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16/09/2017, 09:00 PM
85 000 ETH
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29 Aug 2017
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  • Anti A. Danilevski
    Founder and CEO
    Began his work in game industry at 14. Since that time, have been working on indie titles and browser-based games, one of which (Carnage) became the most popular game in Russia. Since 2011, he has been the foremost crowdfunding evangelist in Russia, and helped hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns around the world. Anti leads the biggest Russian crowdfunding community and other game and IT online communities.
  • Alexander Petrov
    Co-founder and CFO
    Alexander is an entrepreneur in the wholesale/retail trading sphere, and a private investor, with experience in online and offline business since 1995. Alexander invested in KICKICO in 2015 and, since that time, works closely with the team, taking care of its presentation and financial model.
  • Andrew Perepelitsa
    Co-founder, CTO and Solidity developer
    Andrew has 12 years of experience in the IT industry, ranging from hardware support, engineering and maintenance, to enterprise-level information system analysis, design, development, and implementation. He has specialization in intranet and extranet system development, enterprise applications integration, and business process automation, and has extensive experience with high-load enterprise 24/7 systems, stress testing, profiling, bottleneck analysis and performance optimization.
  • Petr Yakimchuk
    Backend developer
    Has been working as system administrator since 2009, and brings vast experience in planning, managing and deploying highly scalable systems. He is an experienced with Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP developer, and also has experience with XEN, OpenVZ, KVM, LAMP, nginx, Puppet, and others.
  • Dmitry Raskladka
    Chief Business Developer
    Dmitry has more than 10 years experience in the software development and advertising industry. He has a track-record of impressive results developing creativity for international clients within the most famous creative agency in Russia, RedKeds, where he worked on the development for major car manufacturers, Yandex and He was developing the personalization platform Driveback, and speaking at major conferences as a speaker and evangelist. He was involved as an expert in one of the most prestigious e-commerce agencies in Russia - AERO.
  • Verdandi Cao
    Lead designer
    Her career started as a junior designer at the agency AIC, and she quickly moved up to become exclusive official partner of the international design project in Russia. Later, she continued with the branding agency ONY, where she significantly expanded her skills in user-interface design, working on the products for transnational customers and mobile operators. The interfaces she developed for the telecommunication technology platform GetShop.TV are known as being among the very best and most usable in the field.
  • Mikhail Sergeev
    Head of community management
    Mikhail began his career in the top Russian food retail company Magnit, working on the projects that help automate corporate services and improve customer experience. He successfully launched projects in supply chain management that helped to save millions of dollars for the client, and significantly speed up goods flow. Has three years of experience in the web industry as co-owner of a web studio.
  • Nikolay Syusko
    Chief marketing officer
    Award winning senior marketing manager. Last 10 years he dedicated to projects for Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Unilever, Hundai, L'Oreal & more than 100 other companies. His solid experience in digital marketing hepls KICKICO reach worldwide presence.
  • Yury Parsamov
    Strategic partnership manager
    After 10 years in marketing for giants like Beiersdorf & Leo Burnett, Yury is dedicated to set strategic collaborations between blockchain projects, community, media & KICKICO. His main goal is to provide partners with in-house analytics, market overview & ICOs best cases.
  • Anastasia Balashova
    Senior communications executive
    Anastasia has very various professional experience providing services both for huge brands including Avon, DuPont and SAP, unicorn start-ups like Evernote and numerous small businesses.
  • Tony Simonovsky
    ICO focused Growth Hacker
    Tony is a serial entrepreneur. Back in 2005 he started his first business, providing SEO services to clients in Moscow region. In 2012, he got interested in data science applied to online marketing. In the course of next 3 years he became a well-known expert in the area and is now running a successful business, helping companies worldwide become data-driven
  • Kelley Weaver
    PR & Media
    Public relations and marketing entrepreneur, Kelley Weaver, is the founder of Melrose PR, a communications and marketing agency for blockchain companies. Kelley writes articles about effective marketing strategies within the distributed ecosystem. Her contributions have been published in Forbes and on her Huffington Post byline.
  • Nikki Brown
    PR & Media
    Nikki Brown is a culture and technology writer and public relations executive. She has contributed to such publications as Huffington Post, Lateral Magazine, Format Magazine, and Model View Culture.
  • Jesse Lucas
    PR & Media
    Jesse Lucas is a public relations and marketing executive for lifestyle and technology industries. As Director of Operations at Melrose PR, Jesse oversees campaigns and works directly with clients. She is passionate about cryptocurrency and applying blockchain technology to industries that provide more security and fairness to individuals.
  • Conor O'Higgins
    PR & Media
    Conor O'Higgins is a digital nomad and professional cyberpunk. He has worked in both sides of internet marketing, starting his career on the evil side (Google and Facebook), before moving to radical decentralization projects including Storj and Bitnation.
  • Zhang Sunrui
    PR & Media
    Worked as an translator for Russian and Chinese government, took part at Sino-Russian natural gas cooperation. Graduated master degree in HSE, specialized in marketing. In 2016 got into blockchain industry, specialize in china-russian cooperation, have experience in international projects.


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    Crowdsourcing market global analysis
  • 2
    Project architecture development
    - Prototyping - Seed funding received - Platform development - Blockchain first vision
  • 3
    KICKICO Alpha-version
    Blockchain risk analysis successfully finished
  • 4
    Platform integration with blockchain
    Blockchain beta-version released
  • 5
    Whitepaper public announcement
    - Smart contract deployment - Smart-contract audit - First creators add their projects - Pre ICO successfully reaches the hard cap of 5 000 Ethereum
  • 6
  • 7
    KICKICO public launch
    - Infrastructure development - Project creators attraction - Community development - First projects as part of KICKONOMY - Support program launch
  • 8
    Cryptocrowdfunding chat-bot ver 1.0
    Salesforce CRM integration
  • 9
    Crowdfunders community launch
  • 10
    Sharing widgets
    DEX launch
  • 11
    Reward system launch
    - Smart contracts visual kit - MarketplaceUX-survey - Gamification mechanics loyalty programLocalization - Crowdfunding community offline events - Cryptocrowdfunding academy launch - Mobile app development for Android & iOS - Integration with additional platforms from Etherium ecosystem - Crowdfunding blockchain fund launched
  • 12
    KICKCOIN payment system API for easy integration into independent platforms or apps
    Local creators & backers communities development.Platform toolkit development: consulting, marketing, legal support.Mobile apps public releaseIntegration in Smart devices (blockchain of things)
  • 13
    API for standalone crowdfunding campaigns
    Business account for all marketing & advertising projects insights


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KICKICO is a platform allowing its users to conduct ICOs, pre-ICOs, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting campaigns, with the possibility of creating tokens for the user, accepting both cryptodigital and fiat currencies, protecting investors with KickCoins. Projects launched on the platform can also support KickCoins as a payment method. KICKICO helps innovators, game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.


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