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10 Jan 2018
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  • Sergey Sopot
    Legal adviser
    Mr. Sergey Sopot is a seasoned attorney who practiced corporate and international law in Ukraine for over 25 years. He has been a founder of “Sopot & Partners” with over 40 attorneys on staff, which remained a top player on the legal scene in Ukraine for many years. In addition, Mr. Sopot is a successful entrepreneur whose ambitions reach far beyond just legal profession.
  • RadhaKrishna Thatavarti
    BitRent Partner in India
    Chairman — Global Blockchain Pioneer Association Founder and CEO — OXYCHAIN n BMVCOIN Columbia Business School Alumni
  • Zhang An
    Blockchain and Financial Adviser
    Senior scientific officer in the field of blockchain development and implementation studies. Forward-thinking financial analyst.


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  • Dmitriy Starovoitov
    Dmitriy possesses a wide range of outstanding knowledge and skills in the following fields: 15 years of experience within leading construction projects with more than 50 real estate objects and 2 million sq. m. of commercial property in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the UAE; 7-year experience of investing in commercial property in Europe and the Middle East. Aside from Dmitriy’s professional activities, he also takes part in community life by being a sponsor of Good Hearts Fund. In doing so, Dmitriy contributes to the well-being of Ukraine by his efforts meant to support talented orphans and break all barriers in front of their bright future. High profile Blockchain technology professional and critic with 2 years of experience in Blockchain industry.
  • Dmitriy Shapran
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Possesses more than 10 years of experience in the following fields: real estate, corporate finances, MBA and asset management.
  • Carl Francis
    Qualified architect. One of the top 10 architects in the world
    Carl Francis is a qualified architect with over 18 years of experience worldwide. As a result, he is regarded by many as one of the top 10 architects in the world, with an exemplary portfolio of iconic masterpieces. Carl began his professional career at Norman Foster from 1997 to 2000 where he then briefly moved onto Gensler before residing for 13 years at Benoy where he held directorship. His work comprises of large to small scale developments as well as bespoke interior accommodation. He has managed projects worldwide and been based in many key world cities, delivering commercially viable unique design projects. He also has experience in many accommodation sectors, as well as in-depth knowledge of historic design periods and realising commercially viable designs. Carl is responsible for projects such as Elements Shopping Mall Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre Hong Kong, Orchard Shopping Centre Singapore, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to name a few.
  • Seth Johnson
    Developer and BitRent Advisor
    Seth is a full-stack developer. He has been developing code for medical institution and became BitRent’s advisor.
  • Dan Sirghi
    Legal Officer
    Deep expertise in bank financing of SME customers with a portfolio exceeding 50M euros, as well as in the field of banking products and processes. Extensive experience acquired in investment banking, in particular in the field of export financing and in the field of the analysis and reorganization of business processes. An expert in the field of optimization of marketing campaigns, development and implementation of monitoring and reporting procedures.
  • Artur Bey
    Legal Officer
    An expert in the field of project and corporate finance. Since 2008, has attracted and structured financing in the total amount of more than 100 million euros for 12 projects in Central and Eastern Europe. A specialist in the field of evaluation, preparation and carrying out mergers and acquisitions. Has successful experience in guiding companies when entering new markets, the establishing of sales departments and optimization of financial flows.
  • James Trefry
    Software Engineer
    Seasoned professional with 17 years of experience in full-stack software design and development, using a wide-range of technologies, and applied across multiple industries, including healthcare, education, insurance, sales/distribution, and technology.
  • Andre Anikin
    Software engineer
    Passionate software QA Engineer with hands-on experience in testing who is finely attuned to testing needs and sensibilities. Working knowledge of the Agile model of software development life cycle. Develop test documentation including test plans, test suites, test cases, test matrices Understanding of computing, internet technologies, and web applications architecture For him software testing is not just a work to do, but a way of life. Currently lives and works in the USA.
  • Sergii Kyrylovskyi
    20 years of experience managing large companies. Possesses expert knowledge in finance and cryptocurrency.
  • Alexander Kucheravy
    Architect, active house verifier
    Architect from Belarus with more than 10 years of energy efficient projects experience who applies integrated design approach. Active house verifier in april 2017. Active House Guidelines design developer in 2015.
  • Sergey Valuy
    Chief Technology Officer
    Smartum Pro CTO with technical vision of projects and more than 10 years of experience in software development. Having overcome all challenges during these 10 years, Sergey assesses risks and makes decisions aimed at releasing quality products in the shortest possible time.
  • Kirill Beresnev
    Blockchain engineer
    Enthusiastic blockchain engineer from Smartum Pro with 5 years of relevant experience: — development of Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric; — development of ICO smart-contracts and ERC20 tokens; — development of offchain tools (Oracles) and Bigchain DB. Kirill believes that distributed systems and decentralized organization are to change the real estate industry.
  • Valeria Volosach
    Business developer
    Skilled in business analysis and software product ideology formation and promotion for software products.
  • Vitali Yermakou
    Chief Business Development Officer
    Deep experience in software business development and startups success. Helped numerous businesses in the UK and Western Europe to reach their business goals through top-notch technical solutions. Passionate about IoT solutions and Smart Contract implementation for business.
  • Mikhail Kushka
    Blockchain developer
    Blockchain developer with the skills both in writing the smart contracts in Ethereum using the programming language Solidity and in ICO development & launching. Furthermore, I gained competence in Front-end and Back-end development and professional experience in working with JS, Python, and PHP. I’m also keen on machine learning and Big Data.
  • Denys Krolevetskyi
    Blockchain developer
    Blockchain developer having expertise of writing smart contracts with Solidity. ICO development and launch skills. 2-year experience in the following fields: -JS programming; -Front-end development. Enthusiastic about writing apps with Unity.
  • Igor Pavlov
    Business Developer at BitRent
    Igor always lives in lockstep with global Internet technologies and financial market trends. He’s more than just interested in worldwide impact of Blockchain technology on all segments and areas of the world around us including the construction sector. Having assessed plans and the potential of BitRent, Igor made a decision to join the team to share his rich experience and become a part of the revolutionary future of construction business.
  • Dmitriy Kolesnik
    Technical Director
    Dmitriy is one of the leaders of the team with more than 5 years of experience in developing and building complex solutions meant for UX improvement. He’s also the ideologist of the platform’s integration and interaction with end users. Dmitriy possesses a wide range of expertise and practical application of creating, adapting and modernizing web resources of diverse complexity as well as designing the architecture of server side.
  • Maksim Zalevski
    Marketing Expert
    Maksim has always been on the forefront of contemporary technology and that’s why he’s known as a blockchain evangelist, marketing expert and eco-activist. Maksim is an expert in project management at all stages. He possesses huge experience of bringing projects from just an idea to a successfully operating business mechanism with extensive opportunities for the community.
  • Anna Melnychuk
    Community management / HR expert
    Community management/ HR expert: community reactions analysis and feedback provision to developers.Technical support expert: consulting customers on products/services and timely customers’ technical issues solving.Three years of experience in blockchain startups.According to Anna, the key to success in any field of activity is the ability to listen to the needs of people and understand them.
  • Illia Pashkov
    Creative Technologist & Blockchain Designer
    An entrepreneur and creative technologist with a big passion for innovative technologies & design. More than 10 years experience successful work with digital products and startups.
  • Saif Al Mansoori
    BitRent GCC Council
    Vice chairman , managing director Bin Al Shaikh Group
  • Dmitriy Krasnogor
    Managing partner Al Mubadarah DMCC
    Managing Director Al Mubadara DMCC. Bitrent Partner for GCC region. Exclusive advisor for Dubai Land Department with over 5 years experience in Real Estate.
  • Nikolay Mishkin
    GCC partner
    Head of Russian Desk «Core Savills» have 4 years experience at international real estate market.
  • Ihor Bogun
    Business intelligence developer
    At 23 founded one of the best coding school in Ukraine, at 26 found an investor and raised $250k for Main Helicopters startup. High tech is his lifetime project.
  • Vadim Dashut
    Managing Partner


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BitRent platform enables each person on the Earth to their assets and become an owner of commercial and residential property objects. We simplify the process of buying hotels, businesses and shopping centers making it easy affordable for everyone.


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