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  • Angel Versetti
    Angel previously worked at the United Nations, World Resources Forum, Bloomberg and was trained at Google. He was the youngest project leader and lead published author at the UN. Through his partnership Versetti & Co he led investments in startups, social projects and early cryptocurrencies. Angel is a recognised expert and frequent speaker on innovation, technology and economic development (Davos, Vatican, UNESCO, COP21).
  • Dr Stefan Meyer
    Stefan has over 20 years of R&D experience in food analysis, ultrasound sensors and data encryption. Previously, Stefan led R&D projects at Nestlé, MHM Microtechnique and Vitargent Biotech and also sold two projects to Maersk Group and Perrot GmbH. He was the Founding Managing Director of the Integrative Food and Nutrition Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
  • Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz
    Lead Engineer
    Jean-Paul is an acclaimed expert in analog-to-digital signal processing for ultrasound sensors. His experience in the sensors and microelectronics domain spans over 40 years, and his lifelong dream project is based on a vision for sensor systems that could prevent fraud and manipulation in supply chains.
  • Marek Kirejczyk
    Lead Blockchain Developer
    Marek is an Ethereum enthusiast, the author and maintainer of the ethereum.rb library, co-organiser of Ethereum Meetup Poland and founder of Ethworks and AgileWarsaw. Formerly the Vice President of Engineering at Daftcode, CTO at El Passion, a co-founder of Aenima and C++ developer at Gadu Gadu, he has built and managed teams of up to 60 developers and has worked on blockchain projects since 2013.
  • Matthew Roberts
    Lead Blockchain Developer
    Matthew is a blockchain programmer specialising in trustless agreements, security and exchange platforms. Matthew has developed a range of new concepts for smart contracts and DAOs, including Timechains, Exploitchains, ZK atomic swaps, and more.
  • Konrad Szalwinski
    Lead Frontend Developer
    Konrad has spent 9 years working at the forefront of the IT industry around Europe, including 2 years as Lead/Senior Frontend Developer at Assertis and CodiLime, 3 years as Senior Flash Developer at Gamesys and Crowdpark, 1 year as Internet Platform Developer at Xstream and 3 years as Game Developer at One2Tribe.
  • Prof Esther Amstad
    Head of Science
    Esther is the Tenure Track Assistant Professor and Head of Soft Materials Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL. She specialises in Nanotechnology and Materials Science. Previously, she served as Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and holds a PhD in Engineering from ETH Zurich.
  • Katerina Ianishevska
    Community Manager
    Kateryna’s background lies in investment law, journalism and high technologies. She managed communications and outreach at Startup Odessa, Meshine and Ukraine Democracy Initiative. She also taught Investment Law at the Aristotles University of Thessaloniki. Earlier, she worked as Associate at Astapov Lawyers and interned at for the Jean Monet Chair for Constitutional Law.


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  • 1
    Release of Proof of Concept
    Release of Proof of Concept for the core protocol, sensor prototypes, demo of Ethereum blockchain-based decentralised applications and marketplace. Launch of the exchange platform demo.
  • 2
    Token Generation Event
  • 3
    Release of Alpha-version of Supply Chain Management Protocol; Release of Proof-of-Concept for sensing system, edge and central gateways.
  • 4
    Release of Alpha-version of the quality-driven decentralised marketplace for food and commodities. Final architecture and development of customized data center and tailor-made API. Selection and testing of encryption methods.
  • 5
    Release of an Alpha-version of decentralised commodities trading platform; Initiation of 5 R&D programs:1. Removing the human component out of product quality certification processes:a) Developing new ways of printing onto food products and consumer goods (smart printing).b) Integrating anti-tampering mechanisms into product labels and packaging (smart tagging).c) Enabling fully automatized scanning of the product quality parameters.2. Miniaturization of non-invasive systems for on-site automatic assessment of products.3. Deployment of a biosensing platform for evaluation of product safety and allergen detection.4. Expansion of capabilities to combine products with packaging to prevent counterfeiting.5. Development of FDA approved product tracers capable of transforming packaging into smart objects as well as assuring high traceability functionalities from production facilities to end consumerThe purpose and functionality of these technologies is described in the Technical Papers separately. Some of these papers have already been published at https://ambrosus.eom/#tech-docs
  • 6
    Opening of a Center of Excellence in Lausanne for quality assessment of goods: analytics, sensing, monitoring, digitalization, tracking, tagging and tracing within supply chains.Launch of a dedicated Digital Commodity Quality Research Lab for hardware development. Set-up of a Research Node for supply chain management platform to enhance the level of digitalization and automatization in supply chains.Identifying key stakeholders to interact with:1. International regulators and governmental compliance mechanisms2. Food/pharma producers, restaurants/retailers/pharmacies and test shops3. Anti-counterfeiting task force4. Knowledge building for traceability and proof of origin of environmentally sensitive goods5. Business sustainability assessment6. Trust club to deploy Blockchain broadly andgain consumer trust.The Hub for Ambrosus operations will complement the Center. Integration of the lab, the platform, the hub and the modules into the broader Lausanne Food Valley perspective. Partnership with local academic and corporate actors: EPFL, EHL, IMD, Applied Universities and corporate R&D centers, partnership under evaluation at this stage.Launch of large-scale pilot projects with corporate partners from the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and distribution sector.
  • 7
    Launch of Alpha-version of large-scale decentralised storage solution for supply chain sensors. Manufacturing and testing of the gateways. Validation of the data center and test of data analytic modules.
  • 8
    Launch of a public Beta version of marketplace, exchange platform and product checker software integrated into Ethereum blockchain. Release of a full suite of APIs for legacy sensors and IoT. Launch of developer tools suite. Development of oracelized modules for interoperability of API with SAP and Gsl software. Release of first- generation food tracers.
  • 9
    Launch of digital cooperative software for Ambrosus protocol, allowing farmers and food producers to create blockchain-entities for direct sale and pool financial resources.
  • 10
    Launch of matchmaking platform to connect buy/sell agreements to logistics companies executing the orders.
  • 11
    Release of the first generation sensor systems for Ambrosus (sensors, tags and tracers) combined with self-healing (mesh) network functionality. Launch of a catalogue on IoT sensors, analytical devices, non-invasive/on-site stationary and mobile sensing systems, peripherals (smart printers and other systems) inter-operating with Ambrosus technology.
  • 12
    Accreditation of the lab and validation of the sensing systems.Release of Proof of Concept and prototypes of biosensors and smart packaging with tamper proof solutions having exclusive Ambrosus compatibility.
  • 13
    Launch of corporate solutions and enterprise software solutions. Launch of fully-functional main network with full integration of storage and wallets. Release of framework with multi-chain operability of Ambrosus, allowing it to operate with Bitcoin, Ripple and Hyperledger blockchains. Release of second-generation food tags and tracers. Early incorporation of AI into sensors. Launch of alpha-version biosensors, testing and validation.Opening of the USA and Asia Hubs for Operations.
  • 14
    Launch of working group on blockchain-based norms & standards for supply chains of food, pharmaceuticals and commodities.Launch of farmer outreach initiatives with the following financing options: Farmers’ fund; Launch of supporting services for food producers to board marketplace directly.First review on the Center of Excellence. Re-alignment and future perspective; Organizing audits every 6 months,
  • 15
    Launch of Smart sensor systems having edge computing capabilities— first generation (sensors that retain artificial intelligence capacity without being connected, i.e. making decisions at the edge); integration of sidechains / offchain transactions; Full interoperability with multiple blockchains
  • 16
    Launch of the first Generation of Nanosensors and Biosensors; Smart Packaging; Launch of Amber-compatible hardware solutions.
  • 17
    Release of Ambrosus Protocol 2.0, with updated functionality vis-a-vis artificial intelligence technology and IoT devices.
  • 18
    Release of Second Generation sensors that are fully integrated into smart-packaging; Complete digitalization of products. Validation with Ambrosus Protocol 2.0.
  • 19
    Release of exchange platform with full trading platform functionalities (obtaining the necessary licensing and permissions from authorities), facilitating the launch of a full-fledged decentralised exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • 20
    Release of the first large-scale fully-automated supply chain solution, governed by Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, sensor systems and artificial intelligence. Full Quality Control and Management of financial and commercial relationships between different parties, including payment settlement mechanisms.
  • 21
    Scaling-Up of the platform, integration in various industries, including Food, Natural Resources and Medical Products. Autonomous, intelligent, self-governing supply chains.


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Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, they are building a universally verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety & origins of products. Food & Medicine are life-essential products, but because of the way today's global supply chains are run, most of us do not know what we are really getting when we consume food or use medicine. At the Ambrosus project they aim to radically improve the global supply chains by creating a trusted ecosystem where we can reliably record the entire history of products and execute commercial transactions accordingly. They seek to enable a more secure and autonomous supply chain, improve distribution processes and allow consumers to easily see where their products come from and what is really in them. They invite you to learn more, and to stay tuned as we provide more information over the next few months.


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