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31/07/2017, 08:00 PM
1 660 341.07 USD
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65 000 ETH
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12 500 000 FYN
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13 Jun 2017
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  • Jack Ser
    Jack Ser is an astute investor with a wealth of experience in the Real Estate, Hospitality, Education and Fintech sectors. Over the last decade, he provided advisory and strategy guidance to a multitude of high net worth clients and corporations worldwide in the Finance, Insurance, HR, Telecommunications and Mining industries.
  • Kenneth Tan
    Co-Founder, COO
    Kenneth has extensive experience in software development and is currently the COO at Pinnacle Digital.
  • Zheng Junyi
    Core Ethereum & Smart Contract Developer
    Junyi has 7 years of experience in vetting and development of cryptographic solutions and has extensive experience in cluster management and hardware acceleration.
  • Venkat Krishnan
    Solution Architect
    With over 25 years of experience in IT industry, he has worked on domains ranging across Fintech, Logistics, Automobile, Oil & Natural Gas industries. Venkat is at home with many technologies and has architected solutions across various technologies and technical frameworks.
  • Charlene Bautista
    UI/UX Designer
    Charlene is an experienced UX and web designer with over 5 years of experience. She started to learn design and code way back when she was still in grade school and has a degree in Multimedia Arts.
  • Carlos Salas
    Co-Founder, Nogle
    Carlos is the co-founder of Nogle Pte Ltd based in Taiwan. Nogle is a leading Asian venture studio firm, which team up with entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to turn ideas into products and companies by offering technology, funding and connections.
  • Emily Hwang
    Founder, Couturissmo
    Emily is a fashion and real eatate entrepreneur. She has vast experience in the fashion industry, and runs one of Asia’s leading online fashion portal, Couturissimo. She serves as the Vice President Asian Couture Federation and sits on the Governor Council of Fashion Designers of Korea. Previously, she served as the Singapore CEO of a famous German Luxury Brand, MCM.
  • Dana Coe
    Founder, Bitlox
    Dana L. Coe is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency security sphere and has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013. He was a part of the first wave of internet start-ups in the early 2000s, and this gives Mr. Coe a unique insight into business strategies and how to frame the discussion as to what direction a company should move in.
  • Kui Nakamura
    Manager Director, Azura Group
    As the Managing Director of Azura Group, Mr. Nakamura has a rich and diverse portfolio of cross industry investment experiences spanning the mining, energy, real estate and hospitality sectors.


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FundYourselfNow a platform to allow project creators/promoters to raise funds for their projects using cryptocurrencies without the need of technical knowledge. Fund Yourself Now improves on traditional crowdfunding sites by allowing more control once funds and distributed; providing support/mentors and lowering transaction costs. The cryptocurrency crowdfunding market has grown explosively over the past few years, reaching 200 million in 2016. FundYourselfNow is a simple platform to allow project creators/promoters to raise funds for their projects using cryptocurrencies without the need of technical knowledge.



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