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01/06/2018, 02:59 AM
8 251 ETH
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45 000 ETH
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4 000 000 000 SHRP
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2 Mar 2018
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  • Ken Huang
    Well-known Blockchain Expert, CEO of Distributed Business Applications
    Worked for CGI Federal office in USA as Director of Cyber Security, and Director of Cloud Security. He established CGI Federal Identity Management Practice, and Cyber Security Competence Center. While working for CGI as Executive Consultant, Ken consulted the United States Federal Government, financial institutions, and utility companies and provided expertise in Finance, Blockchain, and Cyber Security. He graduated from Zhejian Normal University, Xian Jiaotong University in China and University of Lausanne in Switzerland.
  • Simon Choi
    TOP Expert at ICObench, Fintech & ICO Lawyer
    International lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, qualified to practise law in England & Wales, and in Hong Kong, China. He is well known blockchain speaker and blogger, world top rated expert by Simon graduated from the law schools of Peking University, the University of London and the University of Hong Kong respectively. Simon provides advising and reviewing new blockchain regulations in various jurisdictions to ensure the highest degree of compliance and adherence to all relevant government policies towards blockchain technology.
  • Vincent Mascart
    Blockchain Enthusiast, Developer & Blogger
    Entrepreneur, Developer, founder of several companies, has provided consultancy to several international companies and is now totally focused on blockchain technologies. Blockchain enthusiast, оne of the TOP bloggers in the Steemit and Golos Blockchains. Witness for multiple DPOS projects (Steemit, Golos etc.), has succesfully created and deployed several blockchain based applications. Speaks French, English, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and is learning Russian.


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  • Anton Solodikov
    IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist, inventor, author of patent and international patent applications for content promotion, previously, the CEO at Balalike LLP UK (development of content monetization systems) and CMO at (blockchain and social network, tokens x40).
  • Igor Karavaev
    Ex-executive Director at the Skolkovo Foundation, the leading Russian business incubator of start-ups, also as a director of strategy and business development of the largest international corporations.
  • Arkady Yasashny
    Ex-top manager of the largest Russian banks (VTB, MDM, Union), entrepreneur, investor in high-tech start-ups.
  • Alexey Stukarchuk
    Blockchain enthusiast, experienced developer of ERP and CRM-systems of international companies (Skoda, Bosch, Ulmart), developer of mobile apps (iOS, Android), head of the development team.
  • Valery Yushchenko
    Software Engineer
    High qualified Front-End, Full-Stack, Database & Mobile developer, has working experience in Qualcomm for a long time (Sydney, Australia) and other international companies; now he is totally focused on blockchain technologies.
  • Ilya Afanasiev
    Support Engineer
    Certified specialist in automatic systems of data processing; lives in China, fluently speaks Russian, English & Chinese.
  • Levi Yau
    Regional Manager
    Entrepreneur, Web Developer, travel marketplace startup founder in Hong Kong.
  • Paulina Kulyukhina
    Experienced international marketer, expert in strategic planning and creating the efficient communication systems.
  • Katerina Molodova
    SMM Manager
    Professional in public relations, has strong experience in SMM, content marketing, advertising and event marketing.
  • Dominica Koks
    SMM Manager
    Cryptoenthusiast, philologist, professional interpreter, speaks English, French & Russian.
  • William Bratsky
    Marketing Manager
    Specialist in cross culture communications, coordinator of German, European & Spanish communities.
  • Vadim Scherbak
    Community Manager
    Tech evangelist, researcher, innovator, has more than 10 years experience in IT communications.


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  • 1
    - The idea, patent applications to Rospatent (RF) and EAPO (Eurasia). - The formation of the project concept.
  • 2
    - Obtaining the first patent of the Russian Federation. - Start of the project development.
  • 3
    - Testing the prototype. - Pilot installation of multisharing buttons on sites.
  • 4
    - Filing the first patent application in the USA. - Finalization of the system.
  • 5
    - Start of adaptation of the project to blockchain. - Improvement of the concept.
  • 6
    - Launch of MVP - Opening of the international patent PCT-priority for the new application for 152 countries. - Presale. - Preparation for Token Sale.
  • 7
    - Holding Token Sale. - Withdrawal of tokens under the project to international crypto-exchanges. - Development of the main functionality. - Development of buttons for mobile apps. - Promotion and sales in Europe and Asia. - Transfer of international patent PCT-priority to national patenting phases.
  • 8
    - Launch of the blockchain (based on BitShares fork). - Migration of tokens to the blockchain system. - Adaptation of the project to the requirements of national regulators. - Entering the markets of the United States, Canada and Latin America.
  • 9
    - Obtaining national patents. - Development and implementation of partner programs with websites and online stores of exchanging goods and services for sharpay token users. - Scaling of the project. - Access to all of the most important markets in the world. - Active marketing and sales.


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Sharpay is a unique technological and very simple share button. Sites put the button under any content instead of other old sharing buttons and users get rewards for sharing. The system has fraud protection, bot defense with audience targeting possibility based on CPV (cost per visit) payments. The innovation of Sharpay — blockchain profit for sharing with tokens and multisharing — sharing in several networks with one click.This is a unique project, that has simultanioulsy the two possibilities. The technology is protected by the Eurasian international patent priority.


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