Minerva (OWL) Pre-sale

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14/10/2018, 02:59 AM
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10 000 000 USD
1 OWL = 0.175 USD
100 000 000 OWL
Start date
13 Aug 2018
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  • Michael Brooks
    Strategic advisor
    As a successful digital investor, Michael Brooks carries with him over 17 years of experience in eCommerce, electronic payments and digital marketing.Brooks has made it his mission to help others by finding new strategic business solutions through digital marketing and electronic payments.
  • Rob Johnson
    Strategic advisor
    Rob Johnson is a serial entrepreneur who consults with various e-commerce operations to help them scale through automation and digital media buying. Rob, a self-taught programmer at the age of 12, has been involved in more than 20 online businesses by age 31.
  • Steven Ormond-Smith
    Strategic advisor
    Steven is an experienced Chartered Certified Accountant based in the Isle of Man, founder and MD of Ormco plc. Blockchain advisor and enthusiast. Steven holds a number of non-executive directorship positions including being a director of Quanta Technology Limited being the first licensed blockchain gaming Company in the world.
  • Bryce Case JR.
    Strategic advisor
    Bryce Case, Jr., the “Bitcoin Baron,” has served as a cryptocurrency evangelist since 2012, giving the first talks on bitcoin at DEFCON and SkyTalks, as well as participating in many of the seminal cryptocurrency-focused conferences.
  • Tim Burd
    Strategic advisor
    He runs the largest Facebook Advertiser community in existence, own a digital ad agency called Agency Y, hosts mastermind workshops all around the world and does high end advertising consulting.
  • Miles Benham
    Strategic advisor
    Miles is the managing director of MannBenham Advocates Limited an Isle of Man legal practice. Admitted to the Manx Bar on the 25th September 1996 Miles is an Isle of Man Advocate, English Solicitor (non practising), Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths.
  • John Middleton
    Strategic advisor
    John Middleton a Chartered Company Secretary, with over 15 years in the fiduciary sector in a number of director level roles including Compliance and MLRO in the Isle of Man and elsewhere.
  • Jevgenijs Steinbuks
    Founding economic advisor
    Jevgenijs is a quantitative economist with more than 20 years of experience in academia, government and private sector advisory. His key areas of specialization are computational macroeconomics, energy and environmental economics, financial econometrics, real estate economics and finance.

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  • Kevin McSheehan
    Founder / CEO, Executive Producer
    Kevin began his career as an Internet entrepreneur at a young age in his hometown of Lebanon, Maine. Now 31, he is a serial entrepreneur, software developer, blockchain enthusiast and hobbyist ethical hacker. His strengths are in network programming, automation, scaling and project management.
  • Corey Jackson
    Founder / CTO, Lead Developer
    Corey began programming in QBasic at the age of nine after an early programming lesson from his father. Roughly 15 years ago, he started to incorporate his web development and Windows programming skills into digital advertising in various verticals. He has experience in web development, Internet marketing, traffic analysis, reverse engineering and .NET programming.
  • Robert Forster
    Lead Solidity Developer
    Ron DiIorio has developed and refined many successful companies over the past 20 years. One of Ron’s greatest accomplishments was "DesignerSkins," a niche company that was the first to develop and produce this product known as "console skins." Ron worked along side companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Sony just to name a few.
  • Kol Shtufaj
    Creative Director, Brand & UI/UX
    Kol is a skilled Art Director who loves to create, inspire and innovate. With a keen eye and attention to detail, he takes pride in producing imagery that can captivate an audience. He is an expert in branding. Kol graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing and has been a designer for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for over 6 years.
  • Greg Bailey
    Paul is a business owner, entrepreneur, cryptocurrency collector, and blockchain enthusiast. He has over 5 years experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, along with 10 years experience in sales & business development and 6 years in community management.
  • Keidi Carrington
    Cory built and sold a marketing agency after spending 10 years in project management with the advertising industry. Since 2012, Cory has been trading cryptocurrencies and uses traditional investments such as real estate to hedge against the volatility.
  • Paul Petratos
    Business Development / Head of Communications
    Paul is a business owner, entrepreneur, cryptocurrency collector, and blockchain enthusiast. He has over 5 years experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, along with 10 years experience in sales & business development and 6 years in community management.
  • Courtney Turner
    Hr & Public Relations Social Media Strategist
    Courtney Turner is a social media expert. A friendly and skilled community leader, she has taken a serious interest the crypto-space and enjoys engaging with the community. Courtney has spent time familiarizing herself with the crypto-space, blockchain technologies and years mastering the art of social media.


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Minerva is a reverse merchant processor. They pay transaction fees to approved businesses integrated within the Minerva economy, they don't charge them. Minerva is a platform designed to incentivize the adoption of its OWL token with a new and disruptive economic model. Minerva introduces advanced methods to combat violent short-term price swings and rewards the companies that accept it at a variable rate to reduce volatility. It is both a platform with a tangible economic model as well as a cryptocurrency.



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