Swarm Fund

End date:
28/10/2017, 02:59 AM
5 500 000 USD
Brief information
Get money
55 000 000 USD
1 SWM = 1.5 USD
100 000 000 SWM
Start date
21 Oct 2017
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  • Philipp Pieper
    Portfolio Manager
    Philipp is a serial tech entrepreneur and became interested in decentralized technologies in 2015, when interacting with BitTorrent, Inc. and the Mozilla Foundation. Philipp has been a start-up entrepreneur for the past 15 years and is a veteran in the digital data space. He holds degrees in engineering and business administration and attended Berlin University of Technology and UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business.
  • Timo Lehes
    Timo has over 20 years of experience from starting, running, exiting and investing in software companies. Timo has served as an investor and executive in technology companies, with extensive experience from building, running and investing in software companies and leading various merger and acquisition deals. He holds degrees in engineering and business administration from Chalmers University of Technology and early stage investing from continuing studies at Stanford School of Business.
  • Joel Dietz
    Crypto Veteran
    Joel Dietz co-founded the first smart contract educational channel (EtherCasts), the Ethereum Silicon Valley meetup, wrote the original “AppCoin Manifesto,” and built the first decentralized asset and governance platforms on the Bitcoin blockchain. He holds degrees from Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania and has won prizes from Google and Salesforce.
  • Jelle Herold
    Godfather of Smart Contracts
    Jelle is a creative thinker/hacker with background in art, mathematics, physics and computer science. He wrote one of the earliest smart contract implementations preblockchain and is the author of a new logicprogramming language for smart contracts that can be deployed across blockchains. He has a decade of experience in leading opensource development projects and a degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Anton Livaja
    Full Stack Developer
    Anton is an experienced full stack web developer from Toronto, Canada and the CTO of Thoughtfile. He is actively involved in the tech community and is a tutor at General Assembly’s Bitmaker Labs, Canada’s leading tech-skills accelerator. He shares his passion for technology by advising companies and developing software in emerging technologies.
  • Sebastian Romero
    Crypto UI/UX Expert
    Sebastian is an AI and blockchain researcher at Sensorica (Montreal), board member at Airbnb’s blockchain alternative Fairbnb (Amsterdam), and serves as the main editor of the Platform Co-op Handbook. He studied at the UoL London School of Economics.
  • Full Stack Dev & PM
    Jazzwall has been implementing and orchestrating enterprise IT projects and graduate tech-training programs at Swiss and Wall Street banks for the last decade. Hard to put in a box, he is a project manager, full stack developer, professional photographer, entrepreneur, and very interested in crypto markets.
  • Chris Eberle
    Global Marketing


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Swarm turns financial opportunities from exclusive into inclusive. It also provides the empowerment, access, and tradability so anyone can take part and have their crypto funds work for them. Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace platform built on Blockchain technology that is entirely owned by the community. Its vision is to allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in the value creation within the crypto asset category and to capture opportunity in new types of asset-backed tokens, anything from distressed real estate to solar installations to rainforest preservation projects and many more.



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