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  • Dina Vukmanovic
    Dina Vukmanovic is an attorney with over 15 years legal experience with emphasis on electronic discovery, information governance, and data privacy. She holds law degrees from UC Davis, CA and Kazan Federal University, Russia, and she is licensed to practice law in both jurisdictions.
  • Ken Tachibana
    MarketMaking / Trading
    His passion is brainstorming and integrating impactful ideas on FutureSmartTech, top 1% talents, high performance and creative organizations, and strategic and innovative financing accessing integrated capital markets, i.e., Public/ICO/Venture Funding through Blockchain Infrastructures. Currently Engaged in Cyber Exec Retained Executive Search, focusing on FutureSmartTech.
  • Alexander Shulgin
    Early Stage Investor
    Alexander has more than 15 years of investment and venture capital experience, effectively manages GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA, which specializes in investments in the blockchain, new media, publishing, and entertainment industries.
  • Emi Wada
    Investment relationships / Marketing
    Crypto Research Co., ltd - Executive Director Dynamic relationship with passion for crypto economy. Experience for supporting ICOs over $100mln class and also the expert of PR & marketing for Japan market.
  • Jason Hung
    BlockChain Expert
    Jason is an entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business.
  • Seul Lee
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ATARAD. She is experienced Korean Marketer, that is aware of Korean culture and traditions. Thus, she is familiar with optimal ways to enter and share Korean Market.
  • Greg Limon
    Investment relationships
    He has vast experience in business including real estate, hi-tech, medicine, law and many others. Launched two successful ICO (in partnership). Fouder of Canada Capital Group Inc., co-founder of FlyerDrop, MegaMiner, and Planet Partners (consulting).
  • Stan Milc
    BlockChain Expert
    Introduces himself as ideas generator capable of making dreams to come true. Business partner of caviar House and Canada Capital Group Inc.Co-founder of FlyerDrop, MegaMiner, and Planet Partners (consulting).
  • Greg Thain
    nvestment relationships / Business Development
    An experienced entrepreneur and investor, he has 40+ years of experience in doing business worldwide, including retail, banking, FMCG, real estate, e-commerce and many others.
  • Gene Massey
    Investment relationships / Legal
    Serves as MediaShares CEO, the consulting firm that offers innovative solutions for fundraising via online marketing. The company owns CinemaShares, a company eligible for cimena production and crowdfunding( U.S. Patent (6,792,411) ).
  • Kate Korolkevich
    Investment relationships
    Kate has almost 20 years of diverse experience in doing business and financial consulting for the leading financial institutions in the USA, Russia, UK and other European countries.
  • Alexander Moiseev
    Artificial intellegence / Neural networks
    Researcher and developer of artificial neural networks. For 20+ years he has collected and carefully analyzed data in the field of human thinking and natural neural networks, keeping pace with information technology and electronics.
  • Yuto Abe
    Blogger / Star
    He is promoter and marketer of promising ICO projects to Japan market. He operate crypto-currency investment communities with over 20,000 members,further has multiple media for example LINE@ and YouTube, and the number of subscribers to his channel exceeds 10,000.
  • Jay Lee
    Mentor / Star
    Executive Vice Chairman, Korea Marketing Association, Advisor, Korea Tourism Organization, Advisor, Korea, National Pension, Board of Directors, Coreana Cosmetics, Ph. D in Marketing, Ph. D in Arts, 3M & Imation Global management, Adjunct professor, Ewha women’s university.
  • Kent Kim
    Business Development / Speaker
    Amble is a Blockchain and cryptocurrency community to provide a study opportunity for the Korean public twice every week and organize the Amble Meet up every month.
  • Xiaochen Zhang
    Business Development / Investment relationships
    Xiaochen leads the design and implementation of FinTech4Goods’s strategy which aims to introduce impactful fintech and blockchain solutions to frontier markets through incubation, acceleration and investment.
  • IK Song
    Investment relationships
    He is dealing with Blockchain, Coin & token investment, ICO, coin distribution Alternative Investment: Hedge fund, real estate, private debt, private equity & VC, infrastructure, energy, and M&A.
  • Wang Qin
    Overseas Blockchain CEO, China Blockchain Alliance Club Guest Lecturer, China General Counsel of the World's First Blockchain Game kingslayer.
  • George Lebedev
    Blogger / Business Development
  • Maxim Kudrin
    Business Development /Early Stage Investor
  • Kimberly Lin
    TheBlock Co., Ltd- CEO Professional Blockchain Marketing in Asia / Blockchain developments / Blockchain advisory


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  • Nikita Anufriev
    Founder & CEO
  • Aleksey Sinitsin
    Co-founder & Investment director
  • Maksim Kozlov
    СТО & Chief crypto officer
  • Elena Platonova
    Marketing manager
  • Dmitry Starostin
    Product director
  • Oleg Gervalov
    PR director
  • Eugene Alferov
    Traffic Manager
  • Dmitry Gritsenko
    Localization project manager
  • Choi Woosong
    Community manager
  • Mikhail Dubovitckiy
    Traffic Manager
  • Stepan Zolotukhin
    Web developer
  • Artem Balyasnikov
    App designer


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    - Denim web version launch. - Denim app launch.
  • 2
    DTC PreSale .
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    DTC Crowdsale.
  • 4
    Token open market entry.
  • 5
    Service localization in 4 countries.
  • 6
    Application launch in Asia.
  • 7
    The audience of the service is more than 2 million users.
  • 8
    Integration of blockchain-based verification.
  • 9
    Service localization in 14 countries.
  • 10
    Implementing beta versions of syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogs, face image search systems based on users preferences.
  • 11
    The audience of the service is more than 6 million users.
  • 12
    Final implementation of the image ssarch engine based on users preferences, as well as technologies for syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogs.
  • 13
    Service localization in 23 countries.
  • 14
    The audience of the service is more than 12 million users.


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DateCoin mission is to create the world’s first intelligent dating service for quick and easy search and fruitful dating with perfectly matching partners. DateCoin is creating a new reality of online dating. We blend proven technologies, our profound expertise in efficient dating with blockchain technology to establish and maintain an effective project development.


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