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09/02/2018, 02:59 AM
32 300 000 USD
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30 000 ETH
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5 000 000 000 RFR
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8 Feb 2018
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  • Miko Matsumura
    Miko Matsumura has spent 25 years in silicon valley principally in executive marketing roles focused on open source and developer companies. He is a cofounder at the Evercoin Cryptocurrency exchange. He worked at LimeLight CRM, a $3B affiliate driven ecommerce network and is an advisor to over a dozen ICOs.
  • Koh Kim
    Koh Kim currently advises game startups on marketing and business development strategy. During her Google tenure, Koh helped launched and grow multiple Google products in business development and marketing roles. She was also an early member of the Google Play Games Business Development team where she led international market expansion, industry influencers and game startup outreach. Notably, she started the Play business development team in Korea and helped expand Play's business in Asia.
  • David Park
    David Park has over 20 years of experience as a product leader and management consultant for leading companies and firms including Facebook, Nextdoor and McKinsey & Company. Most recently, David worked as a product manager at Facebook, where he led the product team for Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads, the world’s largest user acquisition channel for mobile apps with annual revenue in the billions of dollars.
  • Oleksii Matiiasevych
    Oleksii saved and returned millions of dollars of Ethereum in July's multi-sig exploit and mentors others to mature blockchain security. He writes Refereum’s smart contracts.

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  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan is well-versed in the challenges of making successful games; after helping design some of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles of all time, he spreads the knowledge by working with developers at various game platforms. He founded game co-working space Gamenest, and advocates for decentralized systems at conferences globally and his wide-reaching Meetups in San Francisco.
  • Alistair Doulin
    Chief Technical
    Alistair is a game industry veteran who has worked on multiple high profile game and engine projects. He’s a successful programmer, speaker, blogger, and dedicated Ethereum miner, while also advising on multiple creative and enterprise cryptocurrency projects.
  • Sloane Earl
    Business Development
    Sloane started her career in the game industry as a traditional and digital concept artist, with her industry knowledge and charisma soon leading her into a role as Business Development Manager at game animation studio Plastic Wax. She now travels internationally, visiting studios and conventions in search of the industry’s best talent and most exciting projects.
  • Nick Klingsmith
    Tools Developer
    Nick single-handedly created some of Unity’s most downloaded tools on the asset store. He also spent four years at Zynga as a tools programmer. When he’s not helping developers make their games better, he’s maintaining his Ethereum nodes.
  • Mark Maratea
    Engine Developer
    Mark is a game industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. Having created key architecture for a variety games at EA, there's nobody better to help developers with the implementation of Refereum.
  • Katie Williams
    Katie has been writing about games for a decade; she is primarily known for her journalism work for online and print outlets including IGN, PC Gamer, GameSpy, PC PowerPlay, and more. She is now an editor at Google Play, where she shapes the editorial vision of Google Play’s new Editors’ Choice for games.
  • Lauren Biedenharn
    Social Media
    Lauren Biedenharn’s background in branding and interactive design give her a unique outlook on community development and culture strategy in this ever-growing crypto space. Her strengths in crypto community and culture have made her a vital part of the online support network as well as a useful connection between crypto or traditional markets. Lauren focuses on strategic community support to provide a loyal and enthusiastic environment.
  • Calley Nye
    Community Growth
    Calley has worked as a UX designer, a UI engineer, and a product manager. She blends all this experience into a unique, product-focused approach to growth and user acquisition. She is the founder and CEO of (a blockchain services agency), Naughty Gits (a clothing line for women in tech), and a co-founder of Popularium (a story-focused media company). In her spare time, she manages a community of women that invest in blockchain/cryptocurrencies and advises several blockchain startups.
  • Rob Watson
    Web Front-end
    Robert wrote his first line of code at just 5 years old. During the .com boom he was a founder of a .com which was sold for £10m. Co-founded DataArt UK in 2000 with 2 others where he was CTO for 12 years until selling out. During this time he worked on literally hundreds of different software projects from gambling to social networks. He has expertise in both Unity and Unreal game engines.
  • Matt Thornhill
    Web Design
    Matt has been designing digital products for over 20 years. The last start up he cofounded grew to 25m users, in over 190 countries. He is passionate about designing beautiful, yet functional products, that are a delight to use.


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    - Adapt to needs of community. - Investigate additional verticals.
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    Platform incentives streamers and gamers on Twitch and Discord to play games for rewards.
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    Purchasing accepts the RFR token to purchase games on the blockchain.
  • 4
    - Over 25,000 users on the platform. - Active social engagement to attract developers.
  • 5
    Preparation for the Refereum token sale in coordination with legal, partners, and advisers.
  • 6
    2018 - Add new features and scalability to the platform.
  • 7
    2019 - Allow developers deeper integrations with the platform and rewards.
  • 8
    2020 - Adapt to needs of community and investigate additional verticals.


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Refereum is a distribution platform that cuts out the marketing middleman, enables higher profits for developers, and directly rewards influencers and gamers to promote and play video games. Refereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games. Refereum uses the blockchain to directly connect developers and influencers, resulting in lower marketing costs and increased profits for everyone. In addition to more effective growth, Refereum strengthens engagement by offering cash prizes — enabling rewards for anything from an in-game high score to an eSports grand prize.


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