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31/12/2017, 07:00 PM
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23 900 000 USD
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100 000 000 EXX
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30 Oct 2017
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  • Akhil Khare
    Akhil Khare has published more than 100 research papers in journals and conferences.. His areas of interest are Computer Network, Software Engineering and Multimedia System.
  • Ankit Lodha
    Ankit Lodha is Analytics Operations Lead in Clinical Application & Analytical Services (CAAS) at Amgen. Within Amgen he has worked on R&D and Commercial Analytics. Before this positon, he has provided strategic consulting services, supporting the analytics, data reporting, and data management needs of senior leadership at AstraZeneca and Pfizer.
  • Elias Yaacoub
    Elias Yaacoub received the B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Lebanese University in 2002, the M.E. degree in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2005, and the PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from AUB in 2010. He worked as a Research Assistant in the American University of Beirut from 2004 to 2005, and in the Munich University of Technology in Spring 2005.
  • Rizwan Patan
    Rizwan Patan is a Teaching Cum Research Associate at School of Computer Science and Engineer ing, VIT University. Received the B.Tech. And M.Tech. Degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the JNTU-A University in Andhra Pradesh, India in 2012 and 2014, respectively. Present doing Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from the VIT University in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Nishchol Mishra
    Nishchol Mishra was born in Vidisha, India, in 1977. He received the B.E. degree in Computer Sci ence & Engineering from the Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India, in 2000, and the M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science & Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV), Bhopal, India, in 2003 and 2014, respectively.


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Nexus ICO — Oct 07, 2017

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  • Kelvin Rodgers
    Kelvin well-versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle, with a strong working knowledge of algorithms and data structures. Proven success in engineering customized solutions improving business processes, operations and profitability. Mr.Rodgers role at Exxor involves setting strategy and direction, modelling and upholding company’s culture, values and behaviour.
  • Katherine Kaplan
    Software Engineer
    As a highly skilled, adaptable systems engineer and enthusiastic advocate of emerging technology, Katherine has helped companies better administer their networking environment by providing an efficient Windows server administration. She’s transparent, hands on individual who will play a key role in the successful implementation of highly effective systems operations at Exxor.
  • Nicole Smith
    Design & Marketing
    A true professional with an extensive experience in web design, product marketing and PR. Nicole’s strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities together excellent multi-tasking capabilities landed her an important role at Exxor of supervising public relation and brand awareness strategy and execution.
  • Tobby Moss
    Blockchain engineer
    Before joining Exxor, Tobby worked as a software engineer at blockchain solution provider, where he acquired knowledge of server management of various blockchain node types such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Tobby also holds a degree in Computer Science from UCLA.
  • Sasha Ivanov
    Network admin – Software Engineer
    Top performing, multilingual and skilled IT professional with over 10 years of experience as Network Analyst and Administrator. High expertise in the design, installation and configuration of network systems to drive company growth and technical innovation.
  • Tz-Lu Tai
    Blockchain & Software Engineer
    Tz-Lu is deeply passionate with blockchain and IoT. He has a background with cryptocurrencies trading. Tz-Lu will be responsible for smart contract writing and EXX coins development process


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    Initial Idea was Born
  • 2
    Market Research
  • 3
    4 Developers joined the team & MVP was built
  • 4
    Testing the network with first machines
  • 5
    Team expands to 10 people
  • 6
    Further Research on Technology & Search for Partnerships
  • 7
    Extending Technology Scalability Issues
  • 8
  • 9
    - Beta release for early users & bug fixes - System developer beta released for review and improvements
  • 10
    Archetype of Network applied to an application area and results verified


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Exxor is a cryptocurrency fine-tuned to provide efficient M2M interactions in the IoT industry. Instead of block chain it uses Directed Acylic Graphs (DAG) which enables zero fees on micro transactions, high scalability and offline transactions. Exxor uses a technology derived by DAG in which every transaction forms its own block verified by two randomly chosen previous transactions.



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