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14 Jan 2018
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  • Ross Stokes
    Respected crypto-currency and blockchain investor. Serial entrepreneur and adventurer with a life-long interest in technology and leadership development. Co-founded, MD of SurfCity Cable TV network. VP of Qeast Satellite Communications HK and Taiwan. Co-founded CMS web development company. Managing Director Goldzone Leadership Development. VP ETP Enterprise Retail Systems Software.
  • Samson Lee
    Over 20 years of experience in TMET sector. Co-Founder of Ethereum communities for South China and South Asia, Founder of Coinstreet Asia, Chief Crypto-Economic Advisor for the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, General Partner of AVO Partners Group and Southern International Capital, Asia President of Next-TV, and Chairman of STM Digital Holdings Group.
  • Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai
    Wei-Tek Tsai is Emeritus Professor at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA. He is also Chief Scientist of Beijing Tiande Technologies at Beijing, China. In the last 3 years, he has been involved in developing high-speed blockchains. He received his SB in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, Cambridge, MA, and M.S. and Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley.
  • Yoshimitsu Jimmy Homma
    Jimmy is President of the Japan Digital Money Association and CEO and Co-Founder of United Bitcoiners Inc. He is a highly respected thought-leader of the Japanese crypto currency community.
  • Takaya Imai
    Takaya Imai is CEO at Frontier Partners LLC, CEO at Data Tower Inc. and CTO and Co-founder at United Bitcoiners Inc. He obtained Ph.D. of Elementary Particle Theoretical Physics from Niigata University. His works about Cryptocurrency Technology is Translation into Japanese and Publication of ``Mastering Bitcoin`` which is most famous book of Cryptocurrency Technology in the world, and Spreading new Technological knowledge such as Second Layer Technology to business side people.
  • Behrang Khorsandian
    IBM Expert for Cognitive Solutions, Advanced Analytics and Social Analytics.


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  • Simon Cheong
    Founder & CEO
    The GAT System is Simon’s brainchild. Blockchain entrepreneur and former World Bank lawyer. Ethereum evangelist and former Senior Counsel at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation. Inventor of GATCOIN's patent-pending Targeted A-DropTM technology.
  • Prof. Wei-tek Tsai
    Senior Executive Advisor
    Wei-Tek Tsai is Emeritus Professor at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA. He is also Chief Scientist of Beijing Tiande Technologies at Beijing, China. In the last 3 years, he has been involved in developing high-speed blockchains.
  • Anthony huang
    Co-Founder & Chairman
    Founder of Synoco Asia Pacific (est.1993) providing marketing services for Fortune 500 companies. Founder of Tanxin Entertainment and Sports producing movie, sports and entertainment content. Director for WAHUM Group of Companies (est. 1956) engaged in heavy industries and household products in Africa, South America and China.
  • Gary Ling
    Founding Dev Engineer
    Highly skilled programmer with a decade of software development experience. Worked in several top-tier investment banks and hedge funds as quant/programmer; FX options quant at Bear Stearns, New York; algorithmic trading quant at Merrill Lynch, New York; stat-arb trading quant at TMG, Chicago.
  • Karandeep Singh
    Founding Dev Engineer
    Retail web development and performance optimization. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Google Apps script, APIs. Major retail web projects since 2013. B.Sc Computer Science, Post Grad Diploma Computer Applications.
  • Keyne Chu
    Retail Client Manager
    Token program designer for GATCOIN. 12+ years experience working with retail brands in Asia activating online and offline sales promotion events and programs. Head of Operations, Sales and Marketing activities for Synoco client J.Lindeberg.
  • Chris tong
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Digital and social media marketer for GATCOIN. 10+ years experience with retail brands in Asia and Australia activating digital marketing strategies. Founder of a sustainable fashion online community.
  • Kenji Wong
    Product & Graphic Designer
    Professional product and graphic designer. Responsible for the layout and design of the GAT Wallet and GAT Marketplace.
  • Sarah Berberich
    Founding Web Developer
    GATCOIN Web Designer. Specializes in mass consumer e-commerce and multi-site platforms. Passionate about the plight of refugees in Asia. Founder of Harbour NGO.
  • James Kong
    Senior Dev Advisor
    Tech entrepreneur and highly skilled programmer with 15+ years experience. Co-founded OneCash mobile payments platform (Singapore). Founding Engineer, Happy Co. mobile inspection software platform (SanFrancisco).


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    Concept Development
  • 2
    Whitepaper & Concept Validation
  • 3
    Planning with SK Planet Japan
  • 4
    Gat System Planning And Design
  • 5
    Gat Listing Applications With Crypto Exchanges
  • 6
    Private Launch Announcement
    Founder and CEO presents GATCOIN to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the blockchain community on September 8th pre-launch event.
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    Public Launch Announcement
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  • 9
    Win 1st Place Blockshowasia Icoscar Meetup Singapore
  • 10
    Media labels GATCOIN ``The biggest marketing innovation since the invention of points``.
  • 11
    Token Sale Begins
  • 12
    Toneb Sale Ends
  • 13
    Gat Exchange Launched
  • 14
    Full System Launch


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Gatcoin is a distributed retail environment that operates on the basis of technology of high-speed super-large registries. On our platform, Gatcoin owners will be able to buy and sell digital currencies, issued by retailers. In 2018, our platform will offer access to a retail network consisting of 60,000+ stores and 21 of the world's largest brand of Asia. Our platform is based on the technology of high-speed super-large registers (SLL), developed by Professor Wei Te Tsai, one of the most respected blockbuster specialists in China. Working test networks SLL, using parallel algorithms of Byzantine fault tolerance reached a speed equivalent to the average transaction speed of Visa / Mastercard. The Gatcoin system includes a mobile trading platform, a mobile wallet and a mobile exchange for the purchase and sale of trade tokens.


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