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  • J. Michael Bradley
    Mr. Bradley has 22 years’ experience working with Fintech and SaaS companies. He was most recently, the Managing Director of Asia Pacific for CyberSource and the Vice President at Visa Inc. (NYSE: V). Currently, he is in charge of many fintech venture companies' advisory as a Fintech Industry Veteran. He is a successful and innovative executive with a strong track record of delivering bottom line results in venture backed companies as well as global organizations. His industry expertise includes payments processing, online fraud and security systems, and digital commerce. He has built sales, services, and marketing organizations at regional and global levels. As head of Visa’s CyberSource division in Asia Pacific, he managed teams covering 14 markets, achieving impressive growth results and building strategic partnerships with regional and global institutions. He was a company director for corporate subsidiaries in the U.S., Singapore, and Australia.
  • Mike Templeman
    CEO of Foxtail Marketing in the U.S.
    Mike Templeman is the CEO of Foxtail Marketing, a digital content marketing firm specializing in B2B SaaS. He is passionate about tech, marketing and small business. When not typing away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his kids. He is a seasoned cryptocurrency researcher and strategist who has helped dozens of ICOs bring their solutions to the market successfully.
  • Nguyen Huu Tuat
    Co-founder & CEO, MPOS GLOBAL GROUP
    Co-Founded PeaceSoft-group(now rebranded to NextTech Group) in 2001 when being a first-year student, Nguyen Huu Tuat has over 10 years of experience in Vietnam’s ICT and Internet industry. Graduation from Vietnam National University with a variety of awards including: Vietnam Wisdoms, Scientific Research, Informatics Talents … and received Chief Security Officer Award 2009, the first Award for CSO in Indochina.
  • Jacob S. Lee
    CEO, KCS
    Mr. Lee is a startup consultant, business feasibility analysis and business planning specialist. He started business start-up in 2009 when he was a university student. Afterwards, he participated in numerous patent registration and government research and development projects, and received many awards in business planning and business planning.
  • Wyeth Lee
    CRO, Omni Commerce (China)
    Wyeth Lee is an Internet business and digital marketing specialist who has successfully led business development in China for the last 20 years. Over the past 20 years, he has served as chief executive officer of China's IT companies and digital marketing companies (Samsung Group (China Head Office, Samsung SDS, Open Tide China)) for 12 years. As a specialized angel investor for finding and developing domestic venture companies, he is supporting strategic consulting and entering into local area to venture and start-up companies planning to enter China.In addition, Omni Commerce Co., Ltd, the only overseas business partner of China Telecom in South Korea, is leading various expansion projects, including BestPay in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. On the basis of the experiences and insights with regard to industry and marketing in China, he intends to establish alliances with Chinese companies.


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  • Jason J. Kim
    Jason started his career in graduate school and worked in the eCommerce and payment industry for 20 years. His interest in computers started during his early childhood, especially in the field of computer aided design, for which he even won a prize in a competition. He went on to study Computer-Aided Engineering process design in graduate school and later leveraged this experience to become a process design specialist.
  • Julius S. Han
    Julius SK Han studied at PennState, majoring in Economics with MA. After graduating, he worked for Daewoo Poland for 3 years, experiencing the globalization of corporate organizations. He also worked at global consulting firms like PWC and Deloitte Consulting. He provided Biz/Corporate Strategy consulting as well as Turn-Around consulting for top-tier companies in major industries like Banking, Insurance, IT, Electronics, and the Automotive industry in South Korea. Through this career as a consultant, he got insights into several industries and acquainted himself with the effective profit/cost turnaround for global corporations. Due to his industry insight and experience, he grew GCMC to the No 1 ranked DCC company in Korea in just 4 years. By the end of 2017, GCMC has about 1,700 merchants serving international customers who are tax refund beneficiaries. GCMC launched Vietnam JV in December 2017 and is planning to launch a JV in Indonesia in Q2 of 2018. Julius is positioning these GCMC JV’s as the AP front for the EBCoin ecosystem.
  • Dustin H. Kim
    Dustin majored in statistics at the Seoul National University and dropped out of his undergraduate school to build up his career. This decision was driven by his fundamental belief that the correct answer always can be found in the field.
  • Peter King
    He majored in Money and Banking, as well as International Business Strategy throughout his academic years from undergraduate to doctoral study in China and Korea.
  • Bruce W. Yang
    Project Manager
    He worked as an organizer in music and visual content services and has experience in viral marketing and social dating services as a founder. Afterwards, he worked as a team leader in planning department and head of operations. Currently, he is doing his best for the success of the EBCoin project as a project manager.
  • Chloe C. Byeon
    UI/UX Manager
    She majored in visual design at university. She participated in a number of projects, such as payment,network and finance, and had enjoyed a successful career as a web designer. She was wide awake and hungry for new challenges and values, finally faced with a turning point in her life by encountering blockchain and cryptocurrency. She is currently responsible for UI / UX for EBCoin and is concentrating on creating visualization of EBCoin.
  • Iris S. Jo
    Marketing Manager
    She majored in Literary Creation as a Bachelor’s degree. He has been working as a content creator and PR manager for 7 years. She is in charge of domestic PR and online marketing at the present day.
  • Gerrard Y. Yang
    Marketing Manager
    Gerrard is graduated in Coventry University (UK) and Xi’an Jiaotong University (China). He is fluent in three languages, including his mother tongue as a multilinguist. Over the past few years, he participated in various blockchain related projects, such as overseas remittance and cryptocurrency. In this process, he was fascinated by the unlimited potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and is now on his way to becoming a blockchain expert. There is EBCoin on the way becoming the expert.
  • Vicky C. Li
    Marketing Manager
    She majored in Management Science at SooChow University in China and Global Business and Finance at the Graduate School in Chung-Ang University, Korea. After graduation, she began to work in payment and Fin-tech field. She has been participating in many global business projects such as Alipay, CAINIAO logistics, Best pay, and Molpay.


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  • 1
    - Establishment of EBC FOUNDATION. - Pre-Sale.
  • 2
    - Proceed with Crowd Sale and KYC / AML - Partnership and MOU with related companies.
  • 3
    - Listing on domestic and overseas cryptocurrency exchanges. - Finalize contracts with duty-free retailers and merchants using EBCoin Wallet. - Distribution of EBCoin Wallet & Tax refund process (Prototype). - KIOSK H/W Function design.
  • 4
    - Open KRPEX Exchange (Reason for change of schedule: Korean government institutionalization issue). - Lease agreement for deployment of KIOSK & ATM. - Design and module test for KIOSK & ATM. - Integration test for KIOSK, ATM & EBCoin Wallet. - Manufacturing of KIOSK & ATM H/W.
  • 5
    - Proceed with tax refund procedures training for duty-free shops using EBCoin Wallet.
  • 6
    - Finalize logistics to manufacture KIOSK & ATM. - KIOSK & ATM Prototype simulation. - Prepare KIOSK & ATM manual. - Pre-training for KIOSK & ATM deployment sites and quantity calculation relative to production cost. - Manufacturing of KIOSK & ATM and integrating them to reflect the current market value of EBCoin in Exchanges.
  • 7
    - Kiosk and ATM Deployment in Lotte Department Store (South Korea) and Inchon International Airport (South Korea). - Initiate contracts with other major airports in the world. - Full pilot and testing.
  • 8
    Kiosk and ATM Deployment in Changi (Singapore), Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong), Narita(Japan), Taoyuan (Taiwan) and Suvarnabhumi (Thailand) airport.
  • 9
    Expand the business and service reach to China and Europe.


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The EBCoin ecosystem will revolutionize the duty free/tourism tax refund market, currently estimated to be valued at $60 billion a year. By using the EBCoin platform, consumers will receive their refunds instantly and can use the proceeds as a digital currency. With EBCoin, tax refunds will be transparent, resulting in greater efficiencies for tax authorities. For retailers, EBCoin will significantly reduce the high costs associated with the inefficient systems presently being used. It will also help promote higher spending by tourists at participating duty-free retailers, where consumers will be able to present payment using their EBCoin wallet as an optional payment method.



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