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10/09/2018, 03:00 AM
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5 Sep 2018
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  • Roberto Medrano
    ICO Advisor. CEO Beach View, Former GM HP Software, CEO Polivec, President Finjan, Advisor, EVP Akana, Board Member, Sun Microsystem An executive in the information technology fields of cybersecurit
    An executive in the information technology fields of cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, IoT, middleware, governance, API security, microservices, DevOps, software, SaaS, cloud, SOA/API management & enterprise architecture. Experience with major Fortune 100 companies on transformation initiatives for the Digital Business using cloud, mobile or web technologies with SaaS, on-premises or cloud hybrid products. Has been a cybersecurity pioneer by working in the early phases of the firewall, content security, and security policy. Was selected as a participant in President Clinton's White House Security Summit on cyber security.
  • Forest Barbieri
    Business Advisor. International Investor and entrepreneur
    Forest has a long history of industry success beginning with Educational Resources. Having built it into the largest supplier of educational technology within the education market. He merged the company with Davidson & Associates, a leading software publisher, and helped lead the combined company to a successful IPO. During his tenure, they purchased several development companies including Blizzard Entertainment. The combined company was sold in 1996 for 1.3 Billion dollars to CUC. Following that, Forest has been active in creating multiple companies and strategic partnerships both within the USA and overseas, ranging from boutique technology development to travel, real estate and leisure.
  • Alexander Bogdanov
    Scientific Advisor. D.Sc., Professor of Department of Computer Modelling and Multiprocessor Systems
    Professor Alexander Bogdanov has over 40 years of lecturing experience at the esteemed Mathematical-mechanical faculty of St-Petersburg State Technical University, Polytechnic University, Institute for Precise Mechanics and Optics. At present, he is a visiting Professor at the University of Amsterdam and a Professor at Electrotechnical University. Over 200 of his scientific works were published.
  • Ben Woods
    Cybersecurity & Data Protection Advisor, CISSP, CCSP, GDPR-P, Microsoft Security Professional, Cisco Security Professional, and five year President of the international 'Crypto Community'
    Ben is a specialist Cyber Security & Data Protection Consultant with over five years' specific experience in crypto currencies and Blockchain-related technologies. Clients have included SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), NYSE-Euronext, The European Bioinformatics Institute at the European Molecular Laboratory, and NTT Communications. Currently he is Strategic Cybersecurity & Data Protection Advisor to the Cloud Constellation Corporation's multi-satellite SpaceBelt™ programme.
  • Roman Trouchine
    Fintech Advisor. Microtransactions and Overdraft development
    Roman has impressive experience in the FinTech industry and is one of the world-renowned experts on microcredits. More than 18 years of direct working experience with financial applications in the leading financial organizations have allowed Roman to develop his own independent and deep expertise on the methods and models applied in each situation. Roman participated in the development of complicated scoring model projects with the use of artificial intelligence and can bring not only his experience and knowledge to the BGX team.
  • Daniel Shapiro
    AI Advisor. Co-Founder & CTO at Lemay Solutions Consulting Inc.
    Daniel is a driven CTO with a broad background in high-tech research, development, commercialization, and value creation. Has expertise in building startups with software and hardware products, people management, project planning, and government grants. With 27 publications, 16 awards, and four certifications, Daniel’s knowledge in technology is extensive.
  • Christian Maeder
    Legal Advisor. Co-Founder & CTO at Lemay Solutions Consulting Inc.
    Christian Maeder is a highly respected lawyer in the field of tax law and recently blockchain and crypto-projects.


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  • Costa Zakharov
    Co-founder, Operational Director
    We call Costa the heart of the project. It is his incredible energy and constant pushing of the team to new heights that circulates the blood in our BGX organism. With Costa, you cannot relax or succumb to gloom. He instinctively feels any rising soft spots and directs himself towards full support. Costa has enormous experience in entrepreneurship, organization leadership, and implementation of successful projects in not only software development, but in tens of other industries. It seems that he knows some secret behind bringing the most daring ideas into reality.
  • Igor Mishenev
    Co-founder, Business Development Director
    If we would continue the analogy between BGX and a living organism, Igor would be the lungs of the project. It is his unending effort in finding like-minded supporters and partners that give us the ability to do our part and be confident in the necessity of what we do. BGX is not Igor’s first project. He is the co-founder of several large software companies that both develop projects for others and release their own products, including mobile games.
  • Valery Khvatov
    Co-founder, Technology Director
    Valery is the brain of BGX. In fact, he is the brain that astonishes with the depth and breadth of business and development knowledge. It is not surprising; Valery’s portfolio includes more than 200 projects developed under his direction. These are massive educational, financial, and social projects with teams up to 100 people. Valery’s experience is unique – it is hard to find an area in modern technologies that Valery wouldn’t know in-depth and where he hasn’t already developed a product.
  • Frank Jörg Hakenjos
    Marketing Director
    Frank is an experience entrepreneur and a truly creative marketing executive. His vision has brought many fantastic projects to well-deserved acclaim, adoption and success. Frank’s incredible intuition for markets has propelled him to become one of the top marketing executives not only in Switzerland, but in the entire European region.
  • Thanh Nguyen
    Mobile Development Leader
    Thanh is a leader of the Vietnamese development company Titan Technology. With 150+ people on his team, he can manage any mobile based project. Happy to have such a skilled team join our BGX project.
  • Phong Nguyen
    Delivery Director
    Phong is an outstanding manager and delivery director. He is absolutely dedicated to getting the best result at the right time. With 20 years of experience, Phong's contribution to the project cannot be overestimated.
  • Alla Wieliczker
    Product Development
    Alla is the company’s nervous system. All the strings from smaller sub-projects go through her; she manages the development teams, manages the schedules, distributes module development, and performs quality management. Alla’s multitasking and incredible productivity solved what seemed to be unsolvable tasks many times in the past.
  • Alexander Khvatov
    Crypto-Finance Officer
    Alexander is a Toronto-based crypto-finance specialist and an avid ICO investor. With a distinguished track record in finance, Alexander worked to develop financial instruments for several Fortune 500 companies and governments, prior to specializing in ICOs in their early days.
  • Nick Zakharov
    Brand Manager
    Nick began his path in professional sports, earning many wins on the mat in judo. His experience of frequent victories and rare losses gave birth to confidence and determination. These qualities distinguish Nick. He chose brand management as his calling and already brought the LFitExpress brand to the big world. We believe that the BGX brand will shine in new colors in his strong hands.
  • Toan Trieu
    Product Manager
    Toan has 13+ years of mobile device management and enterprise mobility management. He was a co-founder in several reputable software development companies. Toan is a highly educated and a highly motivated person.


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    Development of Xelopes Core and processing platform
    Building distinct technological module sand testing the mincommercial projects.
  • 2
    Product concept
    - Forming an overall vision of the product. - Marketing studies. - Team formation.
  • 3
    Creation of the architecture and prototype
    - Creating an abstract architecture. - Making the main technological decisions. - Building a model for neural network learning.
  • 4
    Creation of the MVP
    - Forming the product prototype to provide the user with the main functions. - Developing specifications. - Confirming the product’s features.
  • 5
    Beta version is released
    A downloadable node of a decentralized network with a unique algorithm and the ability to perform a smart contract, as well as a customizable white label mobile application


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BGX is offering one of the most advanced technological infrastructures with powerful processing capabilities, a set of financial and game features, all for one of the most technologically-adaptive and profitable industries – mobile games. BGX is implemented on top of the Ethereum blockchain system and, despite the mechanisms of off-chain transactions, needs to interact with the larger blockchain. To do this, each BGX node has a special BLOCKCHAIN LAYER. Its task is to manage the written and extracted data.


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