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11/02/2018, 03:00 PM
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1 Feb 2018
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  • Daniel P. Petrozzo
    - Current Strategic Advisor, Board Member, and Investor. - Previous Partner and Global Head of Technology for investment management at Goldman Sachs. - Previous Chief Information Officer, Fidelity Investments. - Previous Co-Chief Information Officer, Morgan Stanley. - JD, Seton Hall University Law School.
  • Dr. Najam Kidwai
    - Co-founder and Board Director, EQUIAM LLC. - Non-executive Chairman, Kokoon Technology. - Senior Advisor, Princeville Global. - Advisor to the board, Equidate. - Honorary Doctorate, University of Lincoln.
  • Hanjie Xu
    - Managing Partner of New Margin Investment Management Co., Ltd - Partner of Shanghai Yongxuan Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd - Chief Editor, Zhe Jiang TV Station, Finance and Security Channel
  • Sean Walsh
    - CEO Hyperblock Technologies. - Founding partner of Redwood City Ventures. - VP, Bertram Capital. - VP of online marketing, Bank of America/Countrywide.
  • Michael Hosana
    - Managing Director of Barclays Investment Bank. - Equity Derivatives Trading of Lehman Brothers. - Master of Financial Engineering Science, Columbia Engineering.
  • Dr. Joseph Keshet
    - Assistant Professor, Bar-Ilan University - Research Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago - Postdoctoral Fellow, Idiap Research Institute - PhD of Computer Science, The Hebrew University

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  • Dejun Qian
    Visionary & Principal
    - CEO and Founder of BitSE, created QTUM, VeChain. - Founder of Kernel Blockchain Technologies. - IBM regional branch general manager/client unit executive. - Bachelor of computer science, Fudan University.
  • Dr. Jiangang Wu
    Foundation Development
    - Lecturer at the Management School of the Shanghai University. - Research fellow at the China Europe International Business School. - PhD of financial mathematics and engineering, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; FRM holder. - Coder.
  • Noam Cohen
    Foundation Communication
    - Over 15 years experience in marketing for various Tech organizations - Former VP marketing and business development, Orbotech·Bachelor's (Honors) in Electronic Engineering, Techion Haifa·MBA, INSEAD
  • Xi Luo
    Foundation Operation
    - VP of business development, BitSE. - Account executive of DELL Technologies Group. - Client representative of IBM. - System Engineer of IBM R&D Lab. - Master of communication and information system, East China Normal University.
  • Guochang Xu
    Technology Director
    - Founder of Guangdong Linux Cente. - OS project leader of National Science and Technology Major Project. - Master of software engineering, Fudan University.
  • Bin Jiang
    Core Developer
    - Rich developing experiences in blockchain industry. - Expert in electronic engineering and computer science.
  • David Perez
    Foundation Strategy
    - Co-founder and managing partner of YAD Capital. - Managing director of Goldman Sachs. - Hedge fund manager, MKP Capital Management. - Master of applied mathematics, University of Paris.
  • Elie Galam
    Research Fellow
    - Chief Investment Officer of Eastmore Group. - Portfolio manager of Two Sigma investments and Blue Mountain Capital. - Master of applied mathematics, Harvard University. - Master of engineering, Ecole Centrale Paris.
  • Zhaojun He
    Research Fellow
    - 10 years of experience in secure Linux R&D. - Technical director of Chinese leading security operating system. - Bachelor of software engineering, Dalian University of Technology.
  • Douglas Wang
    Foundation Community, North America
    - Founder of JIC Capital. - Co-founder of LinkVC, Blockchain Robot inventor. - Sales director, HP. - Bachelor, MBA, Xi'an Jiaotong University.


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    (1) Economic theoretical analysis of the development status of blockchain and question presentation; (2) Discussion of project content and meaning; (3) Completion of proof of concept and start the project; (4) Formation of core team; (5) Platform architecture design and technical demonstration; (6) Completion of whitepaper; (7) Initiation of private equity and communication with project consultants.
  • 2
    (1) Complete the compliance work, start the operations of the Foundation, and start the project operation in full scale; (2) Start the development of the core protocol, complete the preparation of the experiment code and start the multi-node private keys control service in an experimental environment; (3) Start the operation of the peripheral community and complete the work of ICO; (4) Start the core community operation of the investment community, technical community and universities to promote R&D work; (5) Improve the core team building.
  • 3
    (1) Put main chain online; (2) Start intensive cross-chain collaboration and complete 10 billion US dollars of distributed control services; (3) Continue to develop core community and set up a number of research topics, and vigorously promote research; (4) Complete the development of smart contract browser and the core wallet; (5) Promote the peripheral community and carry out intensive public relations promotion; (6) Improve the team building.
  • 4
    (1) Continue to improve and perfect the core code; (2) Continue to promote core communities and research; (3) Promote the standardization of the interface of the chain with centralized organizations; (4) Promote the off-chain data to communicate with the main chain, especially identity information; (5) Complete the interfaces with the important centralized organizations; (6) Continue to complete the development of various ecosystem tools.
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    After 2018, according to the operations in 2017 and 2018, we will further iterate products and continuously promote the construction of the inclusive cryptofinance platform to make it become one of the most important inventions to help people improve financial efficiency in the era of the Internet of Values.


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FUSION is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts. FUSION is a crypto finance platform that integrates the values of multiple blockchains/tokens onto a single system through the management and control of multiple token private keys, and the creation of an interface for centralized organizations and off-chain data sources.



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