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30/09/2018, 12:00 AM
1 263 ETH
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15 000 ETH
1000 QZ = 1.17488 ETH
100 000 000 QZ
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14 May 2018
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  • Dmitry Vasilevsky
    Associate, BCG
  • Stanislav Gaiduk
    Senior Associate Consultant, Bain&Company
  • Anton Zuzin
    Tracker, Fund for the Development of Internet Initiatives
  • Vladimir Sukhodoev
    PM, Mail.ru Group

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Team: 20

  • Denis Shayahmetov
    CEO & Founder
  • Askar Abildaev
    Efir.io PM
  • Vicky He
    Regional Consultant (Asia)
  • Dr. Sanjaya Kanthan
    Reginal Consultant (APAC)
  • Vladimir Koveshnikov
    Marketing & Product Development
  • Michael Belyakov
    English speaking segment supervisor
  • Anna Kozlovskaya
  • Inna Rudaya
    PR manager
    Russia, Moscow. International Youth Projects organization and promotion experience.
  • Anton Elovikov
    Product Designer
    Russia, Moscow. 3 years in IT. Former brand-designer in hackRussia (the first and biggest all-Russian hackathon) and co-founder in Cassiopeia Labs.
  • Elizabeth Kornaukhova
    Manager of the CIS bloggers
    Ukraine, Severodonetsk. Administration and support for users of popular Internet projects in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Ilya Holnov
    Agencies.efir.io PM
    Russia, Moscow. 3 years in IT. Successful development of Russian digital projects.
  • Anastasia Zotova
    Production.efir.io PM
    Russia, Moscow. Digital sphere projects control and promotion experience.
  • Dmitry Vinokurov
    Russia, Perm. 8 years in IT. 3 years of management in successful Russian start-ups.
  • Danil Vishnyakov
    Software Engineer
    Russia, Kotlas. 9 years IT experience. Successefull implementation of IT start-ups. 6 years of experience.Implementation of MVP efir.io (qaazqaaz.com)
  • Kirill Dolmatov
    Front-end Developer
    Russia, Moscow. 5 years in IT. Interface development in successful Russian start-ups.
  • Alexander Gerasimov
    System Administrator
    Russia, Moscow. 8 years in IT. Management of industrial servers. 5 year experience.
  • Sergey Potekhin
    Blосkсhain teamlead
  • Nikolay Yakovlev
    Data Scientist
    Data Scientist. More than 15 years of experience in financial departments of leading transnational industrial corporations such as “Procter and Gamble”, “Oracle”, “Uponor Rus”, ”Alfalaval”. Partisipation in projects of World Bank and EU
  • Denis Shaklein
    Blосkсhain dev
    Moscow, 3 years in IT. Was engaged in the development of mobile applications and highly loaded server solutions
  • Magomed Aliev
    Blосkсhain dev
    Moscow, 3 years in IT. One of the first Solidity developers in Russia, more than two years of experience developing and integrating the blocking products


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    Private Sale
    - 250 ETH collected in 12 hours. - 250 private QZ sold with 100% bonus 36 contributors. - 36 contributors.
  • 2
    - 1000 ETH collected in 7 days. - 1000 pre-QZ sold with 50% bonus. - 56 contributors.
  • 3
    Main Sale
    - 15000 ETH to collect. - Funds withdrawal is possible by escrow only.
  • 4
    Post Sale
    - Listing is anticipated. 50% of funds will be sent to Efir ltd for the project realization. - 50% will also be transferred over the 9 months following completion of the Token Exchange (in equal amounts at 3-monthly intervals). After each a quarterly report will be published.


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We are producing P2P «AdWords» for opinion leaders native advertising market. USD billions are leaking to contextual advertising market. We want them to go to advertising with bloggers in the same easy and transparent way. We increase quality of advertising with bloggers, provide its effectiveness monitoring thus remove all the obstacles on the way to mass advertising market. Qz cryptocurrency is issued for convenient international P2P. We have MVP for YouTube and fast growing marked. Your support will help us to make this market bigger and more transparent.



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