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2 May 2018
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  • Jason Hung
    Blockchain Tech & ICO Advisor
    Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile technology, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business, one of the most reputable crypto experts.
  • James Sowers
    ICO & Blockchain Advisor
    James is a professional Ico advisor, founder of Crypto Specialist LLC, Angel investor and crypto capitalist, Mentor @Alchemist accelerator and a well-known expert on ICObench.
  • Stephan De Haes
    Marketing Advisory & Local Community Management (Western Europe)
    Stephan is a well-known influencer in crypto community, firmly believes that Blockchain will change the world and he wants to play his part in making Cryptocurrencies mainstream.
  • Tyler Sanford
    ICO Marketing & Branding Advisor
    Tyler is driven by overcoming challenges in new and innovate ways. He believes it's his job to take your vision, help it grow, and maximize results.
  • Roman Galashov
    Tech R&D and Automation Advisor
    Roman Galashov has helped with software automation and enabled us to save a lot of resources on workforce by operationalizing the technologies that improve the team efficiency and the development process itself.
  • Eugene Bann
    Financial AI and Data Security Advisor
    With Eugene's experience in engineering AI systems, autonomous trading algorithms, we've been able to implement world-class practices for blockchain development.
  • Douglas Lyons
    Expert ICO Advisor
    Doug's experience and track record of high performance provide the depth and expertise required to elevate the business and execute a successful fund raising launch.

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  • Max Efremov
    Co-founder / Business
    An early cryptoenthusiast and trader, a co-founder of Cryptoexchange Platform, Max is a visionary and the binding force of our team, always very calm and focused on results. Max initiated the startup and drove the company forwards, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Tim Bahriddinov
    Co-founder / Analytics
    Along with Max Efremov, Tim Bahriddinov co-founded in 2016 and was the first to tackle the actual problem of a poor design of the existing exchange platforms. Tim gathered the available statistics, structured and analyzed the collected data and created a foundation for the further development of a fail-safe exchange platform model.
  • Artem Petrov
    CTO / Back-office Development
    Artem is an experienced JavaScript engineer and blockchain developer. Being an early endorser and adopter of the technology himself, Artem Petrov first joined the as a contractor and and is now an integral part of it. Years of experience in web development and management allow Artem to apply his valuable skillset as CTO and Back-office developer, work with contractors and control the whole development of the system. When it comes to optimization and improving effectiveness, as well as time management, it is hard to imagine a more competent specialist than Artem.
  • Alex Sor
    Full Stack Blockchain & Web Developer
    Having Alex Sor (Alexander Sorokin) in team means that we never have to worry about meeting the deadlines when it comes to blockchain and web parts of the tasks. A hardworking web and blockchain engineer with extraordinary critical thinking and analytical skills, Alex is always a pleasure to work with.
  • Konstantin Kokonin
    Having an education of a doctor of medicine and an experience of working in marketing department of pharmaceutics companies, Konstantin has a unique approach to market the product on a highly competitive market, using only factual data instead of substandard advertising techniques. His vision and skillset are very different comparing to what we are used to see among the internet-marketing specialists.
  • Lisa Harlova
    Communty Management
    Lisa provides general support for the crypto community on the Bitcointalk forum, manages email and telegram communication and keeps the information up to date for our supporters and local community managers. She is a very communicative and driven professional, always eager to help with general issues.
  • Ilya Klimkin
    Head Graphic Designer
    An architect by education, Ilya Klimkin is simply a wizard when it comes to graphic design and data visualization. Ilya strongly believes that graphic design is much more than nice looking logos, fonts and colorful infographics; for Mr. Klimkin it is about communicating your ideas clearly and vividly not only to the public but even within the team.


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  • 1
    - Cryptoexchange Market Analysis. - Problem Identification. - Search for Possible Solutions. - Forming a Core Team. - Evaluation of a Range of Solutions. - Seed Funding Provided (4 240 ETH). - Development of a Platform Blueprint. - Establishing Testing Methods for Platform Models.
  • 2
    - Platform Prototyping Initiated (web). - Additional Funding Received (~10 935 ETH). - Team Growth. - SafeCrypt Prototype Developed (web). - SafeCrypt Web Platform Prototype Testing. - Stakeholder Meeting to Evaluate Project Needs. - Decision to Prepare and Issue ICO.
  • 3
    - Engaging Qualified Consultants and Designers. - Establishing System Security Standards. - Pre-ICO Operationalization of SafeCrypt Framework. - SafeCrypt Mobile Version Development Started. - Financial Risks Evaluation. - SafeCrypt Token Value Estimation. - Whitepaper and Website Development Started.
  • 4
    - SafeCrypt Closed Alpha Testing (Android). - Public ICO Announcement. - Pre-ICO Marketing Activities. - ICO + updates (see p.22 for more details). - Preparing and Establishing the Action Plan. - Recruitment of new qualified specialists. - System Security Development Started. - Closed Alpha-testing of SafeCrypt Web Platform. - Bugfixes and Optimization for the Alpha Version. - Highload System Architecture Development.
  • 5
    - Closed Beta Available to the Project Backers. - Collecting and Analysing of the Feedback Data. - Marketing Campaign Planning. - Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile). - Collecting and Analysis of Public Feedback Data. - Final Marketing Campaign Planning. - Collecting and Analysing the Public Feedback Data. - Pre-Release Bugfixes and Optimization. - UI Adaptation for the Sight Impaired Users.
  • 6
    - Development of Secure Cloud Environment. - Public Release of SafeCrypt Web and Mobile Versions. - Popularizing and Global Scaling of the Platform. - Achieving Global Cryptomarket Security and Stability. - Steady Growth of the Platform Boosting Token Value. - Research and Implementation the Advanced. - Technologies in the System Updates.


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Full description is a cryptoexchange platform which is fail-safe by design. We expect to capture up to 9.6% of the cryptoexchange market share which already shows more than $500bln capitalization. The platform is being based on the most secure model so far — does not oblige you to store your assets within the platform in order to perform crypto-trading operations which prevents any chance for the traders to lose their crypto assets. We are designing a fail-safe platform to prevent such disasters from reoccurring and stabilize the crypto-market. The main premise of is to provide a zero-risk full-spectrum crypto-trading functionality and complete anonymity for the traders.


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