Lordmancer II

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21/12/2017, 02:59 AM
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1 725 000 USD
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9 800 000 LC
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7 Nov 2017
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  • Shaban Shaame
    AdvisorEverdreamSoft, Founder & CEO
    Shaban founded EverdreamSoft, a Swiss-based game company, in 2010. He pioneered in-game blockchain integration with Spells of Genesis and BitCrystals economy, giving players true ownership of their digital game assets. Everdreamsoft is also developing a Blockchain Gaming Platform which will help game studios embrace blockchain technology and transform the game industry. EverdreamSoft's ICO was back in 2015, and since then BitCrystals, the token of Spells of Genesis, saw x23 growth with x46 at its peak.
  • Peter Van Dyke
    AdvisorGTR, Director of Product
    Peter is a long-time veteran of the industry with nearly a decade of experience designing, developing, publishing, and managing games in the US and South Korea. As CSO at GTR, he has developed a platform enabling small studios to reach out across the world for players and help guide and support them during development and beyond.
  • Dmitry Sutormin
    AdvisorAngel investor
    Dmitry is a prominent russian angel investor in IT and telecom spheres. He has vast experience, had done quite a few successful multi-million exits. Formerly, Dmitry was a marketing consultant and the CEO of a training company specializing in marketing. A mobile games enthusiast, Dmitry has plenty of brilliant insights to share with the team.


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  • Ilya Mikov
    A serial entrepreneur, Ilya started his first business in 2003 and exited in 2008 after raising venture capital from a diverse group of business angels. Over 18 years as an active entrepreneur in software and telecom, he has founded and co-founded multiple cash-positive businesses.
  • Anton Telitsyn
    Co-founder, CEO
    A software developer for 8 years, Anton graduated with an MBA in Management. A trusted and respected leader, Anton has a strong technical and management background paired with profound knowledge of the technologies behind consumer software development.
  • Petr Klepcin
    Team lead
    12 years of experience in software development. Server and client programmer.
  • Andrey Zobov
    Lead designer
    Graphic designer with 15 years of experience across multiple projects.
  • Alex Onuchin
    Game designer
    Passionate game and graphic designer, Lordmancer II is his third project.
  • Anton Semakin
    Lead 2D artist
    Game artist with 18 years of experience across multiple projects.
  • Maxim Skrupski
    Senior developer
    Unity framework jedi, client- and server-side developer.
  • Ildar Fasckhetdinov
    Client side
    Recent alumni of a local CS University dept, winner of a few scientific competitions.
  • Eugene Kostarev
    Server developer
    Eugene is the mainstay of Lordmancer II's server development and network protocols.
  • Marsel Atnyashev
    Profound knowledge of React.js, Scala, Go, Google Closure, Postgres, Sphinx.


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    Beta Development & Russia Soft Launch on Android
  • 2
    Pre Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
    Testing and polishing during Russia soft launch.
  • 3
    Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
    Commercial Launch in RussiaContent Updates: Units, Lands, questsGame Packs available for purchase using Lord Coins.
  • 4
    Unique lands available for purchase using Lord Coins
    Dwarven Race added SEA & South America LaunchIOS launch in all currently launched regions.
  • 5
    Global Launch
    Undead Rase added.
  • 6
    Content Refresh Named Update
    New RaceVast new landsNew central quest lines.


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Lordmancer II encourages using of a cryptocurrency token named Lord Coin (LC) as a payment method for player-to-player trades, facilitating sale of a unique or rare game content. LC tokens can enter the game economy only after being purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. They can be taken out of the game later and sold for a cryptocurrency. Game developers will provide players who are not familiar with cryptocurrency world with convenient ways to purchase LCs for fiat currencies.



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