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22/10/2017, 02:59 AM
24 822 023 USD
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1 ETH = 2 280 DBET
350 000 000 DBET
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23 Sep 2017
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  • Jedidiah Taylor
    CEO & Founder
    Jedidiah is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technology and social causes. He has held and managed multiple C-level roles and responsibilities such as CEO, CFO and COO in a wide variety of industries with an emphasis on technology. He has become somewhat of an expert on Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many other CRM's migrating outdated systems and methodologies to leading edge cloud based technologies.
  • Adrian Scott
    Senior Director of Technology
    Adrian Scott, Ph.D., was a founding investor in Napster, the peer-to-peer digital music distribution pioneer, and then pioneered the social networking industry when he founded Ryze in 2001, which was the big influence on Friendster, which in turn influenced Facebook.
  • Rev Nissan
    President and Co-Founder
    Rev has been involved in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining since inception, and was one of the very first involved in Bitcoin. Rev operates a large mining operation, and has set up and consulted countless mining businesses for investors beginning the journey to running their own mining farms. His experience and understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space is hard to match.
  • Kurt Connolly
    Kurt is an operational superstar due to his experience as an international business entrepreneur and a successful property developer with many reputable and profitable residential developments under his belt. He has worked in countless countries including Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many others.
  • Shaun Preece
    Lead Graphic Designer
    Shaun has decades of experience in the creative field specializing in creating highly detailed artwork and branding creating works for the likes of Coca Cola, The Royal Mint, Under Armour and more as well as blockchain companies like Nexus, Aeaternity and Dcorp.
  • Sandro Ieva
    Director of Digital Design
    Sandro’s ability to identify and execute the brand or marketing identity of a company is hard to find in any industry and particularly an industry in somewhat of its infancy such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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    Token Sale
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    Slots testnet release
    House testnet release. Sportsbetting testnet release. Wallet release.
  • 3
    Slots mainnet release
    House mainnet release. Sportsbetting mainnet release. Quarter O begins - Initial House buyout. Android app release.
  • 4
    First profit distribution, lottery and Decent С donation
    Craps testnet release. Cryptocurrency price betting testnet / mainnet release. IOS app release.
  • 5
    Craps mainnet release House Management module (node.js backend - events watcher, admin panel, state channel manager, REST API). First custom house shares buyout.
  • 6
    Custom house sale to selected provider based on first
    House shareholser vote. Custom house initiation. Roulette testnet release.


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Full description is a transparent, smart contract based sports betting platform and online casino. Employing the Ethereum blockchain based smart contracts, is aiming for mass adoption. Unlike other decentralized gambling platforms which primarily use Ether and Bitcoin for transactions, makes use of specialized ERC20 tokens – DBETs to facilitate bets on the platform as well as buy credits in the house, known as DBET house credits. This opens up numerous possibilities such as community owned houses, white label solutions and more.


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