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21/11/2017, 02:59 AM
17 875 000 USD
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21 000 000 USD
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500 000 000 UTK
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2 Nov 2017
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  • Nuno Correia
    An early cryptocurrency investor, deeply involved in crypto markets and community since early 2011 and successfully co-founded several B2C ventures. With a background in Law and Marketing, he is passionate about the transformative future of digital payments.
  • Filipe Castro
    An MBA with an MSENG and love for disruptive technologies. Early career in development of software solutions, including electronic payment systems. Internationally-minded, moved from corporate to small ventures in Scandinavia, complemented with an MBA in China and a brief advisory role. Now engaged in business development and strategic development of cool new ventures.
  • Artur Goulão
    Former CTO in a leading digital payment platform company and current head of Development of a Swiss-based Cybersecurity company. Excels and is deeply involved in development and R&D of software-related payment systems, in either classical or Blockchain Smartcontract-based approach. Has a background in Computer Science from IST and MIT.
  • Roberto Machado
    Founder and Product Manager at several startups prior to UTRUST, he has been leading different teams to build highly-reliable software products, with a focus on the end user experience. Previously, he has worked together with major international companies such as AT&T, Betfair, Airtel and Uphold, being responsible for the vision outline, goals and product strategy of solutions used by millions of users.
  • Luís Ferreira
    Head of Engineering
    Working at Subvisual for more than 5 years, he specializes on the development of complex web-centered solutions, using Ruby and RoR. He has a fondness for open source tech and giving back to the community. He is an accomplished Rails mentor, teaching in workshops, university classes and events. He also loves experimenting with new, fun programming languages, from Haskell to Elixir or even Crystal.
  • Laura Esteves
    Head of Operations
    With a background in management, she has contributed to different organizations in tech and media, insuring the smooth execution of operational activities and events. Analytical and driven, she analyzes and manages KPIs towards continuous growth and operational excellence. Always with a smile on her face she has the power to swiftly turn any complicated situation into a new milestone success for the team.
  • João Ferreira
    Head of Design
    Lead Designer at Subvisual with over 5 years’ experience in designing all sorts of innovative web-centered products. In his UX methodology, he obsesses with a human-centered approach focused on bringing out the best possible experience for the end user. He digs deep to understand the drive and motivations in using a product while looking for opportunities to empower the user at every step.
  • Nick Olender
    Head of Sales & Partners
    Technology is only as important as the business problems it solves. Nick loves opening a closed mind to a solution that a new perspective can create. He has a keen interest in international business strategy with an emphasis on business financials and technology applications.
  • Miguel Palhas
    Software Engineer
    With years of Web Development experience, and a background in High-Performance Computing, he is constantly working towards making the web better and faster for the user. He is passionate about the blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, and the possibilities they open for mankind's future. He kept his record IQ a secret. Not a secret anymore.
  • Francisco Baila
    Product Designer
    A young designer with a passion for typography who always has five minutes to talk about it. He had the oportunity to work with worldwide known brands and platforms, beautifing technology into a friend.
  • Gabriel Poça
    Software Engineer
    There is no time for introductions, but you would instantly get that this guy is a top-notch web developer loving every aspect of it. From working in key-projects for AT&T and helping launch new fintech and healthcare care startups, Gabriel had different experiences that makes him a balanced all-round developer and PM.


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    Pre-ICO Opens
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    ICO Opens
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    Platform Test API for Merchants
    Integrate with merchant checkout mechanisms. Test mediated chat mode.
  • 4
    Client API, Wallet Web App
    Check your balance & transactions. Integration with major eCommerce platforms.
  • 5
    Native apps iOS, Android
    200+ Merchants. Live Transactions.
  • 6
    Platform Refinements & Expansion
    1000+ Merchants. Progressive hiring of mediators.


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UTRUST is a payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies while providing the best consumer protection. Payment protection - UTRUST is the only payment platform that provides a protection mechanism in crypto payments, allowing you to pay with confidence. UTRUST minimizes the risk of fraud, by acting as mediator, providing guaranteed buyer protection and payment coverage.



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