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  • Ralph Liu
    Ralph is an investment banker, and a venture investor in the field of blockchain technologies. In 2009, he developed and headed the program for the joint management of real estate - Farjho, and in 2015 - a program for the joint ownership and lease of works of art. Ralph is Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Risk Management Solutions, former Vice President of UBS, Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, Executive Vice President and Investment Director of China Everbright Bank.
  • Dr. Moe Levin
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keynote, an investor in high-tech startups, and an advisor to governments, regulators, banks, and venture-backed companies. Moe is also the Co-Founder of the first accredited Blockchain Academy, an early investor in RSK Labs, Labfresh, Dropbox, and others. Prior to founding Keynote, Moe was responsible for launching a venture-backed startup in Europe which raised $30m from Richard Branson, Index Ventures and others.
  • Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr.
    Kenneth is a globally dynamic executive with over 20 years of banking and capital markets experience, a former U.S. White House Business Council/Business Forward member, college adjunct professor and lecturer on International Trade, Forensic Investigation methodology, and an entrepreneurial C-suite executive for FDI projects in US, Asia (China, Japan) and Africa.
  • Alex Shifrin
    Proven advertising professional with a solid history of successful entrepreneurship and international experience. Currently active as Managing Partner at LP/AD, a Toronto-based creative agency boutique, focusing on revenue growth and market development. Previously served as Regional CEO at Saatchi&Saatchi. Prior to that held the post of Managing Director. Previous to this position, was Managing Partner and Founder of TCF, an advertising boutique, which was acquired by Saatchi&Saatchi.
  • Mike Coppola
    Business operator, investor, advisor with over 12 years experience in mobile consumer and enterprise technology. Currently CBO at Omnivore, the world’s first universal POS API and App Marketplace. Raised over $50M in capital for various startupsr. Award winning digital executive honored for his innovative work with leading multinational brewing and beverage company SABMiller and others. One of the most well connected professionals with a personal global network of business and technology leaders from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond.
  • John Mun
    CEO and Co-Founder of Linker Coin, Jeonggon Mun graduated from Pohang University of Science and Technology, one of the leading universities of science and technology in South Korea and pursued further studies at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and obtained his Master of Financial Engineering in 2011. After his studies, he began his career in the United States as a Trade Analyst and returned to South Korea to work for Woori Investment & Securities one of the leading financial institutions as a Market Maker and General Manager.

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Team: 31

  • Alexey Shmonov
    CEO, Co-founder
  • Roman Kaufman
  • Aleksandr Duzhnikov
    HOQU COO and Co-founder
  • Maxim Anikeev
    CMO, Co-founder
    Online marketing expert, entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of Promopage. Has more than 14 years’ experience in IT. Partner of several Promopage-related projects. Co-founder and marketing head of East Lines transportation company (Top 3 in Moscow). In 2008, established LifeSpain.com website.
  • Boris Lebedenko
    CFO and Senior Legal Advisor
    I am personally acquainted with the HOQU co-founders. I rely on them as top experts in the CPA industry. I have no doubt that they will launch a successful project on time.
  • Mike Zarubin
    Business Development @ IR Asia
    The top-manager of a large distribution business of Chinese vehicles in Russia. He has successful experience in development of international projects on government level since 2005. He is an expert on IT, trade & industry relations with China. Graduated from EMBA IMISP'2016.
  • Rouben Alikian
    Communications Specialist and Editor-in-Chief
    Has extensive experience in written communications and linguistics services after having worked for many years in such global communications firms as ABBYY Language Services, Neotech and others. He has also worked as an internal and external communications specialist at KPMG and another prominent legal firm as a PR Director. Rouben is fluent in five languages and is the author of multiple books. Has a B.A. in marketing and a B.A. in English language.
  • Pankaj Mondal
    Associate Editor
    Conducts editorial operations within the organization. Writes on blockchain and digital marketing topics for a host of publications. Expert content marketer.
  • Ko Sugimori
    Asian Market PR & Digital Marketing Consultant
    Has worked in the Personal Media International web consultancy, one of the leading Japanese consultancies, as a localization manager, business developer and bespoke website creation server facilitator. Has also worked with major airlines, travel agencies, IT & telecommunications companies.
  • Xu Wei
    Sales Management Officer
    Responsible for interaction with key clients and expanding the HOQU client base in China. Wayne has extensive experience in the electronics industry after having worked at Kontech Electronics, establishing successful trade relations between Russia and China.
  • Alex Tsanev
    Brand Identity Designer
    Specializes in branding and logo design development. His works and achievements on design are published and featured on major design related platforms, and some can be seen in printed editions. Currently works as an independent consultant helping various businesses from all over the world to have a competitive visual style.
  • Timur Poltorykhin
    International Business Developer and shareholders board advisor
    Entrepreneur, expert and business coach in internet marketing, forex industry and project management. Former CEO at Leadmonster.com, COO at Move.ru, Marketcall. For the past 2 years was deeply in Internet of Things (IoT) industry. CEO at Rtlservice.com
  • Yuri Yuriev
    Top analyst
    Headed analytical departments at Move.ru, Marketcall, and major e-commerce projects. In late 2010, picked up cryptocurrencies as a hobby. Did mining professionally and contributed to creating a large bitcoin pool.
  • Ilya Mesheryakov
    Head of affiliate department
    Worked for Lead Monster, the international microfinance affiliate network. CPA marketing expert. Advanced skills in project management, affiliate relations, and exploring new business opportunities.
  • Svetlana Fedorova
    Event manager
    Event marketing expert. Has five years’ experience in building and promoting brands through event marketing. Project management, conference and speech production. Head of and mastermind behind Move Realty Awards.
  • Alexander Shkarupa
    Head of quality control and fraud detection department
    Affiliate relations manager. Lead expert in affiliate services quality control. Master of advertising.
  • Nikita Ogoltsov
    Lead email marketing specialist
    In 2011 joined a major e-commerce project Mamsy.ru. Since 2015, has headed the email marketing department at Marketcall. Expert in subscriber relations and communication strategies.
  • Alexey Kuznetsov
    Lead targeted advertising specialist
    In 2015 joined a large e-commerce project Printbar.ru. Since 2017, has managed targeted advertising campaigns at Marketcall. Knows how to drive traffic and boost conversion.
  • Anastasia Amelina
    Top analyst
    Expert in automated reporting and Power BI. Has experience managing big volumes of data for 9 digital projects simultaneously.
  • Mikhail Klopyzhnikov
    Project Manager
    Manages content creation process for hoqu.io and social media. In 2006-2012, worked for Rosbank, Binbank, and Russian Capital Bank (Russia’s TOP-20 banks). Has grown from a loan expert to retail adviser to the Chairman of the Board (15 sales points, 40 subordinates). Since 2012, has headed the development department at Promopage.
  • Olga Stefeeva
    Editor, author
    LSI copywriting specialist. Has more than 10 years’ experience in online marketing. Since 2014, has headed the copywriting department at Promopage.
  • Ilyas Akhmedov
    Video and graphic producer
    Co-founder of LDK video production company. Certified Apple instructor for Final Cut Pro X. Teaches video editing. Film editor.
  • Egor Gorbunov
    SEO analyst
    SEO strategies for affiliate websites, consulting and support. Since 2007, has studied search engine ranking algorithms at Promopage. Head of SEO department at Promopage.
  • Andrey Volchkov
    SEO specialist
    Builds and maintains relationships with key SEO partners. Knows how to drive target traffic to affiliate websites, boost conversion, and generate leads.
  • Sergey Skunov
    Senior Developer
    IT Director of Marketcall since 2015. Is involved in developing and maintaining a whole array of Marketcall services. Keen on innovative technologies, neural networks, and mining.
  • Sergey Bakhmet
    Full-Stack programmer
    Was involved in developing and maintaining Novostroyki.org, a real estate website on Russia’s new housing. Contributed to maintaining a few major e-commerce projects (Vkostume.Ru, Vipbikini.Ru, Military.Ru).
  • Andrey Grishin
    Full-stack programmer
    Since 2016, has been involved in developing new services and maintaining major e-commerce projects (Vkostume.Ru, Vipbikini.Ru, Military.Ru).
  • Alexander Zosimov
    Full-stack programmer
    Since 2014, has been involved in developing and maintaining Move.Ru real estate website. Takes interest in PHP, Yii, Laravel, Lumen, Doctrine, ZF, JS, Webpack, Vue.
  • Vladimir Kamensky
    Project Manager
    Since 2014, has worked as a project manager for real estate website Move.Ru, new housing website Novostroyki.org, and online stores Vkostume.ru, Military.ru, and Vipbikini.ru. Since 2016, has managed the development of e-commerce management system for Ec-crm.ru. Was involved in designing Marketcall affiliate system. Keen on high-load projects and big data.
  • Andrey Duzhnikov
    Head of HOQU’s development team. Has 13 years’ experience in IT. Has expertise in high-load services and neural networks. Co-founder of Marketcall and Move.ru. Manages IT and web development at Marketcall and Move.ru.
  • Abdelrahman Younis
    Business Development @ IR Middle East
    The delegate of the future of marketing in Arab countries, such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar. Participates in multiple thematic conferences, builds relationships with local companies and investors. Has a B.A. in English Studies and an M.A. in translation.


Suggest news
  • 1
    Development of a CPL smart contract prototype and a decentralized affiliate app
    This is a smart contract prototype that would include base logic for all platform participants. The contract would allow an affiliate network, an offer, or a lead to be added, and would allow the process to be monitored. A prototype of a decentralized web application, used by affiliates to view leads, offers, and vital statistics.
  • 2
    Development of different types of smart contracts (CPA, CPL, CPC, CPS, CPI)
    A production version of smart contracts capable of managing all reward types. All logic necessary to manage and process networks, offers and leads will be implemented. Information viewing using multiple reporting segments and breakdowns.
  • 3
    Tracking services for different smart contract types
    Tracking service applications, responsible for collecting data from affiliates. Automated building of a lead data, submission of leads to the platform and processing of lifecycle events.
  • 4
    Release of a decentralized app for merchants / affiliates
    A production version of the decentralized web application used by affiliates and merchants. Functionality would include adding, monitoring and management of offers and leads by system's own affiliates and merchants. Multi-segment statistical reporting.
  • 5
    Release of a decentralized app for affiliate networks
    A production version of the decentralized web application used by the affiliate networks. Functionality would include adding, monitoring and management of offers and leads by system's own affiliates and merchants. Multi-segment statistical reporting.
  • 6
    Launch of the world's first decentralized affiliate network based on the HOQU platform
    Unveiling of the production version of the decentralized HOQU platform. Demonstration of the main platform processes, adding of offers and leads.
  • 7
    Release of a decentralized application for operators and administrators of an appeal center
    A production version of the web application, used by operators and administrators of appeal centers. Applications for affiliates and merchants will include functionality to appeal actions of the opposing side and to respond to disputes sent your way. Introduction of the trust rating system.
  • 8
    Mobile apps for decentralized applications
    A production version of the mobile app, that would allow all work to be done from a mobile device. It would be possible to create snapshots of all statistical reports to be accessible while working offline, as well as the delayed creation of leads and emailing of exported report outputs.
  • 9
    Release of a software development kit
    Kick-off of the SDK development. Easy-to-use library development is planned, to allow the system participants to build their own solutions, decentralized applications and affiliate networks on top of our platform.


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HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair cost per actions deals based on a smart contracts. The project’s mission is to make the distribution of rewards in the internet affiliate market more equitable, and to set new standards of transparency and efficiency to benefit all conscientious market participants.



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