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26  Jan,  2018
Tokens are given for the money to a participant of an ICO. This is a blockchain-based document which admits the right of its owner to get something valuable from the company. If the price of tokens will rise, one can sell them at a profit.
24  Jan,  2018
Holders of cryptocurrencies are sure that they are as valuable as usual money. Many investment funds, international companies and some countries support their use. In Japan cryptocurrency became a legal payment means.
22  Jan,  2018
According to RBC magazine, 100 of the biggest ICO raised almost $2,7bn and nearly a half of this money — the first 10 of them. Under the biggest ICO we assume projects that raised the biggest amount of money.
15  Jan,  2018
There are special websites, mobile apps and other services like ICO Market which publish the schedule of current and coming ICOs. One can study the information and choose a project.
11  Jan,  2018
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a way to raise funds for a project via blockchain technology. The company emits its currency — tokens and sells them for bitcoin, ethereum or fiat money.
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