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18 Sep 2017
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  • David Waugh
    David graduated with a Master’s in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. He has been published for his research in probability theory in zero-range processes. Before joining Gimli, David worked as an equity derivatives quant in a major New York investment bank, where he saw firsthand how arduous transaction processes can be.
  • Dan Biton
    Dan is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur specialized in Digital Marketing & International Trade, with a Master’s in International Business.
  • Julien Charrel
    A seasoned leader with a strong background in internet based businesses. With Engineering Masters from the Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University, he’s been working in online video and adtech ventures.
  • Tom St Laurent
    A dedicated autodidact with a passion for scale and disruptive technology, Tom has been a bitcoin fanatic since 2011. He has helped develop game and virtual merchandising engines handling hundreds of thousands of users as well architect systems used by tens of millions for a major media conglomerate.
  • Olivier Azan
    Olivier graduated with a Master’s in Operations Research from Columbia University and holds a bachelor in computer science from CentraleSupélec. Before joining Gimli, Olivier worked as a quant in a hedge fund focused on machine learning and algorithmic trading.
  • Joseph Fiscella
    Joseph is a full-time blockchain engineer, co-founder of and lead developer of Florincoin. Previously he worked for SolidX Partners, Inc. in New York City creating decentralized identity and proof-of-existence applications using the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Hadrien Noci (Thud)
    Hadrien Noci first launched his career in the world of eSports in 2010 under the username Thud as a french shoutcaster on Starcraft 2, alongside with his brother Pomf. Thanks to the success of their Youtube channel Pomf & Thud, they founded their own media company in 2011, OGAMING, that produces and broadcasts eSports competitions in French. He now works as CEO of ASUS ROG SCHOOL, a training center for eSports pro players, and TIDES, an eSports Agency.
  • Mikael Bertheau
    Mikael Bertheau has been evolving in the gaming and eSports industry since 2010. He has managed all of the communications and marketing operations for ROCCAT since its beginnings on the French market. In early 2017, he started its own company, MKBR SAS, effecting brand image development and turnover growth via gaming and eSports.
  • Sahil Sachdev
    Sahil Sachdev is a highly passionate entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast whose strengths and experience lie in developing innovative products and solutions through the integration of technology. A current graduate student at MIT – he as developed, pitched, cofounded and facilitated the growth of a number of projects/ventures ranging from e-commerce, insurance and now e-sports.


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    February 2017
    The birth of “The Gimli Project”.
  • 2
    April 2017
    First mockups and product designs.
  • 3
    June 2017
    Betting and voting smart contracts deployed on a testnet.
  • 4
    September 1 to 15
    Token pre-sale.
  • 5
    September 18 to October 20
    Initial Coin Offering.
  • 6
    ICO + 6 Month
    Betting Smart Contract V1 Beta UI widget available for streamers and viewers. Integration of exchange widget to make GIM easily available. Licences acquired in first countries. Partnership reached with one prominent eSports actor.Public beta available.
  • 7
    ICO + 12 Month
    Basic state channels integration. Automated streamer onboarding and validation. Chrome plugin Web app. Custom bet goals.
  • 8
    Long Term
    Oracle based bet resolution. Tournament prize pooling. Gimli odds market making and exchange. Gimli partners program.


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Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gimli is the decentralized application for live stream bets and interactions, including votes, donations and tournament prize pooling. The platform empowers streamers by enabling them to connect directly with their audience, increase and control novel revenue opportunities. The Gimli founders have teamed up with world renowned streamers with more than a million followers and top level pro gamers, including world champions, to create a world class team.


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