availability and the ability to trade the DTX token, the platform can move to the mainnet.
  • 5
    Setup and onboarding of an extended team
    One of the larger challenges for DataBroker DAO will be scaling the team fast enough to cope with market demands. Onboarding a new sales team and additional developers is a daunting task. Since September this has been an active focus and this will be the case for the years to come.
  • 6
    Gateway operator integrations
    The main road to mass adoption is integrating with gateway operators that enable the onboarding of millions of sensors in one go. The DataBroker DAO platform will be integrated with the gateways of these gateway operators. We will be working on both common standards and libraries to ease integration, and perform the initial integrations for the first operators in the DataBroker DAO Alliance.
  • 7
    Improving the (white labeled) frontend interface
    On the one hand is the focus of DataBroker DAO mostly on the dAPI. This is where the data streams will flow over, and combined with the smart contracts the core value of the platform. We expect quite a few gateway operators to use the dAPI to build a marketplace in their existing platforms. There will however be quite a few that do not have an integrated approach, or no existing systems to integrate with. That is the reason we will build a DataBroker DAO marketplace frontend and offer this frontend in a white labeled form to gateway operators. When first launching the platform this interface will be a basic one, and will require a diverse set of skills (information architecture, design, web and mobile development) over in the first two years to build a tier one frontend. This will be a heavy focus for Q3 of 2018 to reach the next guideline.
  • 8
    Private data sales and whitelisted buyers
    Working with our alliance members has taught us a lot. Including the fact that there is a large set of data in the market that companies want to sell to either anyone except a competitor, or to just a whitelisted group of companies. As such this capability will be integrated in the smart contracts from the start, and work in the frontend side will continue into Q4 2018.
  • 9
    Data enhancement integrations
    Having easy access to large amounts of data opens up a wealth of options for many startups across the globe. Enhancement and aggregation will provide even more valuable data than the raw data itself. The team will look for, and work with partners in the Alliance to provide valuable services based on the raw data by providing libraries and integrations for commonly used tools. Integration with AI tools (like provided by the large cloud providers, or Tensorflow) come to mind. Initial integrations will be made with the dataprocessors in our Alliance in Q1 2019.


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DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace to sell & buy sensor data. As a decentralized marketplace for IoT sensor data using Blockchain technology, Databroker DAO enables sensor owners to turn generated data into revenue streams. This will open up a wealth of opportunities for various industries. Data will be used and become more effective. Today companies make use of sensor data to optimize and monitor their operations. The result is a single purpose data landscape. DataBroker DAO drives the evolution towards truly ‘smart living’ by making this data easily accessible to cities, organizations and entrepreneurs at an affordable price.


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