Valorem foundation (VLR)

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28/06/2018, 12:00 AM
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15 000 000 USD
1 ETH = 1 000 VLR
200 000 000 VLR
Start date
28 Jan 2018
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  • Hans (Namkyu) Choi
    Specialty Blokcain & Software Adviser
    CEO of Openchain, a blockchain platform & applications like real estate & video, as well as co-founder of Korean blockchain developer community w/IT experts from many field like financial system, AI, big data, processing design, fintech, business owner.
  • Prof. Dr.Wulf Kaal
    Professional Adviser
    Wulf is a leading expert at the intersection of law, business, and technology. His research focuses on innovation, technology, blockchain technology applications, smart contracts, initial coin offerings, hedge funds, and dynamic regulatory methods.
  • Jacob Fox
    Strategic Marketing Adviser
    Jacob Fox has more than ten years of marketing experience with a range of technology and service companies with a focus on emerging markets. Through his work practice, an established track record of success within the cryptocurrency industry has been formed. He has been an advisor with,, and a host of ancillary services while establishing marketing practices for each of these companies. Mr. Fox holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Kansas.
  • Marcio Teruel
    Marcio has been a football player for most of his life. After leaving Serbia, he joined the Vittoriosa Stars in the Premier of Malta. In 2015 he went to Bahrain to join the Bahrain Club, where after a good job, went to the Sitra Club to play for Bahrain First Division League. And in 2017, he joined AREMA Indonesia, where he was Vice National Champion.
  • Joseph Daniels
    Legal Adviser
    Joseph Daniels is Co-Chair of the firm’s Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies practice. He represents startup to publicly-held technology, life science and consumer companies, venture capital and private equity funds and investment banks in a wide range of seed and venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other public offerings. He regularly advises a broad range of startups, venture-backed companies and VC funds, and has led hundreds of venture and strategic financing transactions. Mr. Daniels has helped companies and private equity firms handle dozens of merger, acquisition and disposition transactions. Additionally, he has represented issuers and underwriters in scores of IPOs and follow-on public offerings involving companies in the technology, life sciences and consumer sectors, including leading investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Oppenheimer.
  • Darrell Emmanuel
    Capital Adviser
    Darrell Emmanuel has more than ten years experience in the financial industry, he has worked for Global Maxfin Investments as the district manager for the city of Vancouver. He has also worked for RBC Royal Bank, Investors Group and Freedom55, before starting DE Asset Management. Mr Emmanuel is respected and honored in the Community he was the secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Society of British Columbia for three years. Mr. Emmanuel was introduced to Venture Capital in 2001 where he worked as an associate for Brooklyn Capital. He has deep knowledge of the tech world in 2000 in the height of the era. Mr Emmanuel have successfully completed the IFIC, Canadian Investment Funds Course and the CSC Canadian Securities Course (CSC). Mr Emmanuel brings all experience and deep Capital Market knowledge to Valorem Foundation Inc.

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Team: 12

  • Val Kleyman
    CEO & Founder
  • Harinderjit Singh
    Head of Wed & Design Development
  • Navdeep Garg
    Head of Platform Development
  • Anurag Makol
    Lead Developer of Valorem Platform
  • Yaron Vilosny
    16 years in Business Development, Strategy, E-Commerce, Logistics.
  • Jared Raia
    7 years in Commercial & Residential Lending & Real Estate Development.
  • John Kleppinger
    7 yrs in Digital & Online Marketing Strategy, Advertising and Social Media Development.
  • Kent Wallgren
    10 yrs in IT and Specialized Network Infrastructure, Security, and Server Development.
  • Payal Jain
    10 years in Auto, Home, Business, Casualty, Liability & Life Insurance.
  • Mike Shokin
    20+ yrs in Wealth Mgmt, UI/UX creation, Algo, AML, KYC, R & C
  • Joseph Yoo
    17 yrs in Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Valuation, SAS & Business Intelligence.
  • Dennis Kim
    5 yrs in Building Code Consulting, Direct Sales, and Marketing and Business Development.


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  • 1
    - Base Environment Setup for Development. - Py-Ethereum Setup on the environment. - Implementation of other security features. - Code Testing and Build Management for Crypto Currency. - Whitepaper Write-Up. - Implementation of the currency exchange. - Integration of 3rd party wallets to exchange.
  • 2
    - Implementation of Immediate, Monthly and Flexible Payout Functionality. - Implementation of Currency Transfer between wallets of the Users to be used in Phase 1. - Implementation of Smart Contracts.
  • 3
    Micro Loans
    - Implementation of Document Verification Module. - Implementation of Smart Contracts. - Auto Document Verification. - Payment Transfer Module. - Enable Auto Payout System after a period.
  • 4
    Rent Payment
    - Rent Payment using wallet to wallet transfer. - Auto Payment implementation for monthly Payments.
  • 5
    Car & Student Loans
    - Implementation of Document Verification Module. - Implementation of Smart Contracts. - Auto Document Verification. - Payment Transfer Module. - Enable Auto Payout System after a period.
  • 6
    Payment Processing Network(s)
    - Implementation of Poloniex to handle the processing network. - Integration of Poloniex with Payment Exchange.


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Valorem allows users to transact with each other on a decentralized, blockchain-powered platform. Users transact with each other via smart contracts paid for with an ERC20 compliant token called VLR. Valorem allows the platform’s users to participate in a global marketplace supports the buying, selling, investing, or exchange of VLR tokens. All transactions will be verified and stored on the blockchain via the Zero Coin Protocol.


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