CoinLoan (CLT)

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14/02/2018, 05:00 PM
3 199 365 USD
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56 000 000 USD
1 CLT = 2 USD
22 000 000 CLT
Start date
26 Nov 2017
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  • Mike Shokin
    Mike is a financial analyst with exposure to corporate finance that he is expending into Bitcoin and Blockchain derivatives. His experience includes working as an equity research analyst with ING Barings and teaching at NYU. Mike has advanced degrees in finance from Baruch College, New York and SOAS, London and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
  • Desmond Marshall
    Desmond is the founder and MD of Rouge Ventures, an investment and strategic consulting firm in Asia, that serves numerous Fortune 500, governments, traditional and new global companies. They conduct capital raising and advisory on investments, IPO/ICO processes, and other multi-industry businesses, for strategic repackaging and operational enhancements.
  • Anton Sergeev
    Anton is a banking professional with a 15-year experience in corporate finance, asset management and finance-related start-ups. He is the co-founding partner of a highly successful investment banking advisory and asset management group which focuses on distressed assets. Anton has launched several start-ups in the investment banking, asset management and retail banking areas.
  • Arturas Svirskis
    Arturas is a serial entrepreneur with focus on marketing and business development. He is in crypto industry since 2014 and has worked with the biggest cryptocurrency exchangers and payment service providers to make Bitcoins more accessible for everybody. For the last few year, he was working only with Crypto and FinTech projects. Currently, Arturas is Head of Business Development at Welltrado, the data aggregator of Internet Lending platforms.
  • Boris Otonicar
    Boris is a blockchain consultant/designer. His experience includes working as a statistic tutor at University of Zurich and as a blockchain consultant for several companies. Boris is also working on his own blockchain models. He has a master degree in economics and psychology.
  • Daniele Azzaro
    Daniele has 15+ years experience in strategy consulting for global Financial Institutions such as Barclays, Lloyds and The Royal Bank of Scotland. An expert in financial crime prevention risk and digital innovation, he has designed and implemented innovative market leading RegTech solutions and acted as an advisor for other successful ICOs. He has an MBA, was a finalist of the MIT Fintech Future Commerce course, and is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

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Team: 8

  • Alex Faliushin
    Founder & CEO
  • Max Sapelov
    Founder & CTO
  • Eugene Landau
    Lead Developer
  • Semen Zverev
    Lead Engineer
  • Alex Marsoff
  • Mike Rozhko
    Business Development
  • Nika Maren
    Community Manager
  • Dana Yatsenko
    Public Relations Manager
    Detail oriented specialist with cross-industry expertise in international projects.


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  • 1
    - Generating the idea. - Evaluating the market and development potential.
  • 2
    Launching the development.
  • 3
    - Preparing for the ICO. - Performing the Pre-sale.
  • 4
    - Making the ICO. - Expanding the team. - Developing the company's legal structure. - Submitting the documents to obtain necessary licenses.
  • 5
    - Obtaining the payment licenses. - Completion of developing the platform core. - The official launch of the platform.
  • 6
    Developing mobile applications for iOS & Android.
  • 7
    - Licensing and entering the Asian market. - Develop API for connecting large financial institutions.


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CoinLoan is an innovative project that combined traditional lending banking system and modern cryptocurrency technology. CoinLoan is an innovative lending platform where crypto assets are used as collaterals. Any user can act as a lender or a borrower. This will secure flexibility and loyalty of the system. Loans will be issued without verification of the borrower’s solvency, without processing applications by the lending center and other formalities peculiar to the traditional banking system. The user will receive fiat money almost instantly.


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